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Asset Tracking/ITV Strategy Distribution Steering Group 23 October 2012.

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1 Asset Tracking/ITV Strategy Distribution Steering Group 23 October 2012

2 Asset Tracking and ITV Why Is This Strategy Important? We owe the warfighter increased confidence in the supply chain, timely and reliable information, and accurate order tracking Links AIT technology to business process improvement An integrated DoD-wide approach Continues to increase readiness and efficiency despite budget constraints GAO supply chain high-risk report 2

3 Asset Tracking and ITV Background To counter past adverse perceptions relative to Asset Tracking and In- Transit Visibility a new strategy is being pursued: – This strategy is pursuing an end-to-end focus in a unified manner with Service/Component involvement – Shifting focus to outcome-based capability realization for asset tracking and ITV improvement across the DoD – Expected results will yield positive customer feedback while resolving past GAO findings New Approach underway: – A unified strategy is already in development – TRANSCOM and DLA form the initial foundation with Supporting Execution Plans – Military Services actively engaged to round out the end-to-end strategy

4 Asset Tracking and ITV Status Components’ Working Group meetings held 12 September and 4 October – Introduced the Strategy framework and approach – Shared the improvement opportunities identified by USTRANSCOM and DLA – Discussed how to supplement the approach to include additional opportunities to improve end-to-end asset tracking and ITV – Services provided past and/or ongoing efforts to execute Asset Tracking and ITV improvement opportunities RAND study underway … meetings with Services begun – Initial feedback from PM-level discussions: Active RFID technology accepted as “standard” technology Passive RFID technology for in-transit visibility requires investment – RAND to complete meetings with HQ Service executives in October 4

5  Further refine end-state description, to include use of examples demonstrating improved business outcomes  Rationalize additional Supporting Execution Plans  25 new SEPs received in October 2012  Finalize DoD Asset Tracking/ITV Strategy  Monitor/Report progress through the SCESC 5 Asset Tracking and ITV Upcoming Events…

6 IUID Update 6

7 Current Status IUID Registry – As of 17 October, population includes 19.9M records: 13.4M from new contract receipts 6M legacy assets 51009K GFP assets – Registry enhancements include: Addition of “Item Owner” field to report records by Service in 2013 IUID Working Group activity – NSN population files being reviewed by the Services to populate FLIS IUID indicator – Develop / review IUID Plan of Actions & Milestones – Requirements for inclusion of UII in logistics (DLMS) transactions PDC 1030, Implementation of IUID in the DLMS Shipment Status Supporting DOD IUID Supply Procedures and Associated SDR Procedures 7

8 Implement “Yes/No” IUID Indicator in the Federal Logistics Information System (FLIS) NSN-level field available in 2013 Field to be populated based on Service review of potential IUID NSNs- Due 16 Nov 2012 Initial use: Improved tracking of IUID assets to be marked Service/Agency systems changes to create ability to accept the indicator Trigger the inclusion of DFARS IUID contract clause Prompt IT systems to include UII in logistics transactions  Services and DLA implementation plans (IPR 24 Oct 2012) Population of items and sequence of marking (timeline) Automated information systems (AIS) to be modified Automatic information technology (AIT) infrastructure requirements Develop capability to share IUID information as assets move between DoD Components IUID Actions planned/underway … 8  Services continue to mark legacy assets (6M marked and registered)

9 DoD 4140.01-M Status Current: Manual has cleared reviews by WHS editors and OSD Office of General Counsel Signature package prepared for Mr. Estevez’ signature (to L&MR 22 Oct 2012) Upon signature, WHS will post formal DoD-wide coordination Comment/Coord period is ~30 days Further Actions prior to publication: SCI adjudicates comments received WHS review General Counsel legal sufficiency review Security clearance review Estimated Publication Date: April 2013

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