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Evidence of direct or indirect student impact in a PGE through video or work samples.

2 Deconstructing Component Three
After choosing four PGEs, take time to read Components Two and Three. It is important to have PGEs that will work within the guidelines of the two components. At least two of your PGEs need to be workable within a learning setting. If not, then they may not be the best PGE’s to showcase!

3 Review Directions for Component Three
Check out the required evidence as described in the renewal document. Complete Criteria for Component Three worksheet, including how you will connect your lesson to your chosen PGE. Read through the writing prompts, and Choose a PGE that is different than the one you chose for Component Two.

4 Review Directions for Component Three
Before going any further: Do a double check that you will be able to connect your lesson to your chosen PGE! Be sure you can respond to the prompts, and meet all the requirements! Use NBPTS renewal documents and resources to guide you to make these decisions—the Profile of Professional Growth, the evaluation rubric, the standards from your original certificate, and the five core propositions.

5 Review Directions for Component Three
Lastly, review Component Three directions to identify specific requirements under the headings: Rationale, Requirements, Specific Prompts, Understanding the Requirements for This Component, and Considerations for Thoughtful Selections.

6 Know Your Options! Component Three provides two options to demonstrate direct or indirect evidence of student learning. You can choose a six-minute, un-edited video of no more than three segments OR You can submit up to eight pages of work samples. The learner(s) featured in Component Three may be, but are not limited to, pre-K–12 students, professional colleagues or community, parents, or self.

7 Know Your Options! There is no preferred option!
Be sure to choose the option that best allows you to showcase: your inventive teaching, your commitment to diversity, fairness, and equity, and that demonstrates a strong connection to your chosen PGE and to student learning.

8 If You Choose to Create a Video:
The video can be: a class lesson, an inservice, it may be a student produced work, or a student performance. Think about how you can best showcase your PGE through indirect or direct student learning.

9 If You Choose to Create a Video:
The video does not have to be time stamped but should still adhere to the guidelines for videotaping that have been provided by the National Board. For example: You need to appear in some of the video, You need to be able to see student faces and hear their voices, etc. You will also have to submit a classroom layout form if you choose this option. The same video guidelines from your original certificate certification apply.

10 If You Choose to Create a Video:
The video could have been recorded at any time since you achieved National Board Certification, but you MUST have: NBPTS Student Release Forms or NBPTS Adult Release Forms ….For anyone seen or heard in the video!

11 If You Choose to Showcase Student Work:
Choose no more than 8 representative pages of learner work samples. Learner work could have been collected at any time since certification, but you MUST have NBPTS release forms. Learner work you submit as evidence, must be: hard copy not reduced in size,

12 If You Choose to Showcase Student Work:
Learner work you submit as evidence may include, but is not limited to: teacher plans, responses, printouts of computer work documents  scripting of classroom observations; notes from a post-observation conference; collage created by a learner for the lesson(s); transcript of a student produced video or podcast.

13 Written Portion of Component Three
Once you have gathered your video or your student work, then you will have only FOUR pages to respond to the prompts in the component, all while demonstrating the required evidence! Prompt 1: What is the broader context for the instruction that is the focus of this component What were your goals for the featured lesson(s), and how did they fit into the broader context of the instruction for these learners Why is this instruction important for these learners at this particular point in time?

14 Written Portion of Component Three
Prompt 2: How has your learning or professional growth, as described in the PGE, been applied in this component? Prompt 3: Where in the evolution of the PGE do these activities fit? Prompt 4: Cite specific evidence of impact on learning from the video recording or learner work.

15 Written Portion of Component Three
Be sure to review your writing for: your certificate standards, content standards, and the five core propositions. Be sure to provide explanations and examples of how the standards are intertwined in your practice.

16 Questions ????? Check the FAQ’s on the National Board Website for answers to questions. Call TEACH for specific questions. Seek out a mentor through local or state organizations. Contact a renewed NBCT for support through the process.


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