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Reproduction - Again A closer “real” look at: __________________ _______________ within an ovary ___________________ in the uterus ___________________.

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1 Reproduction - Again A closer “real” look at: __________________ _______________ within an ovary ___________________ in the uterus ___________________ w ithin an ovary __________________ left in uterus Mammalogy (Fall 2013 Althoff - reference FDVM Chapter 10) LEC 08B

2 Possible additional role of placenta Most emerging research on this comes from study of humans and genetically-engineered mice. Using both blood and spinal fluid from human babies to compare hormone profiles between premature and full-term human babies. Important for _____________________ Two key hormones identified so far: a) ___________—helps nerve cells to grow… so impact is beyond maintaining endometrium b) ___________—protects fetal neurons from becoming overexcited and dying…so impact is beyond contracting uterus & milk letdown

3 OVARY (stained with haematoxylin and eosin) GENERAL VIEW 1 - cortex 2 - medulla 3 - area where primordial follicles are located 4 - primordial follicles 5 - secondary follicles 6 - tertiary follicles 7 - mature follicles (Graafian follicles) 8 - atretic follicles Primordial follicle = “not yet spent”, in state of dormancy Atretic follicles = never will mature Mature follicles = ready to “erupt” Secondary & tertiary follicles: “between “primordial & mature”

4 Primordial follicles

5 Graffian follicle – close to “release”

6 Ovary with “release” site – will become ______________

7 Ovary with corpus luteum


9 Ovary with corpus lutea (plural; _________ is corpus luteum)

10 Ovary with corpus lutea (plural; singular is corpus luteum)

11 Buss and Smith (1966) - Elephant CL and CR Journal of Wildlife Management 30:375-388 Corpora lutea & Corpora _______

12 Positioning of “implanted” embryos that become fetuses. “Implanted” = __________


14 Site where placenta – fetus were “connected”… area heavily pigmented, resulting in ______________________

15 ovaries right side left side cervix View before horns “opened”

16 ovaries right side left side cervix View after horns “opened”

17 IUP Hypothesis IUP = __________________________ Determined to affect a variety of behavior patterns in female rodents and suspected for non-rodent species that have litter sizes >3 IUP involves the location of a fetus of one sex with respect to its littermates Key results: amount of exposure to ______________________________ ______________________________

18 __________ = no males either side of her __________= 1 males on one side of her _________ = males on each side of her

19 OF male 1F male 2F male 1F male

20 IUP Hypothesis…effects Females exposed to more pre-natal testosterone may ___________________ _________ than littermates receiving it Females more _________________ as littermates including post-weaning Female (gerbils) shown to produce more male offspring if 2M females vs. 1M- or 0M-females…2F females produce more female-biased sex ratios vs. 2M females

21 Carlson N., editor. 1998. ed. Physiology of Behavior. 6 th edition Allyn and Bacon, Boston, Massachusetts

22 Argente et al. 2003. Journal of Animal Science 81:265-273. Number of blood vessels to individual fetuses _________ overall _________ at birth

23 In summary… Look for “evidence” of reproductive activity in the _________ Look for CL (or CR) for evidence of near-full or full-term pregnancies in the _________ Look for _______________ for evidence of near full-term or full-term individual fetuses ________________, relative to sex of adjacent fetuses, may affect development and aggressive behavior of females post-partum _____________________ at/near a implantation site (of a fetus) can result in increased birth weight for that individual.

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