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Post WWI America.

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1 Post WWI America

2 America is tired Finished the First World War Economy is struggling
Cost of living is up Production is down

3 Nativism and Isolationism
Americans dislike outsiders Nativism: Prejudice against foreign born Wants to stay out of international affairs Isolationism: Pulling away from the world


5 Fear of Communism Fear an end to private property The Red Scare
1919: Communists take over Russia Communist Party founded in the U.S. More than 70,000 join Bombs sent to gov’t and business leaders

6 U.S. Attorney General A. Mitchell Palmer

7 Palmer Raids Palmer hunts down communists & anarchists
Violate civil rights of citizens Jailed without lawyers Thousands deported without trials Raids fail to turn up any real evidence

8 Sacco and Vanzetti

9 Sacco and Vanzetti Shoemaker and Fisherman from Italy
Immigrants and anarchists Fled Europe during WWI Arrested and charged with murder Witnesses said the criminals “looked Italian” Both men had alibis

10 Sacco and Vanzetti Both are convicted
Sentenced to death Outrage and protest around the world Governor refuses to grant clemency Both men electrocuted




14 Limiting Immigration “Keep America for Americans”
Fewer unskilled job, less need for immigrants Believe Europeans were Communists/Anarchists

15 The Klan Reemerges 1924: 4.5 million members White male Protestants
Opposed unions and Catholics too

16 Quota System 1921: Emergency Quota Act Puts caps on immigration
Changed in 1924 Discriminated against Catholics and Jews Limit of 125,000 people per year to U.S.


18 Labor Unrest 1919: More than 3,000 strikes in U.S.
Workers labeled as Communists Labor movement is hurt in 1920’s Immigrant members are not liked Language barriers hurt unionizing Most unions wouldn’t allow African Americans

19 Justice Denied in Massachusetts

20 How does the poem’s speaker feel after Sacco and Vanzetti are executed
What images best convey the mood of the poem?

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