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June 2, 2009 AIP 9 (Action 6B Partial) Update New Technology – Trailer and Rail Tracking Mr. William R. Maham DTTS Ops and Quality Branch Chief

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1 June 2, 2009 AIP 9 (Action 6B Partial) Update New Technology – Trailer and Rail Tracking Mr. William R. Maham DTTS Ops and Quality Branch Chief AIP 9

2 June 2, 2009 2 Trailer Tracking Status DTTS NGWC Rail Tracking Test Agenda

3 June 2, 2009 3 Trailer Tracking Trailer Tracking Service (TTS) - the monitoring of the trailer’s location and the condition of certain sensors on the trailer transporting Arms, Ammunition, & Explosives (AA&E) and Other Sensitive Material (OSM) –Implement TTS for all SRCs –Implement tethered/un-tethered sensor monitoring –Implement door open/close sensor monitoring

4 June 2, 2009 4 Trailer Tracking Objective Why monitor AA&E trailers? To enhance in-transit safety / security of AA&E –Current tractor monitoring gives us ability to communicate with the driver and good visibility -- but not absolute visibility Still chance for error/driver incapacity Provides door-open and untether alerts with no driver intervention –Leverage emerging trailer monitoring technology –Tractor and trailer monitoring adds automated redundancy

5 June 2, 2009 5 Trailer Tracking Key Participants SERVICES/JSWG –Provide program direction and oversight –Direct TOs/ITO’s to use TTS for all AA&E SRCs SDDC - Policy –Develop TTS requirements for the unified pub 1C –Develop Carrier/Customer Advisories –Ensure shipper systems support TTS –Monitor carrier compliance with TTS requirements SDDC - DTTS –Execute TT Initiative –Establish vendor interfaces/agreements –Enhance DTTS II to track trailers LMI –Assist DTTS PMO in implementing TTS –Conducted TT test and developed test report –Provide independent cost analysis

6 June 2, 2009 6 Trailer Tracking Current Progress Business rules finalized –Trailer tracking service will not be mandatory –Will be used for AA&E shipments in box van trailers only, for all SRCs Concept of Operations and supporting cost analysis finalized COCC approval to proceed (August 08) Carrier and Service advisories released DTTS II being modified to support this technology Establishing requirements to become an approved vendor Implementation meeting with carriers and vendors held May 11, 2009

7 June 2, 2009 7 Next Steps Incorporate provisions in the SDDC Rules Publication Modify DTTS II to support the trailer tracking capability Modify GFM, CMOS and DSS to accommodate new TT service/accessorial Established approved vendors Carriers/vendors prep time: now – Oct 2009 Commence trailer tracking: Oct 2009

8 June 2, 2009 8 DTTS NGWC Rail Tracking Test

9 June 2, 2009 9 DTTS NGWC Rail Tracking Test Demonstrate DTTS rail tracking capability Improve in-transit visibility (ITV) and security of DoD AA&E shipments via rail Evaluate Next Generation Wireless Communications (NGWC) technology in the rail environment –Location tracking IRIDIUM satellite transponders GPS technology –Security technology Door open/close sensors Light sensors –Provides visibility of rail shipment arrival and alerts in route to both origin and destination

10 June 2, 2009 10 Key Participants SDDC - DTTS –Test rail tracking technology for AA&E CONUS shipments (November – January) –Test tracking technology for AA&E OCONUS shipments (Jun – Aug) –Present demonstration results to Services –Consider next steps for implementation LIA –Provide NGWC technology for CONUS and OCONUS tests JMC/Tooele and SDDC Ammunition Seaport (MOTSU) –Identify rail shipments for the demonstration –Assist with test and installation/removal of technology LMI –Assist DTTS in the demonstration of rail tracking –Develop test plan and provide test facilitation –Develop Tracking Demonstration Results reports (CONUS and OCONUS)

11 June 2, 2009 11 Test Status Initial CONUS test complete –Completed controlled testing on door and light sensors at Tooele (Nov ’08) and MOTSU (Jan ’09) –Completed tracking test for outbound rail shipment from Tooele to MOTSU (Nov ’08) and retrograde shipment from MOTSU to McAlester (Jan ’09) –Results of initial tests successful

12 June 2, 2009 12 OCONUS Test Evaluate the technology, systems, processes, and procedures for tracking containerized AA&E in the end-to-end distribution (CONUS/OCONUS) operating environment Seven to ten sets of transponders and sensors will be applied to AA&E containers before departing depots for Military Ocean Terminal Sunny Point (MOTSU) Containers will be tracked as they move from JMC depot(s) to MOTSU, to Kuwaiti Naval Base (KNB), and then to the Theater Storage Area (TSA) at Camp Arifjan and then to the Ammunition Supply Points (ASPs) in Iraq Evaluating plan for retrograde; propose that half the transponders will be removed at the TSA and applied to retrograde shipments – the remainder will remain on the containers moving onward to the ASPs

13 June 2, 2009 13 Schedule and Next Steps Received HERO certification – March 2009 Complete coordination with CENTCOM stakeholders (April/May 2009) Identify container movements forecasted for the test period (April/May 2009) Complete systems integration (April/May 2009) Conduct test (June – August 2009) Issue Draft Test Report (30 days after test complete) Conduct cost assessment (August/September 2009) Consider next steps for implementation

14 June 2, 2009 14 Issues and Questions Questions?

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