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INSTRUMENTS. ALLIGATOR FORCEPS Used during surgery to hold sterile dressings.

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2 ALLIGATOR FORCEPS Used during surgery to hold sterile dressings.

3 ALL-IN-ONE CASTRATOR, DOCKER AND EAR MARKER Allows for quick work to perform castration, tail docking, and ear marking with less tools.

4 AMBU BAG Hand-held device used to provide air for patients who are having trouble breathing on their own.

5 ARTIFICIAL VAGINA Used during the collection of sperm.

6 AUTOCLAVE Pressure chamber used to sterilize equipment using high pressure steam.

7 AUTOMATIC DOSE SYRINGE A syringe designed to deliver measured amounts of medication.

8 BACKAUS TOWEL FORCEPS Clamps used to hold drapes and towels in place during surgery.

9 BALLING GUN Used for oral administration of capsules or boluses to animals.

10 BARNES DEHORNER Placed over the horns, near the base and surrounding skin. Used to dehorn livestock.

11 BONE PLATE BENDER Used to bend bone plates to the proper configuration.

12 BROWN-ADSON TISSUE FORCEPS Used to grasp tissue during surgery.

13 BULB SYRINGE Used to clear mucous from the nose or mouth.

14 BURDIZZO Used for castration by crushing the spermatic cord and causing testicular necrosis.

15 CASTROVIEJO NEEDLE HOLDER WITH CATCH Used to hold the fine suture needles when performing eye surgery.

16 CORNELL TEAT CURETTE Used to remove masses inside the teat.

17 DENTAL RASP Used to file down teeth.

18 DENTAL TOOTH PUNCH For removal of cheek teeth through the sinus.

19 DEPTH PROBE AND EXPLORER Used during dental procedures for examination of the mouth and to remove plaque.

20 DIFFERENTIAL CELL COUNTER Percentages of cell types are calculated as well as the number of each type of cell.

21 DOG SNARE OR CAPTURE POLE Used to catch and restrain animals.

22 DOPPLER ULTRASONIC BLOOD FLOW MONITOR Measures and monitors blood flow.

23 DRENCH PUMP Used to administer large doses of fluid orally.

24 DRENCH-MATIC DOSE SYRINGE Used to administer large amounts of fluid orally.

25 EAR NOTCHER Used to insert an ear notch for identification purposes.

26 ECG MONITOR Electrocardiogram- Used to measure heart rate.

27 ELASTRATOR Used to perform castration by administering a tiny rubber band around the testicular sac that eventually causes necrosis.

28 ELIZABETHAN COLLAR Placed around an animals head to prevent them from biting at sutures, injuries, or rashes.

29 ENDOSCOPE A device with a light, and sometimes a camera, on the end that is used to look inside the body.

30 ENDOTRACHEAL TUBE A tube inserted through the mouth of the nose into the trachea.

31 ESOPHAGEAL STETHOSCOPE Used to monitor and provide accurate measurements for heart rate, breathing, and temperature.

32 EQUINE MOLAR-EXTRACTING FORCEPS Used to remove molars in horses.

33 EYE SPECULUM Used to hold the eye open during examination or surgery.

34 FECAL LOOP Inserted into the rectum to collect fecal samples.

35 FELINE RESTRAINT BAG Used to restrain cats during examination or insertion of catheter.

36 FEMALE CANINE CATHETER Urinary catheter for female animals.

37 FETAL EXTRACTOR (CALF PULLER) Used to pull calves during difficult deliveries.

38 FORESTER SPONGER HOLDING FORCEPS Used to hold swabs or sponges to mop up areas during procedures.

39 GROOVE DIRECTOR Used to hold another medical instrument during a procedure and guide to a site out of view.

40 GUILLOTINE NAIL TRIMMER Used for trimming animal nails.

41 HALF CIRCLE TAPER POINT SUTURE NEEDLE Used for suturing. Distinguished from other suture needles by its half circle shape.

42 HALF CURVED CUTTING EDGE SUTURE NEEDLE Used for suturing. Distinguished from other suture needles by its curved tip.

43 HALF CURVED TISSUE FORCEPS Used for grasping tissue during procedures.

44 HALSTEAD MOSQUITO FORCEPS Use for grasping tissue. Designed to clamp and lock in place. Can be used for compressing bleeding vessels.

45 HARTMAN MOSQUITO FORCEPS Used for grasping tissue. Smallest of the hemostatic forceps.

46 HEMOCYTOMETER Used to determine the concentration of blood cells in a sample.

47 HOLZHEIMER RETRACTOR Used to hold tissue open, specifically in ophthalmic surgery.

48 HOOF TRIMMER FOR SHEEP AND GOATS Used for trimming hooves on sheep and goats.

49 HORN GOUGE Used when dehorning cattle to separate the tissue from the horn.

50 IDENTIFICATION TAG APPLICATOR Used to apply an identification tag to the ear of an animal.

51 INCISOR AND ROOT EXTRACTING FORCEPS Used to remove teeth in dental procedures.

52 INSEMINATION PIPETTE Used in artificial insemination to deliver semen to vagina.

53 INTRAVENOUS DRIP SET Used to administer IV fluids through a catheter.

54 IRIS HOOK Used in ophthalmic surgery.

55 JACQUETTE TARTAR SCALER Used to scrap tarter off teeth in dental procedures.

56 KELLY FORCEPS Used for clamping tissue and blood vessels.

57 KILLIAN VAGINAL SPECULUM Used mostly in canines when doing artificial insemination.

58 KNOWLES BANDAGE SCISSORS Used to safely probe and cut off bandages without cutting the animal. Straight blade.

59 LENS LOOP Used in ophthalmic surgery.

60 LISTER BANDAGE SCISSORS Used to safely probe and cut off bandages without cutting the animal. Curved blade.

61 MAYO SCISSORS Surgical grade scissors used for cutting tissue.

62 MAYO-HEGAR NEEDLE HOLDER Used to grasp and drive needles when suturing.

63 NEEDLE-STERILIZING RACK Used to hold suture needles in place when sterilizing/autoclaving.

64 OLSEN-HEGAR NEEDLE HOLDER- SCISSORS COMBINATION A two in one combination of needle driver and scissors. Used to grasp and drive needles when suturing as well as cut suture material.

65 OPERATING SCISSORS Surgical grade scissors.

66 OPTHALMOSCOPE An instrument used to examine the eye.

67 ORAL CALF DRENCHER Used to feed calves when they will not eating well. A tube is placed into the esophagus to deliver milk straight to the stomach.

68 OTOSCOPE An instrument used to examine the ear.

69 PET PILLER Used to administer pills to animals.

70 PIG TOOTH NIPPER Used to clip needle teeth on piglets.

71 PILL SPLITTER Used to divide pills into correct proportions.

72 POLANSKY CANINE VAGINAL SPECULUM Used for diagnostic examinations of the vagina.

73 POLE SYRINGE Used to administer medication and tranquilizers from a distance.

74 RECTAL PROLAPSE RING Used to repair a rectal prolapse.

75 REFRACTOMETER Used to measure the density of liquid.

76 REIMER EMASCULATOR Used for castration.

77 RESTRAINT GLOVES Worn when restraining animals to preventing getting bit or scratched.

78 RUMEN MAGNET Used to catch foreign metal objects in the rumen. Helps prevent hardware disease.

79 SCALPEL HANDLE Reusable handle that can hold different size scalpel blades.

80 SILVER NITRATE STICK Used to chemically cauterize superficial bleeds.

81 SPAY HOOK Inserted into abdominal cavity to hook the uterine horns and pull to surface of abdomen when spaying.

82 SPHYGMOMANOMETER Used for measuring blood pressure.

83 GAG SPECULUM Used to hold mouth open for oral examinations.

84 STETHOSCOPE Device used for listening to the internal sounds of animals bodies.

85 STOMACH TUBE Placed down the esophagus and into the stomach. Used to administer fluids or food.

86 TARTER SCRAPERS SINGLE ENDED Used for scraping plaque in dental procedures.

87 TATTOO OUTFIT MANUAL Used to tattoo the insides of animals ears for identification purposes.

88 TAYLOR PERCUSSION HAMMER Used for testing reflexes.

89 TEAT SLITTER Can be used when performing surgeries on the teats. Also used to increase milk flow in dairy animals by increasing size of opening in teat..

90 THREE WAY STOPCOCK Helps control the flow of fluids. Used especially when administering IV fluids.

91 TOM CAT CATHETER Urinary catheter that is inserted to relieve urinary blockage and help with flow of urine out of the body.

92 TRANSFER NEEDLE Used when transferring fluids or medications between containers.

93 TWITCH-CHAIN Used for restraining horses in various stressful situations.

94 TWITCH-HUMANE Used for restraining animals.

95 UMBILICAL CLAMP Applied when cutting the umbilical cord to prevent excessive bleeding.

96 VETAMATIC DOSE SYRINGE Used when administering fluids and medications.

97 WHITE NAIL TRIMMER Used when trimming nails on companion animals.

98 WOODS (UV) LIGHT Used in various diagnostic procedures. Ex: Detecting ringworm on cats.

99 X-RAY MEASURING CALIPER Used to measure the correct width or thickness when taking x- rays.

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