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Tony Routledge Managing Director AVI Pty Ltd Australia.

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1 Tony Routledge Managing Director AVI Pty Ltd Australia

2 Company Overview Privately Owned Australian company
Dedicated to providing quality products and support to Coalition partners Design and manufacture specialised CIS components for Defence. Maintenance, repair and logistic support services Rapid prototype design and manufacture Australian Defence Industrial Security Program Australian Defence Recognised Supplier


4 MiniROS is a fully developed, in-service product that delivers the following functionality:
Video surveillance platform Remote sensor platform Remote targeting device platform Unattended sensor system Remote triggering system Programmable automation

5 The CRM is the intelligent heart of the miniROS enabling the remote control of sensors, targeting devices and actuators, capable of: four video inputs four serial device ports four input triggers four output relays pan, tilt, zoom, focus and iris very low power consumption manage four independent power sources multiple bearer options

6 The HCM is the primary interface for directing actions of devices controlled by the CRM
The MCS – MiniROS Control Software is an advanced control, display, and device management program running on a PocketPC or PC

7 The miniROS utilises a variety of bearers to provide a communications and video link to the operator, including: microwave radio mesh network IP radio BGAN and other satellite systems 3G and 4G 2-wire copper Wi-Fi

8 The Field Ethernet System (FES) provides rugged, durable and reliable networking devices in a small modular form. FES delivers high speed and flexible field networks and is ideal for military Deployable Local Area Networks (DLAN)

9 The FES-MAR is a Mobile Access Router, providing:
Cisco IOS with Call Manager & IPSec smallest form factor available tough and lightweight AVI power management BA-5590 or BB-2590 compatible generic RJ-45 connectivity environmentally sealed conductive cooling

10 The FES-MG-4E4F is a rugged, managed, 10/100/1000 Base
T(X), auto negotiation Ethernet and fibre switch The FES-G-8E is a rugged, 8 port, un-managed, 10/100/1000 Base T(X), auto negotiation Ethernet switch Both are designed for harsh environmental and mission critical military applications

11 The FE-POE is a rugged, single port, 10/100BaseT(X), midspan PoE device designed to power a PoE device on a non-PoE network

12 Development AVI is working closely with Cisco to develop further FES products as Cisco technology becomes available. This is achieved by parallel development during Cisco’s product migration process. Currently developing: next generation rugged small form factor Cisco router rugged small form factor Cisco layer 2 & 3 switches

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