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Curriculum Analysis Wrap Up Dr. Antar Abdellah 1431.

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1 Curriculum Analysis Wrap Up Dr. Antar Abdellah 1431

2 Topics covered Basic definitions The meaning of curriculum Models of curriculum organization (approach, method, technique, elements, skills) Components of the curriculum (ass. 1) Objectives (Bloom, SMART) (ass. 2) Organization of contents in language curricula (ass. 2) Organization of language functions (ass. 3) Organization of skills & sub-skills (ass. 3) Organization of grammar (ass. 4) Organization of phonics (ass. 4) Organization of vocabulary (ass. 4)

3 Sample test items A “curriculum” is: A) A manual of instructions for teachers and students B) A set of courses and their activities in a stage C) An integrated course

4 Writing is different from copying in that: Writing is individual composition Copying is good vocabulary development Copying includes brainstorming

5 An ‘objective’ is: The same as a goal An observable desired outcome of learning Something that cannot be measured

6 The four language elements are: Grammar, speaking, vocabulary and listening Vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation and culture Vocabulary, culture, reading and pronunciation

7 Bloom’s revised cognitive domain include: Remembering, understanding, applying, and synthesis Remembering, understanding, applying, analyzing, evaluating and creating Exactly the same as the old taxonomy

8 A glossary of important educational terms can be found in: The students’ book The teacher’s guide The reader’s

9 An example of a subjunctive tense is: ◦ “I learn English in KSA.” ◦ “Good bye!” ◦ “He is going to help the old man”.

10 Good Luck Dr. Antar Solhy Abdellah

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