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Documentaries as Evidence “The Thin Blue Line” Veronica Pacheco.

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1 Documentaries as Evidence “The Thin Blue Line” Veronica Pacheco

2 Summary “The Thin Blue Line” shows a series of interviews that outlines the case of Randall Adams who was wrongly convicted of murder. The film’s publicity led to a retrial, where Dallas District Attorney John Vance dropped all charges and Adams was released.

3 Evidence Direct evidence: “can be used to prove a particular event occurred or to prove an element of a crime” (Pillay 214). – “Adams's claim that they left the 180 Drive-In much earlier in the evening was born out by my investigation of the movie schedule that evening” (Morris). Circumstantial evidence: “proves conditions that could reasonably lead to the inference that an incident occurred, or establish elements of a crime” (Pillay 215). – “I also interviewed an Internal Affairs investigator who revealed that Turko had been hypnotized, leaving open the possibility of post-hypnotic suggestion. He also believe that she had never left the police car until after the shooting. Also, her comments at the crime scene never indicated that there was more than one person in the car” (Morris).

4 Authenticity? “For video evidence to be reliable, you must be able to establish that the footage is authentic. In other words, the decision-maker will want to be sure that the evidence has not been fabricated, falsified, or tampered with, and that it had not been manipulated in a way that would mislead.” (Pillay 222). “The Thin Blue Line” is made up of interviews and re-enacted scenes. Is this authentic?

5 Quote from the Director “I have often heard people say that "The Thin Blue Line" got an innocent man out of prison. Yes and no. The movie brought the case to national attention, but it was my investigation part of which was done with a movie camera that got Randall Adams out of prison. Here's the story. There were five key prosecution witnesses in the 1977 trial against Randall Adams. I was able to discredit their testimomy and to establish that each and every one of them committed perjury.” (Morris)

6 Bibliography Morris, Errol. "Thin Blue Line: Five Key Witnesses." Errol Morris. N.p., n.d. Web.. Pillay, Sukanya. "Video as Evidence." Video for Change: A Guide for Advocacy and Activism. By Sam Gregory. London: Pluto in Association with Witness, 2005. 209- 32. Print. "Randall Dale Adams." Center on Wrongful Convictions. Northwestern University School of Law, n.d. Web..

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