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1 UNCLASSIFIED Joint Lessons Learned Working Group Recap from 23-24 Mar 09 Conference Operational Plans and Joint Force Development Directorate (J-7),

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1 1 UNCLASSIFIED Joint Lessons Learned Working Group Recap from 23-24 Mar 09 Conference Operational Plans and Joint Force Development Directorate (J-7), The Joint Staff Mr. Shelby Ball J7, Joint Lessons Learned Branch

2 2 UNCLASSIFIED 23 Mar 09 JLLWG Wrap-up WJLLWGs 08-1/08-2 Outstanding Issues. Foreign Disclosure is moving along slowly; not just a lessons learned problem JS J-7 will post the JLLP roadmap on the JLLIS website Autonomy IDOL is now on-line (NIPRNet/SIPRNet) SharePoint is on-line (NIPRNet/SIPRNet) and is undergoing IA certification JLLIS is POM’ed for FY09-13, but funding is insufficient for full-scale development; UFR submitted JLLIS estimated costs to standup: Master Tier I ($315K); Tier I ($115K)

3 3 UNCLASSIFIED 23 Mar 09 JLLWG Wrap-up USTRANSCOM Transition Plan Update. Transition to JLLIS was coordinated by Staff and Components 5 Feb 09 Application is on SIPRNet only because this is where the majority of information was already located. Initial implementation will have O&R entry in JLLIS with Issue Resolution and historical data still in Logbook Maintaining two systems is sub-optimal Research/Issue Resolution will be work intensive USTRANSCOM is not experiencing resistance to JLLIS USTRANSCOM would like the O&Rs to include vetting and issue resolution information in one record USTRANSCOM will not declare JLLIS FOC until: –All historical/issue resolution data resides in their JLLIS instance –Data can be retrieved /displayed to support their business practices

4 4 UNCLASSIFIED 23 Mar 09 JLLWG Wrap-up USCENTCOM JLLIS Transition Plan Update. SIPRNet validation/NIPRNet determination Currently use SIPRNet/CENTRIXS joint lessons learned databases Refine JLLP policy per JLLIS Confirm JLLIS JTF/Component business rules Training audience (Leadership and JLLIS Administrators, CLMs, & SMEs) Requirement for a Mobile JLLIS Focus on usability, functionality, and linkages Foreign Disclosure is a tough issue

5 5 UNCLASSIFIED 23 Mar 09 JLLWG Wrap-up Interagency Lessons Learned Process for Stabilization and Reconstruction (S/R) Operations Consortium is now called the “Center” for Complex Operations, with the database housed at NDU –Encompasses civil-military operations (CMO), counterinsurgency (COIN) and irregular warfare (IW) –Is a DOD-led collaboration with DOS and USAID to enhance civilian and military training and education for complex operations –Authorized in the FY09 NDAA Section 1031:‘§409 –Purpose is to conduct research; collect, analyze, and distribute lessons learned; and compile best practices in matters relating to complex operations –Goal is to establish an Interagency Lessons Learned Hub to facilitate collection and distribution of CCO lessons learned –Mission: The Lessons Learned Hub Concept is designed to serve as the central and institutionalized proponent to coordinate, facilitate, and support the implementation of lessons learned across S/R partners.

6 6 UNCLASSIFIED 23 Mar 09 JLLWG Wrap-up AF/A-9L Lessons Learned Program Update. Focus: use lessons learned to impact “actionable” change across the DOTMLPF spectrum Codified learning organizations across the USAF Lessons learned process in codifying a L2 culture (AF L2 process/external process) FY08 L2 collection execution; FY09 focus area plan FY09 CSAF L2 priorities identified –Goal: reduce the collection to report delivery timeline from 18 months (old) to 59 days (current) down to less than 30 days –“In our culture of instant gratification, everyone wants JLLIS to roll out perfectly, but that’s not the important part…not as important as working together.”

7 7 UNCLASSIFIED 23 Mar 09 JLLWG Wrap-up Department of State (DOS) Lessons Learned Program Update. To support DOS and identify a means to increase Interagency participation in LL, JLLB identified the method for DOS to gain access to JLLIS using the PKI during the registration and security check process. Explained the process of validating citizenship of the “new users” Thanked JLLB for changing the home page to read IA instead of DOD JLLIS Current developments and uses: Political Advisors (POLAD) to Iraq PRTs and Afghanistan PRTs Insights shared on the political implications of our partners, specifically the impact of language differences and how language, as interpreted, might not have the same ‘implied’ meaning – this is a challenge Future applications and developments: Foreign missions; analysis

8 8 UNCLASSIFIED 23 Mar 09 JLLWG Wrap-up USA Peacekeeping and Stability Operations Institute (PKSOI), Stability Operations LL Information Management System (SOLLIMS). –SOLLIMS JLLIS located on “.org” domain to allow ‘public’ access without CAC or other certification; not connected to JLLIS –Tailored to support the US & International Peace & Stab Ops community –Reduced military focus (terminology) –Unclassified/open release content for open dissemination/sharing –Sub-site managers control what/when to release data to full community –Concerns raised by JLL community regarding information assurance Link on JLLIS should allow JLLIS users to link into PKSOI from JLLIS, however, not the reverse –EUCOM raised question about how they could share information between SOLLIMS and EUCOM JLLIS so they are not having to use two systems – specifically referencing the upcoming exercise, Austere Challenge –Common user access was raised as an option –Plans to transition to MS Sharepoint™ discussion groups/forums

9 9 UNCLASSIFIED 23 Mar 09 JLLWG Wrap-up Supreme Allied Commander Transformation (SACT), North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), and International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) Overview. LL is a command responsibility where each command and body under the various Strategic Command structures operates its own internal LL process Process defined; implementation in progress There are J-7 lessons learned staffs in place throughout NATO Joint Analysis Handbook describes the NATO Lessons Learned Process NATO lessons learned database is maintained at the Joint Analysis Lessons Learned Centre (JALLC), Lisbon, Portugal. http://www.jallc.nato.int –US DOD personnel can search the database, but can’t add records. PfP nations interact with the NATO lessons learned Challenges in sharing lessons learned with partners: –Security/restrictions/classification –Access (before/after operations) –Requires a security agreement and certification by the NATO Office of Security for each nation

10 10 UNCLASSIFIED 23 Mar 09 JLLWG Wrap-up Afghanistan Provincial Reconstruction Teams (PRT) Collection Effort. Past collections 2005 JCOA/DoS/USAID assessment; 2005 MCCLL assessment; 2007 CALL collection team; 2009 AF/A-9L/CALL/NLLP interviews Methodology: Approval from Directors (JCOA, AF/A-9L, CALL, NLLP); Theater (USFOR-A, CJTF, AMEMB Kabul) (ISAF, USCENTCOM); Washington [DOD (OSD(P)/CA & STB), DOS (SCA, S/CRS), USAID (ANE), USDA (OCBD)] Assets: Primary collection; Theater [JCOA Det, CALL TOD]; CONUS [ A9L, CALL, NLLP] Support: Theater (AFCENT, NAVCENT L2); Analytical (189 INF BDE, ARI) Report: CCO Methodology Process –Surveys: Post-deployment, Pre-redeployment, and Post-redeployment –Interviews: Post-redeployment; BCTs, BTN, and HHQ

11 11 UNCLASSIFIED 23 Mar 09 JLLWG Wrap-up Army Lessons Learned Program Update –Collections: CONUS-based and forward deployed –Analysis/Integration –Sharing and dissemination via lessons learned integration (L2I) network –Connectivity to joint, interagency, intergovernmental, and multi- national partners –Publications, RFIs/Information Support –Way Ahead for 2009 –Shift in priority to OEF –Army/Air Force Integration –Iraqi Lessons Learned Center products –BCT-S Initiative

12 12 UNCLASSIFIED 23 Mar 09 JLLWG Wrap-up CALL Web 2.0 Tools Websites: –Public: ; DOD restricted: –SIPRNet: ; USBICES: –NATO Secret: FOC Feb 09 –REL Domain Network (ABCA): FOC Aug 09 Army JLLIS (Way Ahead): –Index data between CALL & JLLIS –Transition to Joint System –Microsoft Office SharePoint Services (MOSS) –2007 role within DoD –Request for Systems Support (RSS) provides an automated email when a saved search criteria is updated. (the same as the JLLIS Daily Digest) Resource deficit: CALL workflow requirements and rebuild Benefits to the Joint L2 community –Access to restricted archives –Data link: sharing with Services & agencies –Access to data transparent to users –Not Service or agency platform

13 13 UNCLASSIFIED 23 Mar 09 JLLWG Wrap-up JCOA Update. JFCOM Lessons Learned Conference (17-20 March) Four working groups/focus areas derived from the NMS: –Joint Adaptation to Irregular Warfare; Joint Warfighting; Homeland Defense –Theater Security Cooperation Final report (expected in the summer 09) JLLIS use mandated by JFCOM COS –Inconsistent use/application so far –Tracking JFCOM product submissions JFCOM draft JLLP Instruction identifies JLLIS as the recommended LL issue management tool Concerns over S/NF submissions and allied access Challenge: “What can we do to improve the conversion of lessons to DOTMLPF solutions?” JFCOM JLLP Instruction defines processes for all of JFCOM, not just JCOA and defines process for “new work” JFCOM Planning Group and Board of Governors spells out new criteria for COCOM lessons learned issue submission to JFCOM

14 14 UNCLASSIFIED 23 Mar 09 JLLWG Wrap-up Joint Issue Resolution. Issue: A gap exists for resolution of O&Rs resulting in issues requiring corrective action from multiple COCOMs, Services, CSAs, and the Interagency. “O&Rs are just data points until something is done with them” Recommendation: Use the JLLIS Issue Management System (IMS) Requirements: –Support a well-defined joint process –Automatic elevation to HHQ, Executive Corrective Action Boards, etc. –Transparent/accessible –Flexible: add/subtract ‘voting members’ and decision points Integration into issue resolution processes: JCIDS (FCB, JCB, JROC), UNS/UUNS, JUON, etc. *N-NC volunteered to chair a Joint Issue Resolution Working Group. –Focus will be on the process vs the tool of IMS –The process will be incorporated into CJCSM 3150.25

15 15 UNCLASSIFIED 24 Mar 09 JLLWG Wrap-up Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) Lessons Learned: Issue Prevention and Remediation Joint After Action Review Support Office (JAARSO) Initiative. Road Ahead: –Emphasis on active collection; analysts go to where the action is –L2/R members are embedded into planning conferences/working groups –Input welcome in any format –Focused L2/R products (focused, targeted, timely) are pushed to consumers –Working on a Top 10 issue list –Routinely conduct ‘before action reviews’ on operations, exercises, and training –Dedicated JSOC Remediation Officer (JRO) provides continuity –“Remediated” issues are subject to recur every 3-4 years due to turnover –Items must be systemically tracked Plug into Command Group and J-Staff processes to institutionalize fixes JSOC uses the default status of “active” for all new entries – promotes information sharing “The best lesson is the one you don’t have to learn…prevention is better than remediation.”

16 16 UNCLASSIFIED 24 Mar 09 JLLWG Wrap-up Draft CJCSM 3150.25. The manual will be a companion document to the CJCSI 3150.25D Request POCs to assist in writing about their subject matter area within the document. Timeline: –Preliminary Coordination (PC) first draft – May 09 –PC adjudicated matrix – Jun 09 –Final Coordination (FC) second draft – Aug 09 –FC adjudicated matrix – Sep 09 –Approval – Oct 09

17 17 UNCLASSIFIED 24 Mar 09 JLLWG Wrap-up JLLIS User Feedback and Metrics. LTC Fenoli presented a briefing on a new capability to track JLLIS user feedback and metrics on the utility of the lessons contained in the database. JLLIS Configuration Review Board (CRB). Outline of the JLLIS CRB cycle/timeline was provided –Goal: to assist the LL COP in planning for the next CRB allowing time enough to vet issues and obtain the detail necessary to present new requirements. 33 new items were addressed during this CRB. –JS J-7 Configuration Manager (CM), Mr. Jim Barr, in conjunction with Nsite, LLC, will provide ROMs and TTIs on the prioritized list of CRB items for presentation at future WJLLWGs. –The results of this process will be provided to IAW the CRB cycle presented.

18 18 UNCLASSIFIED 24 Mar 09 JLLWG Wrap-up User manuals –As capabilities change within JLLIS, it is challenging to keep up with documenting instruction for it. Many organizations, e.g. Air Force, have outstanding tutorials and manuals that can be applied to other agencies, COCOMs etc. –All agencies in attendance were encouraged to send their user manuals and tutorials to JS J-7 JLLB for posting in JLLIS MS Office capability –AF and SOCOM have a CMT that address this and will work together to solve this issue Joint Search added and displayed to binders –SOCOM will take on this task. JLLIS on JWICS –NGA raised the issue to which LTC Fenoli referred them to Army Intell for further discussion. This is a very high dollar item.

19 19 UNCLASSIFIED 24 Mar 09 JLLWG Wrap-up Examination of Master Tier changes –NSite recommended using the daily DCO meeting for this –A “daily digest-type” forum was also suggested –CMT workgroup was suggested - Navy said they would “head up” Classification markings – –Difficult issue to address and clarify due to users over-classifying, or not appropriately classifying, or possessing different business rules for classification. –JTIMS has this capability and should be looked at for possible functionality. –Issue needs to be scoped with a clearer direction given. –Suggestion made for another workgroup

20 20 UNCLASSIFIED 24 Mar 09 JLLWG Wrap-up Free-Form Report Generator –Will be renamed User Defined Template JMETL Linkage –Need to work with JTIMS and DRRS to make the connection with JLLIS. Selectable sharing of documents –Need to widen validation but limit access whether making items pending or active. –NSite suggested the possibility of using ‘restricted binders’ but there is a limit on not being able to share across Master Tiers. –Something for a workgroup to work on.

21 21 UNCLASSIFIED Comments

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