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Getting Started Workshop #2 CERRA National Board Candidate Support Workshop Toolkit WS2 2013.

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1 Getting Started Workshop #2 CERRA National Board Candidate Support Workshop Toolkit WS2 2013

2 CERRA National Board Toolkit 2 Essential Questions How do I organize my time to complete the portfolio? What are some initial steps, forms, terms, and deadlines that I need to know? What management strategies can I use to help me in the NB process? What resources do I have available to help me? (ex. professional journals, videotaping equipment, NBCT mentors, etc.)

3 CERRA National Board Toolkit 3 Initial Steps Pay National Board a $65 application processing charge and a $500 initial non-refundable fee. Determine which of the 25 certificate areas is applicable for your content area and age of students. Visit to download the standards and the portfolio instructions for our certificate

4 CERRA National Board Toolkit 4 More Initial Steps Take time to study and process portfolio instructions. Make notes. Consider which lessons and which students you wish to feature in your classroom-based portfolio entries 1, 2, and 3 for the present school year. Consider what evidence would be most appropriate for your four portfolio entries.

5 CERRA National Board Toolkit 5 Required Forms Submit the following eligibility prerequisite forms before January 31, 2014: Education Verification Form Employment Verification Form License Verification Form Also get parental permission forms signed, but do not submit these. Keep them on file.

6 My Profile Access My Profile at View and update your candidate record. Check on the status of fee payments and forms. Update personal information. Pay by credit or debit card or e-check. Withdraw your application. CERRA National Board Toolkit 6

7 My Profile Continued Submit questions about the NB assessment process. Seek clarification of the portfolio instructions. Access My Profile with your password. Use your NB candidate’s number on all NB correspondence and submitted work. View your score report when scores are released in November/December 2014. CERRA National Board Toolkit 7

8 8 Mark Your Calendars Mark your calendars to help you note important dates (ex. significant personal dates, teacher work days, school holidays, goals for completing the portfolio in stages, registering for the NB assessment). Mark NB workshops, presentations, webinars, and conferencing with mentors. Mark your NB deadlines. Portfolio submission date has been changed from May 31 to May 16, 2014.

9 CERRA National Board Toolkit 9 The portfolio process can be spread across the time you have. This 9-month timeline breaks each task into month-long segments. Customize a timeline to fit your schedule and meet deadlines. Set mini-goals.

10 Managing Your Time Set aside chunks of time for each process— collecting and selecting evidence, drafting and revising written commentary, etc. Some prefer working certain weekday afternoons; others prefer working on weekends—or both. Some candidates prefer to “juggle” their entries, working on one almost through completion before beginning the next. Others prefer to work on all four portfolio entries simultaneously. Plan to spend 200-300 hours. CERRA National Board Toolkit 10

11 CERRA National Board Toolkit 11 Planning Payments Payment deadline is January 31, 2014. NB accepts personal or certified checks or money orders. You may make payments via credit or debit card (VISA or MasterCard only) or electronic checks (e- checks). The extended-payment option for the balance of $2,000 may be made by e-checks up to the deadline of March 15, 2014.

12 CERRA National Board Toolkit 12 National Board Language What words or phraseology have you discovered in reading the portfolio instructions that weren’t clear to you at first glance? Review the NB vocabulary in the handout. Discuss any that might be confusing. For example, what do these terms mean in NB lingo: cite, artifact, instructional sequence, interdisciplinary, non-print text, scaffolding?

13 CERRA National Board Toolkit 13 National Board Standards For each standard for your field, ask yourself What do I know and what am I able to do with respect to this standard? Be very specific. How might I demonstrate accomplished practice with respect to this standard? How might I demonstrate interaction of two or more standards in aspects of my teaching (planning, managing, assessing instruction, etc.)?

14 CERRA National Board Toolkit 14 Portfolio Tips Create a folder or notebook for each entry: Electronic: Label a folder for each entry and keep that folder within the larger folder for NB. Hard Copy: Organize your printed material, student work, pictures, notes, etc. in folders or file boxes. Save your work often – keep duplicate files on data storage devices (CDs or jump drives, etc.) Follow the specific NB guidelines about margins, font, pages, anonymity, cover sheets, evidence, etc.

15 CERRA National Board Toolkit 15 More Portfolio Tips Practice videotaping. Analyze the tapes – reflect and learn – videotape some more! Consistently use the Communication Log or some other record-keeping document from the beginning of school. Keep copies of student work samples from more students than you actually plan to use so you have choices. Reference the Five Core Propositions in Written Commentaries.

16 Planning for Submission When the time comes to submit your work, allow sufficient time for materials to upload. Submit four portfolio entries via e-Portfolio, using instructions on the NB website. Submit portfolio entries some time between April 1, 2014 and May 16, 2014. CERRA National Board Toolkit 16

17 Planning for Assessment In January you will receive an Authorization to test (ATT). Check to see if your names on the ATT and your license are identical. Make an assessment center appointment, choosing your place and time to assess via the Pearson website. Schedule the assessment one day between March 1 to June 15, 2014. CERRA National Board Toolkit 17

18 CERRA National Board Toolkit 18 Assessment Center Tips Create 6 folders, notebooks or file boxes - one for each Assessment Center Descriptor Collect resources: books, articles, contacts, etc. Create a K-N-R chart for each prompt K: What I know about the subject N: What I need and/or what I need to learn R: What resources might help me Keep the chart handy – revisit it and revise it often.

19 CERRA National Board Toolkit 19 Building a Network What NBCTs might be able to help in your school or district? What “experts” might you consider as resources? What support might you need from the District Liaison? What time and place can you find to meet as a group?

20 CERRA National Board Toolkit 20 More Information National Board for Professional Teaching Standards ® 1-800-22-TEACH CERRA Virginia Bartels: 1-800-476-2387 School District Liaison:

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