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Reflection Journal 3-16-12 What did you learn from doing your Pregnancy booklets? How did you feel about watching the Miracle of Life (natural birth, water.

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1 Reflection Journal 3-16-12 What did you learn from doing your Pregnancy booklets? How did you feel about watching the Miracle of Life (natural birth, water birth, c- section? Did you realize that it was so much into delivering a baby?

2 Good Hygiene If you already have good hygiene habits you should continue the same routine when you are pregnant IF NOT…. Then you need to develop daily hygiene routines that consist of :  Bathing  Brushing your teeth (twice a day)  Etc…

3 Clothing -Comfort in clothing & shoes is KEY! Usually by the 4 th month (teens can often wait until 6 th month) you will need clothing that is not tight fitting.  Loose fitting loose do not restrict blood circulation Most choose maternity clothes  When selecting maternity clothes you still choose maternity clothes in your same size. ALL your clothing will need to change– Bras, shoes etc..

4 Exercise Physical activity helps keep her body in shape which can help her have an easier pregnancy and Labor Always check with Doctor before exercising.. generally you can continue any exercise plan you normally do.

5 Exercise Walking is the best exercise for pregnant women. Late in pregnancy doctors may recommend to stop exercising until the baby is born

6 Exercise Warning signs Stop exercising and contact doctor if you notice the following signs: Pain Cramps in the uterus Blood or fluid Dizziness

7 Exercise during Pregnancy Reduces fatigue and helps manage stress Increases endurance and strengthening muscles Help relieve back pressure Improve posture and balance Improve circulation & lowers blood pressure Helps prepare for the strain of labor. Improve self image. Regain figure faster.

8 Weight Gain 25-35 pounds Total (average weight) Two and five pounds in the first trimester About one pound per week for the rest of your pregnancy.

9 Distribution o f Weight Gain WEIGHT GAIN In POUNDS 7.5 – 8.5 7.5 4 2.7 2 1.8 1.5 10 28-29 Pounds Total AREA Fetus Stores of Fat & Protein Blood Tissue Fluids Uterus Amniotic Fluid Placenta & Cord Breasts

10 Other considerations: No medications, including over-the counter drugs, unless approved by your doctor. No drugs or alcohol. No x-rays. No saunas and hot tubs. No vaccinations during pregnancy. Avoid cats, cattle, sheep and pigs. They have a parasite that causes toxoplasmosis.

11 Affect on body Increased clumsiness Backache are the most common. Many women complain of leg- and ankle- swelling (edema), but this symptom is actually caused by the extra amount of blood in your body, not fat.

12 Exercises 1. Stretches for lower back 2. Upper back stretch 3. Pelvic Tilts 4. Kegels

13 Why would it be important for women to eat well during pregnancy?

14 Preparation for pregnancy A mother brings to her pregnancy, all of her previous life experiences; diet, food habits, attitudes. Birth defects occur before the 10th week of pregnancy. The outcome of her baby’s health depends on mother’s nutritional state. If nutrients are lacking the mother suffers first and then the baby suffers.

15 Continued… When a women's body is properly nourished, her body stores nutrients. The baby's optimum growth depends on the nutrients provided by the mother If the mother doesn’t eat enough the mother body and the baby are competing for nutrients she does consume

16 Bad diet can cause: Premature birth Low birth weight Feeble, weak Inability to breast feed Deformed babies complications at birth Depression Babies have fewer brain cells

17 Food Pyramid Fats sparingly Milk Meat 3-4 2-3

18 A pregnant woman needs an extra 300 calories per day.

19 Recommended Daily Allowance: NormalPregnant FM Calories 2,200 2,800+300 Bread 9 119-11 Vegetables 494-5 Fruit 343-4 Milk 333-4 Meat 2 (6oz)3 (7oz)2-3

20 WATER Essential part of a healthy pregnancy Water supports fetus development A pregnant women needs at least 8 glasses of water

21 Good “fast” food 1. Single serve fruit bowls 2. Soy milk 3. Tuna fish 4. Raisins 5. Yogurt 6. Easy-to-make trail mix 7. Salad Bar 8. Baby carrots 9. String Cheese 10. Boxed, calcium fortified orange juice 11. Single-serve boxes of cereal 12. Single-serve cottage cheese bowl

22 Foods to avoid: 1. Ramen Noodles 2. Sodas 3. Pre-packaged lunches (like lunchables) 4. Almost all prepared, frozen meals 5. FRIED foods

23 3 trimesters Put info on BIG INDEX CARDS What happens in each?

24 1 st Trimester 0-12 weeks a pregnant woman usually gain a total of two-to-four pounds the face, eyes, ears, and limbs begin to develop She has to urinate more than usual and her breasts are enlarging. (month 2) morning sickness usually begin increased urination due to pressure on her bladder all organs first present

25 2 nd Trimester 13-20 weeks 3 inches long. a fetus begins to suck its thumb, swallow, hiccup, and move around a fetus grow hair, eyelashes, and eyebrows

26 3 rd trimester 29-40 weeks a pregnant woman often have leg cramps, shortness of breath, and rest that is interrupted by kicking of the fetus false labor pains sometimes 8 th mth: react to loud noises with a reflex jerking action. have a change in posture

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