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Packaging of Tomato.

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1 Packaging of Tomato

2 Packaging of Tomato Introduction
India is the second largest producer of fruits and vegetables in the world. Such a huge production does not any significance if the produce don’t reach the consumer in a fresh and palatable condition at a reasonable price. Post-harvest losses occur in the period between harvesting and consumption. Due to heavy post harvest losses, a considerable gap between production and availability of fruits and vegetables to consumers. Thus, there is an urgent need to adopt proper post harvest management practices by adopting improved packaging, handling and efficient transportation methods.

3 Packaging of Tomato Introduction Cont…..
Packaging is required to keep fruits, vegetables and root crops in good condition until it is soled and consumed. Packaging serves as an efficient handling unit to carry produce from field to consumer. The package should also protect the produce against rotting. Packages must protect against possible damage.

4 Packaging of Tomato Definition of Food Packaging
Food packaging is defined as a mean or system by which a fresh produce or processed product will reach from the production centre to the ultimate consumer in safe and sound condition at an affordable price

5 Packaging of Tomato Functions of Packaging Material
Two main functions of packaging are: To assemble the produce into convenient units for handling. To protect the produce during distribution, storage and marketing.

6 Packaging of Tomato Packaging materials serve the following purposes:
As an efficient handling unit Protection from mechanical damage Protection against moisture loss Provides clean and sanitary storage Prevention of pilferage Provides sales and service motivation Reduces cost of transport and marketing

7 Packaging of Tomato Packaging Materials for Fresh Produce
1. Basket made of woven strips of leaves, bamboo, plastic etc. 2. Sacks: flexible, made of plastic or jute. i) Bags: small size sacks ii) Nets: sacks made of open mesh 3. Wooden crates 4. Fibreboard boxes i) Solid fibreboard boxes ii) Corrugated fibreboard boxes 5. Plastic crates 6. Biodegradable plastics 7. New innovations in packaging of fruits, vegetables and root crops 8. Pallet boxes and shipping containers

8 Packaging of Tomato Packaging Materials for Processed Products
Packaging material for processed products is of several types: 1. Glass containers 2. Metal cans 3. Aluminium foil 4. Plastic materials 5. Collapsible containers 6. Composite containers

9 Packaging of Tomato Cushioning Materials and Wrap
Cushioning materials like dry grass, paddy straw, leaves, saw dust, paper shreds etc are used for packaging fruits and vegetables It should dissipate the heat of respiration of the produce It should be free from infection and should be physiologically inactive Moulded pulp tray, honeycomb portion, cell pack are used replacing the cushioning material

10 Packaging of Tomato Cushioning Materials and Wrap
Shrink-wrapping is a new technique for packaging of fruits and vegetables Shrink-wrapping with an engineered plastic wrap can reduce shrinkage, protect the produce from disease, reduce mechanical damage and provide a good surface for stick-on labels

11 Packaging of Tomato Precautions during packing
Containers should not be filled either too loosely or too tightly because loose products may vibrate against each other and cause bruising Over-packing results in compression bruising Proper filling along with cushioning can minimize bruising damage

12 Packaging of Tomato Packaging of Tomato
Tomatoes are usually packed in bamboo baskets Wooden boxes of different sizes and shapes are also used in long distance transportation Corrugated fiberboard boxes are also used Some Innovative packaging is also used for fresh tomatoes Tomatoes are taken in plastic crates for local markets

13 Packaging of Tomato Tomato Packaging
Packaging of tomato in Corrugated Carton Boxes Tomatoes Tray Packaging Tomato tray from LINPAC Packaging Source (all photos): :

14 Tomato Packaging Packaging of Tomato
Innovative packaging for fresh tomatoes Packaging in wrapping films Source:

15 Tomato Packaging Packaging of Tomato
Groups of tomatoes packaging in flow pack wrapper … Tomato packaging (

16 Packaging of Tomato Tomato Packaging Packaging of Tomato Tomato Packaging Trashion” show clothes made out of packaging garbage. Tomato Source: Tomato clusters packaging in flow pack wrapper Source: (hffs)

17 Packaging of Tomato Tomato Packaging
Cherry tomato tub packaging in flow pack wrapper (hffs) — ULMA Packaging

18 Packaging of Tomato Let Us Sum Up
Food packaging is a system by which the fresh or processed produce will reach the consumer from the production centre in a safe and sound condition at an affordable cost. It serves two basic objectives, i.e., marketing and logistics. Adopting improved packaging, handling and transportation methods during distribution and marketing can successfully avert huge post harvest losses.

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