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Sidney Crosby and Hockey The NHL (National Hockey League) started as the NHA (National Hockey Association).

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2 Sidney Crosby and Hockey


4 The NHL (National Hockey League) started as the NHA (National Hockey Association).

5  WAS FIRST PLAYED IN 1920 SUMMER OLYIMPICS. (MENS Tournament)  Men's Ice hockey was changed to The Winter Games forever.  Was a round robin tournament when it was first started but now is played with the use of a bracket


7  Goalie stick  Goalie glove (catching and blocking glove)  Goalie skates  Helmet with full face mask  Leg guards

8 Players must cover their hands, wrists, and their palms. The gloves must not be removed to prohibit the use of bare hands.

9 A helmet with the chinstrap properly fastened must be worn by players so that the lower edge of the helmet is not more than one finger width above the eyebrows. There should only be enough room between the strap and the chin to insert one finger.

10  Puck  Shin guards  Shoulder pads  Skates  Stick  Visor

11 Rules: Fighting is part of hockey. You can’t pick up the puck while it is in play. The players must use their stick to get the puck in the opponents goal. Players must use their stick to strike or keep possession of the puck.

12 Even though fighting is part of hockey the 2 players that were going at it WILL go into the penalty box where they will sit in shame for 2 minutes.

13 Hooking is another foul. If a player is behind the other player the player behind the other guy (with the puck) can’t put his stick through the legs of the guy in front of him.

14  Sidney Crosby has been with the Penguins (Pens) since 2005.  This year is his 9 th year in the NHL.  Sid is the captain of team Canada for the 2014 Olympics.  Crosby was the first pick for the 2005 draft.

15  Paid $12 million per year  Center for the Pittsburgh Penguins

16  Won 4 medals: 1 silver and 3 gold  Won 1 Stanley Cup with Pittsburgh  Started playing hockey at 2 years old (would hit pucks into his drier).

17  Height : 5’11’’  Weight: 200 pounds  Birthplace: Halifax, Nova Scotia

18 Sidney Crosby likes to watch movies in his free time. His favorite movies are The Replacements, Rocky, and Never Back Down Houses: during hockey season Sid lives with Mario Lemieux. In the summer he has a house in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

19  Training camp begins in September for 2½ weeks  1 st game October 3 rd  Daily practice until 1 st game  Regular season ends April 13 th  Play 84 games  Don’t play any games for 3 weeks during Olympics

20 The penguins are mostly or maybe even always broadcasted on root sports.


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