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Randall Kirk, WVEIS Programmer Extraordinaire (Shawn L. Hawkins, Teacher Quality Coordinator June 23, 2011)

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1 Randall Kirk, WVEIS Programmer Extraordinaire (Shawn L. Hawkins, Teacher Quality Coordinator June 23, 2011)

2  Required by No Child Left Behind  Data collected in spring semester  Results issued in late spring/early summer  Basics-  By the end of the 2005-2006 school year, all teachers delivering instruction in the core academic subject areas must meet the NCLB definition of highly qualified teacher.  Teachers must hold a bachelor’s degree or higher; meet certification requirements and; demonstrate subject matter competency. (WVBE Policy 5202)

3  Subject Matter Competency  Passing the state competency test for which a state minimum score was established by the WVBE in the content area(s); OR  Having an academic major (Form 26 for special educators) or advanced credential(s) in the subject taught as defined in §126-136-4.4 and §126-136-4.6, respectively; OR  HOUSSE (only an option after 2007-2008 school year for special education teachers).  ***May or may not continue to be available.

4  A teacher identified as highly qualified for a subject area in a previous year will have a record that follows them.  Will NOT follow them if they change subject areas  Elem. teachers… continue to schedule the same  If scheduled for English, Reading & Math or Science, teacher will be rolled up into self-contained (unless various exceptionalities and grades.)  A teacher’s employee number must align to their social security number, or they will show as not certified (STU.240 WVEIS File-at school level).

5 HOUSSE Option Scenario--  If a special education teacher has a classroom where he/she teaches more than one core subject, AND  is certified in the exceptionalities he/she is teaching, THEN  the teacher may demonstrate subject matter competency in all other core subjects being taught using HOUSSE, IF  he/she demonstrates or has demonstrated subject matter competency in science, English, or mathematics by passing the PRAXIS II, or by having an academic major or advanced credential. **This must be done manually at WVDE (Use Request Review). See WVBE Policy 5202

6  If you have to place a sub in a classroom:  Continuously keep the position posted in hopes of finding a certified, highly qualified teacher  Place a long-term sub who holds the content area endorsement  If contents do not match, write a waiver request to Dr. Marple if in the classroom for more than 30 days  If you MUST place a short-term sub try to match content with endorsement  If no match is possible, write a waiver immediately

7  If you have a permit or authorization holding teacher in a classroom:  Will NOT be highly qualified (even if…Praxis II and 21 hours…Must be fully certified  Exception: Title I Reading Teachers who are fully certified in Elementary K-6 or Multi-Subjects K-8 who are on permit or authorization for Reading/Reading Specialist AND have either the Praxis II 0011 for elementary or have been HOUSSEd for self-contained.

8  Correct Collaborative WVEIS code 8011, 8013, 8015 & 8017 (use for special education)  Title I teachers must use Title I course code 4809 or 3049  Correct 6 th digit exceptionality code  Must click on the RED NEEDS ASSESSMENT for the not highly qualified message to not show  Will reflect Collaborative  DO NOT place them on a schedule as a teacher of record for a class (Ex. 4003-T), if actually collaborative.

9  Cannot correct from this screen, but helps identify possible correctable issues:  SSN Problem  Course Code Error  Pending Applications  New Praxis Scores

10  HQT designation will be entered by content area instead of by the entire school list of NCLB core content areas teachers.  This will allow you to divide the work and complete one content area before moving on to another.  An entire school list will load during the Class Count Phase.  Recommended that you print this as a record for HQT being completed in case you need it at the end of the year for school check-out.

11  Instructions to access the data collection web site:  Go to  Select WVEIS Web Tab.  On the left-hand side, select County, Highly Qualified.  Log In with your WVEIS log in.  Select HQ Check and then Select a School (County Administrators)  You will select the specific school in the county you wish to review. Principals will only be able to view the school to which they are assigned.  Select HQ 2011(on left-hand side).  If you cannot make a selection due to an error or you are not certain how the teacher should be identified,, use Request for Review or on left-hand side select the content again, this will return you to the previous screen. DO NOT use the BACK arrow on the internet toolbar.

12  Request a Review  Only after you have tried to figure out why a teacher is not HQT  Review Credentials Button  Is course coded correctly  Is the endorsement eligible to teach the course  Is the teacher fully certified (19, 21, 22 or 65 certificates) **Special exception for Reading Specialist  Praxis II for specific content  Eligibility for Academic Major  Eligibility for HOUSSE

13  Once you Request a Review  You will receive an e-mail that you sent a request  Shawn Hawkins will review and respond ASAP  You will receive an e-mail when review is complete (indicating if request was eligible or ineligible)  The Response will also appear on the Request for Review application


15  Once we have had a period of approximately 1 month for HQ collection (today through March 9 th ), we ask for Class Update Values (March 16 th through April 8 th ).  Teachers should only be identified for number of periods in one day.  If scheduled with multiple exceptionalities in one class period, a proportional value should be submitted.

16  Scheduled for: 7010- B (6 students) 7010-J (1 student) 7010-R (3 students) **But all three are really reflecting one period in the teacher’s day.**  Take a proportion. These three should equal 1 class 7010-B =.60 7010-J =.10 7010-R =.30  Once class values completed, NO teacher should have greater # of classes than what they teach in one day (periods).

17  Schedules/Course/Teacher Information (HQT)  Ongoing, schedules pulled every Friday @ 4pm  Superintendent or Designee  Highly Qualified Teachers (final collection)  January 23 rd -March 9 th  School Principal  Highly Qualified Teachers (finalize classes)  March 19 th -April 13 th  School Principal

18  West Virginia’s 2010-2011 HQ percentage declined slightly to 91.4%. The data can be reviewed at the following website.  ighly_credentialed_2011_report_select.cfm ighly_credentialed_2011_report_select.cfm  2009-10  94.1%  2008-09  93%  2007-08  91.9%  2006-07  90.9%

19 Questions or Comments ? Shawn Hawkins, Teacher Quality Coordinator Office of Professional Preparation 1-800-982-2378

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