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Universal Surgical Instruments

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1 Universal Surgical Instruments

2 Mouth Prop To hold patient’s mouth open during procedure

3 Mouth Gag To hold patient’s mouth open during dental procedure

4 Scalpel Handle With Blades
To hold blade in place To cut tissue with blade To trim interproximal restorations

5 Scalpel Blade Remover To safely remove blade from scalpel handle

6 Tissue scissors To cut tissue

7 Tissue Forceps To hold tissue during surgical procedures

8 Hemostat To grasp tissue or bone fragments
To hold and grasp material in and out of the oral cavity

9 Periosteal Elevator To separate tissue from tooth or bone
To hold tissue away from surgical site

10 Surgical Curette To remove debris or granulation tissue from surgical site To remove cyst from extraction site or surgical site To perform gross tissue debridement

11 Tongue and Cheek Retractor
To hold and retract tongue or cheek during surgery

12 Needle Holder To grasp and manipulate suture needle during use

13 Suture Needle and Sutures
To suture surgical site

14 Suture Scissors To cut sutures

15 Universal Surgical

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