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Washington State Digital Archives Presented by: Adam Jansen Digital Archivist Washington State Archives 360-586-4893

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1 Washington State Digital Archives Presented by: Adam Jansen Digital Archivist Washington State Archives 360-586-4893

2 Public Records As defined in RCW 40.14 ANY records that have been made by or received by any agency of the state of Washington in connection with the transaction of public business

3 Records Retention Any destruction of official public records shall be pursuant to a schedule approved under RCW 40.14 Why?... The foundation of democracy in America is government accountability to the people

4 What the Digital Archives is not Not mass storage for active business applications & data Not remote back-up for state & local government networks & data

5 The Digital Archives will: Preserve electronic records with long-term legal, historical and/or fiscal significance Assure platform-neutral retrieval 50, 100, or more years from now Provide security back-up of certain permanent electronic legal records (courts, vital records, land records, etc.)


7 Business Need Comply with statutory & regulatory mandates Avoid loss of legal & historical records Manage risk (avoid litigation losses) Preserve rare paper records Centralize access to permanent electronic records for government Improve access for citizens

8 8 Requirements for Preservation Readable Retrievable Intelligible Encapsulated Reconstructible Identifiable Understandable Authentic * From Authentic Electronic Records by Charles Dollar } Hardware } File Format } Content Management


10 File Formats Digital Archives Multi-pronged approach: Maintain native format, wrapped Render XML formatted version, wrapped Acquire original hardware and software

11 Phased Implementation Phase I – SAN Roll-Out with OSOS & one local government record series as beta test Phase II – Four to 6 state & local government agencies Phase III – Agencies with electronic records of high archival value Phase IV – All remaining state & local government agencies as they are ready

12 Management Issues Authenticity of record Chain of custody Metadata File naming conventions Corporate Culture Start with e-mail, web page Use existing retention schedules Educate Shift AWAY from desktops Management Software is a must!

13 DoD 5015.2-STD compliant system Wrap original file in native format Wrap XML copy Apply metadata & XML for indexing, searching & retrieval Provide chain of custody & authenticity ‘Content Management’

14 Microsoft Solution Custom Coded.Net front end SQL Server back end BizTalk translation utility SSH Tectia for secure transport

15 Ingestion Process Microsoft BizTalk 2004 Transforms, adds metadata based on business rules Creates ‘deep storage’ copy wrapping original file in XML, with Hash Creates ‘web’ version of original file

16 Deep Storage XML Schema Record Common Who What When Where Original File ‘web’ file Security Fixity Vital Records Type Birth Date of Father, Mother Hospital

17 Front End Developed in VB.Net by Microsoft/EDS Web based solution Allows uploading of documents, searching and ordering of certified copies

18 Web Design Wire Frame

19 Back End SQL Server 2000 Multiple databases, similar construction to XML schema –Record Common –Record series specific Security Roles –Locks at office, agency, global level –Record Series, Record Field or Record

20 Web Archiving Custom Built Solution Saves binary streams and BLOBs into SQL Database Multiple streams, Assist with Archiving Allows predefining of internal fragments, levels, maximum file size, secure authentication Command line interface Can be used to ‘spider’ email Web Services allows current architecture for retrieval

21 Admin Pages Allows viewing of confidential information E-Transmittal process Viewing of open orders

22 Risk Management & Quality Assurance Strong executive sponsorship & involvement Regular weekly project team meetings Outside expert: GlassHouse Technologies Targeted recruitment & training of staff Proof of concept testing External Quality Assurance during procurement, installation & testing Phased implementation Competitive procurement process among high- quality, experienced prime vendors

23 Proof of Concept Tests 97% of legacy file formats tested were successfully converted to XML with no change in format, feel or function Top-four levels of OSOS web site (5,015 files & 250 MB) were spidered remotely in 8 minutes E-mail on Novell GroupWise & Microsoft Exchange servers was successfully archived onto a remote server

24 Seven-Year Growth Estimates Year 1Year 2Year 3Year 4Year 5Year 6Year 7 SAN 03.0TB08.6TB15.6TB024.6TB037.1TB051.6TB074.6TB Tape Library 10.0TB28.0TB45.0TB103.0TB160.5TB255.0TB350.0TB ------------------------- TOTAL 13.0TB36.6TB60.6TB127.6TB197.6TB206.6TB424.6TB

25 Summary The Digital Archives is essential to meet statutory & regulatory mandates to preserve & make accessible legally & historically significant electronic records. The Preferred Alternative is the best solution for a stable, cost-effective, long-term storage & retrieval system. The project has a high probability of success by using proven technologies & experienced vendors. Ready to proceed to the procurement phase

26 Digital Archives Eastern Washington University, Cheney, Washington Adam Jansen Digital Archivist

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