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1 LandShark 141 middlesex rd., suite 4, tyngsboro, ma 01879 phone: 1.978.703.1236 October 31, 2008 Brian Hart, Pres.

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1 1 LandShark 141 middlesex rd., suite 4, tyngsboro, ma phone: October 31, 2008 Brian Hart, Pres.

2 2 About Black-I Robotics Black-I makes Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGV) since 2005 Agreements with the TSWG, Sandia, Navy for general delivery and IED defeat systems, EOD for Logan International Airport Committed to an open source, open platform strategy

3 3 LandShark

4 4 Open Source Modularity Improves Price & Performance Open Source JAUS Software allows interchangeable parts PC/Tablet Based OCUs allows affordability and upgradability Mission Modularity Increases Apps. You Will Get More For Your Money

5 5 Operator Control Unit (OCU)

6 6 What We’re Doing TSWG Contract FY08 –Commercial Chassis Production Nov. –Full System with Arms & Payloads Logan Intl. Airport – VBIED Destroyer, Civilian Mkt. T&E Prototype Sandia National Labs - x-ray aiming, software licensing for autonomy/semi. NAVSEA Dahlgren Wolf Pack – 2 lethal, 2 non- lethal, radio relay, remote acoustic hailing device

7 7 What’s New for 2009? LandShark Series E (“ARMS UGV - Affordable Robust Mid-Sized UGV) to be released. Open Sourced/Open Platforms Better Price-Performance for Local Law Enforcement Mission Modularity – One Robot, Many Uses. Marsupial Robotics X-Ray Trailers Helikites

8 8 Three Missions – One UGV With Multi-Mission Modularity EOD/VBIED Hazmat Law Enforcement

9 9 EOD Normal EOD Arm & Disrupters Capabilities Ability to Delivery Multiple Large Water Disrupters (Aqua Rams, Boot Bangers, etc.) to VBIEDs Stand-Off Detection – x-Ray Trailers, Chemical Analysis

10 10 Heavy Modular Arm

11 11 LandShark with MREL Aqua Ram Disrupters

12 12 AS&E Z-Back Scatter X-Ray Trailer

13 13 Images from AS&E Trailer Z-Back Scatter X-Ray

14 14 Law Enforcement Low Cost of Maintenance & Repair in a Harsh Environment Breaching Tools Extended Persistent Surveillance in Hybrid Mode Lethal & Non-Lethal Payload Capable Acoustic Hailing

15 15 BCB Non-Explosive Wall Breaker Water Cannon Which LandShark Can Tow and Place

16 16 Marsupial Deployment of Cubic’s Cougar with LandShark E

17 17 Counter Sniper Experiments Boomerang Acoustic Detector & Laser Veiling

18 18 Hazmat Extended range in hybrid mode Extended time on target for surveillance and monitoring Trailer to haul goods in and people out Traverse/Re-traverse in Semi-autonomous Mode Secure Camera Webcasting Ability to remotely deploy a tethered UAV

19 19 Hybrid Gas/Electric or All Electric Allows Greatly Extended Run Times & Ranges

20 20 Why Hybrid? Cost Effectively Increases Range and Sustainability Still Allows Near Silent Electric Options Gives First Responders a Generator in a Hazmat Setting Great for Tailgate Parties

21 21 Trailers, Towing, Tillers & Plows

22 22 Why Towing & Trailers? Gets supplies in a hazardous area Gets people & equipment out. Plans for tele-op in, waypoint navigation out in a semi-autonomous modality (back & forth) Significantly Increases Capabilities

23 23 IP Protocol Cameras Allow Controlled Webcasting of Images to Many Viewers

24 24 Cellular Internet Connection Robot Wireless Network Internet ConnectionVPN Connection to Remote Robot Network IP Camera Remote Client has connection to internet OCU has cellular connection to internet Remote Client uses VPN to access robot network Remote Client can access IP Cameras on Landshark

25 25 Why IP Protocol Cameras Allows experts to be brought in when you want. Maintains security Allows Second Responders to Gauge the Threat Real-Time and Respond Accordingly

26 26 Allsopp Helikite –Recon & Radio Relay + UGV

27 27 Tethered Hellikites + LandShark Has Advantages Very cost effective Addresses Regulations Currently Limiting Untethered UAVs Allows Persistent Surveillance Allows Increased Radio Range

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