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IMovie for the Common Core. Imovie is the Common Core in Action  The Common Core Mission Statement, “….standards are designed to be robust and relevant.

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1 iMovie for the Common Core

2 Imovie is the Common Core in Action  The Common Core Mission Statement, “….standards are designed to be robust and relevant to the real world, reflecting knowledge and skills that our young people need for success in college and careers.” Students need to collaborate, communicate, and think critically.  The Common Core Writing strand 6 says students should be able to “use technology including the internet, to produce and publish writing….”

3 Why use it?  Every student is engaged-some of the quietest kids in my class become the most vocal and the loudest ones are forced to listen  Students voice their point of view  This gives them ownership of their work. When the are invested in their work, they are successful.  Students demonstrate the following skills:  Technology skills  Knowledge  Writing (creative, informative, persuasive….)  Problem solving skills  Creativity  Research skills  Collaboration

4 Keep in mind:  Use personal photos, videos, etc.  Cite your resources  Know your rights as an educator/student use  Divide the project into increments it will go more smoothly and produce a better quality project

5 Ideas  Class Trailers  Book Reports  Newscast  Portfolio narratives/Video Essay  Public Service Announcements  Explain concepts  Tutorials  Video biographies/historical narratives  Video reports  STLP Leadership Conference Trailer  Math Show

6 More Specific Ideas  Students could define vocabulary list by combining photos or illustrations that will help with memorization.  Designate a student reporter to quickly walk around the room and ask students to put in their own words the key ideas and concepts for the day. These could be combined for a review.  Create a newscast to explain historical events and their impact. Illustrate the Bill of Rights using examples in media today.  Students could take and defend a position.  Science-create an argument from evidence, evaluate and communicate information, construct explanations and design solutions, carry out investigations, use models

7 How to IMovie  Tap + to start a new movie or trailer  Choose a theme (theme can always be decided later). Create Movie

8  You can record from here or choose from ones previously made.  Video\Photos  Edit video clips by clicking or edit later in the time line  Side by side video  Video inside video  Highlight videos  Edit  Change audio  Detach  Zoom  Speed  Split  Audio of video-voice level

9 How to IMovie  Audio  Theme Music  Sound Effects  Playlists  Albums, artist, songs  Settings  Change theme  Add theme music  Transition-icon in middle of photos or video


11 How to IMovie Trailer  Choose your template-we have found it easier to use an organizer before choosing  After choosing template fill in the outline with group members-students think it fun to create a studio name.  You can add or take away cast members. You can also choose logo style which is just a short snip-it at the beginning.  Click on storyboard below outline and start filling in your information- there is a great website that has an organizer for each template so students can organize before they even get the iPad in their hands. After students complete the organizer this is where they choose which template would work best for their project.

12 Theme of your trailer  Possible themes:  Adrenaline  Bollywood  Expedition  Fairy Tale  Family  Narrative  Romance  Retro **Some trailers require more pictures and/or videos than others. Some also require more characters than others.

13 Outline:




17 STLP News Crew (made with iMovie) STLP Leader In Me (trailer) Book Report (trailer)

18 Great Resources to Check Out  Plan a Better iMovie Trailer Plan a Better iMovie Trailer  PDF’s to help  Good tips and examples  Lesson ideas Lesson ideas  Free, copyright-friendly images for education Free, copyright-friendly images for education  Rubric Rubric  Free Pictures Free Pictures

19 Rules to Remember  Have fun! It may not turn out exactly what you had planned but that‘s o.k.  The kids will probably know more than you! If we didn‘t know how to do something than I would tell my kids to explore and try to figure it out.

20 Resources  Keim, Laura. "Copy of IMovie Project and the Common Core." Web. 17 Feb. 2015..  Pack, Jessica. “The Common Core of Movie Making: Student Film as a Performance Task.” CUE Blog RSS. 10 Feb. 2014. Web. 17 Feb. 2015.

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