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Subject "Hockey" Author: S elina Valeriya Orenburg 2013.

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1 Subject "Hockey" Author: S elina Valeriya Orenburg 2013.

2 2 INTRODUCTION PROBLEM: What do we know about different types of sports? What would like to learn?

3 Subject of the "I Want to Know Everything about Different Types of Sports" project Hockey 3 Tasks: To acquaint with a sport – hockey. To acquaint with traditions of big-time sports. To create idea of hockey equipment. To enrich the dictionary with the words (equipment, the goalkeeper, the arbitrator, a match, tournament, the trainer, team, a cup).

4 4 What is the hockey? Hockey is a team sports game which takes place in high speed. Players, moving on ice on the skates, should throw a puck in the gate of the rival and to protect the gate from defeat.

5 Where and when hockey was born? The majority of historians says that the game was born in Canada, and the first match was played in Montreal in 1879. In 1893 the governor general of Canada lord Stanley founded the Cup for the best Canadian team. Till 1910 it was the prize - it began to be called as the Stanley Cup - played both fans, and the professionals acting, so to speak, in mixed crews. In 1917 the National Hockey League (NHL) which has united all Canadian professional teams was formed. And in seven years, in 1924, the first American team joined Canadians in NHL from Boston also. 5

6 First hockey match. 6

7 Hockey is carried out on an ice platform, squared, with the rounded-off edges. The platform is fenced with wooden or plastic boards 122 cm high. The field is divided into zones. On front boards of a platform there is protective glass and over glass - the protective grid preventing a departure of a puck out of limits of a field. 7

8 A puck is an instrument to play hockey. The puck is made of plastic. Stick is an instrument by means of which the players kick a puck. 8

9 Equipment of hockey players Stick - an apparatus by means of which a puck is kicked in hockey. The skates - boots with the metal edges attached to them. Are used for movement on ice. Boots are made of skin or plastic, an edge – metal. 9

10 10 Top form and helmets of players of one team have to be the identical colours. There are numbers on the players’ sweaters

11 Protective ammunition of the hockey player 11 Protective helmet Guards (kneecaps and elbow pieces Bib (armor, shoulder strap) Hockey shorts Gloves Kappa

12 A protective helmet protects the head. Guards protect elbows and knees from injuries. Bib provides protection of a breast and a back of the player, especially a backbone. Hockey shorts are intended for prevention of traumatizing of the hockey player during the falling, collisions, puck hits. Gloves protect hands. The kappa prevents injuries of teeth 12

13 Ice-hockey team 20-25 players come to a match usually, but only 6 players play on a platform (5 field players and 1 goalkeeper) 13

14 The goalkeeper protects the gate. The hockey goalkeeper is a very important player in a team. 14

15 JUDGE (ARBITRATOR, REFEREE) The judge controls a course of a game,gives a signal to the beginning and to the end of competition, controls game time, fixes results. 15

16 Hockey in Russia The hockey birthday in Russia and in the USSR is considered to be the 22 December, 1946, when in Moscow, Leningrad, Riga, Kaunas and Arkhangelsk the first matches of the first championship were played. 16

17 The Russian hockey players won matches in the World Cups many times and also became prize-winners of the Olympic Games 17

18 The end. Thanks for attention 18

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