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Lesson 4 – Go for the Gold!. Step 1 Prepare for a Cash for College Workshop.

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1 Lesson 4 – Go for the Gold!



4 Step 1 Prepare for a Cash for College Workshop

5 What to Bring to a Cash for College Workshop √ Driver’s License √ Social Security Card or Number √ Alien Registration Number, if not a U.S. citizen √ 2014 income & tax information for student & parent (Okay to use last year’s figures as an estimate if 2014 taxes are not filed yet) √ 2014 W2 and most recent bank statements √ Any records of untaxed income (Welfare benefits, Social Security benefits, or child support payments) √ List of selected college or career tech programs student is interested in attending Slide 4.1C

6 FAFSA Preparation Tips  OK to estimate taxes (based on last year info.)  DO NOT to wait to file taxes for the year.  The sooner FAFSA is submitted, the sooner it will be processed, and the greater the likelihood of funding opportunities. “The Early Bird Gets The Worm!” Slide 4.1D

7 SENIORS – APPLY EARLY! MAXIMIZE YOUR FINANCIAL AID AWARD HERE’S HOW: 1. Submit the FAFSA or Dream Act application as close to Jan. 1 st as possible! 2. Attend a Cash for College Workshop in January to get assistance in filling out your application. 3. Confirm that your high school submits your verified GPA by March 2 nd 4. Apply for scholarships! i Slide 4.1E

8 Slide 4.2A

9 What Happens Next? Part 2 1. FAFSA – Results & info usually within 3-5 business days if PIN & email provided; 2-3 wks if signature page used & mailed. 2. Review the Student Aid Report (SAR) carefully for accuracy. (summary of information reported on the FAFSA) 3. Cal Grant – Attending college in California? Check progress on Web Grants 4 Students – 4. Communication with chosen college(s.) Respond quickly! 5. Compare the Financial Aid Awards. Look for net price to attend. Ask questions! 6. Make an informed decision that fits your needs and your family’s needs. Slide 4.2B

10 Important Things to Remember!  Students’ personal identification information: last name, first name, middle initial, and social security number, MUST MATCH social security card.  Make sure birthdate and all other personal information is correct on ALL applications.  Each student, plus one parent, must have their own PIN. (if dependent student)  Prevent identity theft! KEEP YOUR PIN CONFIDENTIAL! DO NOT SHARE IT WITH OTHERS OR LEAVE IT OUT IN THE OPEN. Slide 4.3A

11 More Important Things to Remember!  If you forget your PIN, don’t worry! You can replace or retrieve it at  You can list up to 10 colleges or advanced training programs on the FAFSA.  Financial Aid professionals available to help at the Cash for College Workshops.  Questions? Please see your high school counselor! Slide 4.3C

12 COLLEGE NIGHT! Cash For Attend

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