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Financial Aid Preview Days Fall 2014 209.946.2421 

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1 Financial Aid Preview Days Fall 2014 209.946.2421 

2 Net Price Calculator Using the net price calculator, your information will generate an estimate of the financial aid package awarded to students with similar characteristics.

3 Financial Aid at Pacific  Total Aid: >$160 million (Stockton campus, 2013-2014)  Includes over $60 million in University funds  More than 85% of our students receive financial aid  Financial aid includes  Scholarships and grants  Loans  Work-study

4 Academic Scholarships/Freshmen  Powell Scholars Program $35,000  Additional support for undergraduate research, study abroad  Application deadline: December 1  Regents’ Scholarship $10,000.00  President’s Scholarship $6,500.00  Provost’s Scholarship $4,000.00

5 Need-Based Grants & Scholarships  Federal Pell Grant  Federal SEOG  Cal Grant A / Cal Grant B (California residents)  University Grants/ UOP Grants

6 Federal Student Loans & Work-Study  Federal student loans  Low interest rates and flexible repayment terms  Repayment begins after the student leaves school and the grace period has expired  Federal work-study  Part-time employment during the school year

7 Financial Eligibility  Estimated academic year Costs of Attendance  Tuition and other actual and estimated costs  Net Price Calculator  Expected Family Contribution (EFC)  Calculated on the basis of FAFSA information using formulas prescribed by the federal government  Financial Need  Most aid is for students who demonstrate financial need  Exceptions: PLUS Loan (parents), Unsubsidized Stafford Loan Your eligibility can vary from school to school!

8 In summary...  Financial aid “package”  Students often qualify for funds from more than one financial aid program—a financial aid package  Scholarship recipients may qualify for aid in addition to the academic award  Federal PLUS Loan (Application Online)  For parents of dependent undergraduate students  FAFSA required

9 FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)  Collects information about finances and other circumstances  Used to determine financial eligibility for federal, state, and University aid  Submit through Federal Student Aid processor  File online at (FAFSA on the Web)  No charge to file!

10 FAFSA (continued)  List at least one California college or university  Sign with student and parent PINs  Eliminates need to print and mail a signature page  First day to file (online or paper): January 1, 2015 Keep a copy of your completed FAFSA. Online filers, be sure to print and save the confirmation page. If you file a paper FAFSA, get a Certificate of Mailing at the post office.

11 Cal Grants: “It takes two forms ”  Financial eligibility (FAFSA)  Verified Cal Grant GPA  Some schools submit GPAs electronically  Others have students use the paper GPA form (available at California Student Aid Commission Web site)  Ask your high school for instructions!  Application Deadline (FAFSA & GPA): March 2

12 Application Checklist: Now  Apply for admission  Get PINs:  Cal Grant GPA Verification  Mail completed form or confirm that school will submit GPA Utilize the University of the Pacific Net Price Calculator to estimate potential award package.

13 Application Checklist: January  File 2015-2016 FAFSA  Pacific’s school code: 001329  Priority FAFSA filing date: February 15  Apply on time—don’t wait for an admission decision  Use estimated 2014 income figures if necessary Reminder: Submit Cal Grant GPA by March 2

14 After you apply...  Federal Student Aid Report (SAR)  Check carefully against completed 2014 tax returns and submit corrections if necessary  California Aid Report (CAR)  Notifies Cal Grant recipients of award value  Financial Aid Award  Pacific will begin sending award notices by April 1.  Follow all instructions for receiving the funds awarded To make sure SAR email isn’t blocked add FederalStudentAid to address book

15 2014 Income Documentation  U.S. Federal Tax Transcript  2014 Federal Tax Return Transcript  Include W-2 forms  Send copies to Pacific Financial Aid Office **The FAFSA also offers “data retrieval” Non-filer’s Statement  Submit this form if you will not file a 2014 income tax return Not part of initial application process but required for disbursement MATERIALS NOT RECEIVED BY 7/01/2015 MAY CAUSE A DELAY IN DISBURSEMENT

16 To contact us... Financial Aid Office  Knoles Hall Open Monday–Friday, 8:30–5:00 Counselors available (except Wednesday mornings) 9:30–12:00 and 1:00–4:00 209.946.2421

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