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Rutland County Council Task and Finish Transport Group Report Carolyn Cartwright Lucy Stephenson.

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1 Rutland County Council Task and Finish Transport Group Report Carolyn Cartwright Lucy Stephenson

2 Introduction Duration of the task Composition of members Terms of reference (aims)

3 Parish Consultation Raison d’etre: Awareness of pressures on public transport in rural areas Value for money Engagement = ownership of outcomes

4 Parish Responses to Questionnaire 20 returns out of 28 There seem to be 2 clear requirements issues: those who rely on public transport to get to work; and those who use it to access recreational opportunities.

5 Question 1 Do you think your parish is well served by public transport? - yes: 40% - No: 55% - not answered: 5%

6 Additional comments/suggestions: Re-instatement/tie in of service to Stamford on market day and also allow time for recreational time whilst there; 2 hourly service between Uppingham and Stamford only Issues over timing of first bus No need for public transport as all the residents have at least one car There is only a call connect service Number 47 to Peterborough is only for workers/pupils Review link between connecting times.

7 Extend Call Connect to cover the Uppingham and Oakham areas and also to accommodate the new surgery in Uppingham Smaller buses to accommodate the new surgery in Uppingham No direct service to Oakham from Edith Weston No direct link between Uppingham and Peterborough this was historically a popular route

8 The RF1 Service reasonable during the daytime but there is no evening service. The taxi alternative is expensive and hard to use spontaneously Improve linkages between buses and trains e.g. Corby train station Allow for internal movement around Uppingham e.g. Stockerston Crescent (particularly in light of surgery move) and to have a ‘within Uppingham’ fare for these types of journeys

9 Question 2 Does the public transport in your town/village run at times when it is most needed? Yes: 40% No: 45% not answered: 10% N/A: 5%

10 Question 3 Does your community have a community car scheme? Yes: 15% No: 85%

11 Additional Comments Essendine is served by Christchurch Stamford Community transport scheme The system is working well in Whissendine

12 Question 4 If you would like additional transport are you prepared to survey your residents to ascertain potential usage levels? Yes: 45% No: 50% N/A: 5%

13 Additional Comments: residents should be sent a flyer asking for their opinions or that there should be a poster advertising an online questionnaire. Financial support requested to help complete survey Look for an integrated approach between parking fees and bus usage – How do people prefer to get to the town centre? Further communication between RCC and parish councils is necessary (U

14 Question 5 Are you satisfied that appropriate transport is provided from your parish / town for children to get to school? - Yes: 65% - No: 25% - Not answered: 5% - N/A: 5%

15 Additional Comments: School transport goes only to Uppingham CC so there is no choice for parents

16 REPORT RECOMMENDATIONS Public Transport Negotiate with Translink (and/or other providers) to enhance public transport in Rutland and secure a bus depot in Rutland (possibly at Ashwell)

17 Usage on all bus routes be mapped to ascertain whether times could be amended / reduced. This could release funds to enable a hopper service to be provided in Uppingham and would facilitate attendance at the new doctors’ surgery.

18 Collect data on the number of users on all service buses, including the Oakham Hopper, who are fare paying and the number who have concessionary passes in order to determine whether to abolish the “after 9.30” rule.

19 Extend the RF1 route to include Corby railway station and explore the viability of extending the route to link the villages to the south of Rutland Water to Uppingham.

20 Provide information on every bus stop in large print. The information should include the bus and the bus company number to ring to check if the bus is running.

21 Community Transport Whissendine to be invited to present to the Parish Council forum on its community transport scheme. Encourage VAR/Community Spirit to meet so that an agreement can be reached on the mileage rate paid to volunteer drivers.

22 School/College Transport Review all home to school transport so that it links villages to schools and, as far as possible, provides a public service route which can be utilised by young people over the age of 11 rather than a pupil only service.

23 Review home to college transport to establish, as far as possible, public service routes for young people to access rather than contracting student specific services.

24 Ensure that there is only one “pick up” point in any village except Cottesmore where there should also be a pick up at the gate of Kendrew Barracks.

25 Next Steps These recommendations have been supported by the Places and People Scrutiny Panels and will be considered ultimately by Cabinet before any action is taken. Report reference number 77/2013

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