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Wrap-up and conclussions Guillermo Jorge

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1 Wrap-up and conclussions Guillermo Jorge

2 Overview General issues Tools and investigation techniques Legal challenges

3 General issues 1. Two different areas of work Financial intelligence: Digical evidence & Digital forensics 2. Dealing with “volatile data” Gathering (including recovery of deleted data ) Storage, preservation and transforming it into valid evidence – Common law (discovery rules) and civil law Analysis Presenting (visualization tools) 3.Protecting the invesstigation Compromising issues 4.Coordination issues Local International

4 Investigative tools and techniques Financial investigations – Information analysis – Informal (FIU) and formal (MLA ) international requests Internet research – Social networks – Email – Audio and video, photos New payment methods – Mobile payment services – Prepaid and valued cards – Internet payment / Bitcoins

5 Information analysis Software solutions for analyzing massive amounts of data or specific data – HK software transforming bank records into soft excel sheets – Malaysian databases and case management tools – FinCen search engines – Commercial providers like I2 or Palantir performing “link analysis”

6 Legal challenges – Jurisdictional challenges – Privacy and data protection – MLA challenges – Evidentiary rules: common law & civil law Role of expert witnesses Discovery rules Exclusionary rules Circumstantial evidence

7 cuperacion_%20de%20Activos.p df ar/sites/star/files/asset_reco very_handbook_0.pdf /fileadmin/docs/publications/boo ks/asset-tracing_web-version.pdf Free handbooks available online

8 Work plan Questionnaire 1: financial intelligence – July 2013 Questionnaire 2: digital evidence – September Draft of the Handbook – November 2013

9 Congratulations! Guillermo Jorge

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