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Packaging Materials Handling and Transportation Systems.

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1 Packaging Materials Handling and Transportation Systems

2  Athalye article (see Campus Guide)  Week 3 Lecture Notes  Week 3 PowerPoint

3  Examine various types of packaging materials.  Examine handling and transportation systems.

4  Week 3 Discussion forum: Discuss the use of pallets in a shipping system. What considerations must be taken when deciding whether or not a pallet is required for a specific shipment of boxes? What considerations must be made in determining the placement of boxes on the pallet and securing the boxes to the pallet?  Writing Assignment: Packaging Materials comparison - Compare and contrast the advantages and disadvantages of a paper- based shipping container, a wood-based shipping container and a plastic-based shipping container for use as a distribution package (a non-retail shipping package). You must consider the entire supply chain in your response. Please see my slides later in this presentation that offer more explanation of this assignment.

5  Paper-based packaging materials ◦ Folding cartons ◦ Paperboard cans ◦ Corrugated Fiberboard boxes  Plastic packaging materials ◦ Plastic Film ◦ Plastic Bottles ◦ Plastic Jars ◦ Plastic Boxes ◦ Plastic Trays ◦ Plastic Tubs ◦ Plastic Pallets ◦ Plastic reusable totes

6  Steel Packaging ◦ Cans ◦ Metal Tubes ◦ Metal Trays  Glass Packaging ◦ Glass Bottles  Wood Packaging ◦ Wood crates ◦ Wood boxes ◦ Wood pallets

7  Paper, Board, and Pulp  Expanded Polystyrene ◦ Commonly referred to as “Styrofoam”. Breaks apart easily.  Polyurethane Foam ◦ Open-cell foam, same material that is used inside upholstered furniture.  Polyethylene ◦ Example is molded white foam that is used for electronics (TV’s, etc…) that does not easily crumble or break apart.  Shredded Wood

8  Many companies offer reusable plastic totes and reusable plastic pallets for distribution purposes.  This is a viable option in a closed-loop system where containers can be returned and reused.  This may not work well for companies who rely on common carrier trucks to deliver their product, they will have to pay to have the containers returned.  Plastic totes and pallets cost more up front than paper or wood-based packaging, but if they can be reused many times, the higher cost may be warranted.


10  Articles about reusable packaging: Reusable_packaging_is_an_option_for_savvy_sustainability_strategies.php =The-Pros-and-Cons-of-Reusable-Packaging---Plastics-Business  For more information about reusable packaging you can start with the following organizations: ◦ Reusable Industrial Packaging Organization ◦ Reusable Packaging Association

11  This week’s assignment asks you to compare several materials as distribution containers.  You should only be discussing distribution containers, not retail packaging.  Discuss all aspects of the supply chain. Some important considerations might include:  Manufacturing of packaging  Storage of packaging  Cost of packaging material  Weight of packaging in the shipping environment  Disposal of packaging  Reusable packaging (cost, feasibility, etc…)  Level of protection offered by packaging  Durability of packaging

12  The text is limited on information on the disadvantages of wood and plastic in the distribution environment. But you should be able to use common sense to determine some of the information (for example, which material weighs the most and will cost the most to ship?).  You should use outside sources if necessary. Be sure to properly cite and reference any outside sources used.  Remember that for wood, we are discussing packaging used in distribution including pallets and crates. Here is a good source of information on the advantages and disadvantages of wood crates:  Remember that when discussing plastics in the supply chain, we are not discussing retail packaging. Some examples of plastics used in distribution include plastic pallets and reusable plastic totes.

13  Be sure to use APA formatting on the paper and include an introduction and conclusion.  The school library has excellent resources on APA formatting. Please contact me if you have questions about APA formatting.

14  Barcode Registration and Barcode Standards  Flexible Packaging Association  Glass Packaging Institute   Paperboard Packaging Council   Petroleum Packaging Council 

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