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POWER INTERREGIONAL PROGRAMME INTERREG IVC TransportCarbonIntenCities TraCit Merle Laager Project Manager of Viimsi Municipality.

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1 POWER INTERREGIONAL PROGRAMME INTERREG IVC TransportCarbonIntenCities TraCit Merle Laager Project Manager of Viimsi Municipality

2 Viimsi Municipality Viimsi Parish within Harju County View at Viimsi Peninsula from the air

3 Viimsi Municipality Estonian: Viimsi vald is a rural municipality in northern Estonia The municipality contains Viimsi peninsula and several islands, including Naissaar, Prangli and Aksi. There are 2 small boroughs (Viimsi and Haabneeme) and 18 villages in Viimsi Parish. Location: north-east and neighboring the capital Tallinn, it is the most populous rural municipality in Harju County Area: 72,9 km² Continental part 47 km² (64,4%) and islands ( 8) 26 km² (35,6%). Population: 16 230, 131 of them live on Prangli island.

4 Pilot Studies in Viimsi Municipality Preliminary design with different alternatives of Viimsi municipality beach promenade, integration with existing foot and cycling paths, bus stops with impact assessment - map the existing footpaths, bus stops and cycle tracks as well as the routes to be constructed for non-motorised traffic. - Identify the options for integrating the Haabneeme shoreline in Viimsi Rural Municipality with the existing footpaths, bus stops and cycle tracks, allowing for the functions of routes for non-motorised traffic, with the aim of reducing CO2 emissions in the area: - create alternative, more environmentally friendly mobility options besides road transport (construct shorter cycle tracks linking the Rural Municipality and the City); - increase the physical activity of the population; - steer the population into a healthier, greener environment for sports and leisure, with access to the sea.

5 Viimsi municipality beach promenade

6 TraCit & SILCS Design Charrette Students could assess the existing situation and places of possible changes for light traffic lanes and connections with the city (Tallinn) throughout the whole peninsula Public green areas, and their relations with light traffic lanes throughout the peninsula (the current position and places for possible changes) the proposals for routes of possible tram and water-taxi lines, their connectivity with the beach area and bus stops Identification of local people's wishes (whether people who live next to the coastline like the openness towards the sea and bike lane, or rather like an increase of privacy and turn their backs towards the bike lane) What kind of activity- or sportsfields local people yearn for (at various times of the year)? Is the local public transport sufficient for the local people, are the bus stops at the right places? Whether and where they would need services and small shops What are the important and meaningful places of the coastal area for the local people

7 Pilot Studies in Viimsi Municipality CO2 reduction opportunities through the adoption of alternative modes of transport To reduce the carbon footprint and CO2 emissions, public transport capable of competing with the car will be a key factor. identification of alternative mobility options (tram, water taxi, a park-and-ride scheme) for maintaining a transport link to Tallinn. Following works/surveys will be done: conducting a passenger survey on services within Viimsi during the winter period between 06.00 and 14.00 on typical working days; compilation of databases required for modelling from the collected data; compilation and cost-benefit analysis of models; analysis of the option of introducing electric buses instead of diesel buses in light of a reduction in CO2 emissions;

8 TraCit & SILCS Design Charrette The possible outcome of the workshop would be analysis of the potential benefits of tram connections to Viimsi, its possible routing options (Pirita, Pärnamäe tee, link to Kallavere etc..) and connection to the Tallinn tram network, determination of the necessary corridors and possibility of their reservation. The ongoing study of public transport and the workshop survey are linked through the common goal, which is estimated travel demand. A new tram line would be one of the possible solutions satisfying the goals of the task. Prognosis of changes in land use and related impact on the development of transport demand. The mode of transport. Use of alternative fuel options. Analysis of the necessary infrastructure. Awareness related work to popularize public transport – the choice of the transport mode should be a conscious choice not a habit! Public transport quality criteria and possible ways for improvement.

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