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Computer Forensics By: Stephanie DeRoche Benjamin K. Ertley.

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1 Computer Forensics By: Stephanie DeRoche Benjamin K. Ertley

2 Computer Forensics Overview An overview on Cybercrime

3 What is Computer Forensics? Computer Forensics is the discovery, collection, and analysis of evidence found on computers and networks.  Also called: Digital forensics Network forensics Cyber forensics

4 Broad Examples Computer Forensics is helpful in the process of solving crimes. Examples Include but are not limited to: Theft Fraud CyberExtortion SPAM Investigations Tracking Virus Predators

5 Specific Examples An Employee in question for misusing the provided internet usage for illegal activity A Hard disk found in a high threat zone such as an assassin's home. In a security office, an unidentified log-in has been used several times to view unauthorized information.

6 What To Look For Emails Pictures Internet History Internet chat logs Spreadsheets Financial data PDF Files Documents And many more!

7 How To Obtain The Info Find trashed materials Recover passwords Find hidden files and folders Locate deleted emails Re-construct scattered documents Decode encrypted messages

8 Qualities of a Computer Forensics Expert Knowledge of the law Technical experience with many types of hardware and software products Good communication skills Willingness to learn Good problem solver

9 Forensic Software Forensic ToolKit The Norton Utilities for Windows/DOS Encryption Linux Boot Disk SafeBack created by N.T.I. Encase Quick View Plus

10 Uses Recovering lost e-mails Locating lost documents and files To assist law enforcement in investigating crimes To apply BioMetrics to crime scenes Within corporations in order to monitor employee activity

11 PRO’S Evidence found is not subject to time such as paper documents decaying over a long period of time. It accomplishes only that which computer technology can assist with. Use of passwords and logins make it easy to keep the evidence from just anyone’s eyes.

12 Cons Computer Evidence can be easily erased if mishandled It is difficult to conform Computer Forensics to the common law because of the implied power of citizen privacy. Asset Recovery Defamation Must be sure evidence is collected in a legally sound manner.

13 Cases that used computer forensics Michael Jackson trial  Law enforcement used computer forensics to track down Jackson’s previous email messages and his internet history. BTK Killer  Computer forensics helped to locate the location of the BTK killer by tracing a letter he wrote to a particular computer.

14 Interesting Facts! In 2005 businesses produced approximately 18 Trillion electronic documents. (This number is over ten trillion higher than the amount of paper documents used in the same year.) Computer Forensics of the future includes the use of “brain fingerprinting” which records brain activity in response to stimulants such as words or pictures.

15 Interesting Fact (Cont) Encryption is used within computer forensics to protect information from unauthorized users. The Caesar Cipher is one example of an encryption code and this particular code shifts every letter of the alphabet three spaces to the right. Example:  B pbee tmmtvd tm fbwgbzam Will be translated to: “I will attack at midnight” using this Caesar Cipher code

16 Fraud From FaceBook Click here to view video

17 Are There Any Questions?!

18 Works Cited Computer Forensic Services, LLC Daniel, Larry. Digital Forensics Daniel, Larry. Digital Forensics

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