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Scottish Health Survey Julie Ramsay - Scottish Govt.

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1 Scottish Health Survey Julie Ramsay - Scottish Govt

2 Recent History 2003 SHeS report published in Nov 2005 Major review of the survey took place during 2005 and 2006 –Continuous –Core and modular structure –HEPS included as a module (now named Knowledge, Attitudes and Motivations module) –HB results (at least) every 4 years –HBs can opt to boost their samples

3 Recent History (cont) Contract let in July 2007 (Scottish Centre for Social Research, MRC SPHSU, UCL) Consultation on questionnaire design Fieldwork began in January 2008 First annual report published in September 2009

4 Outputs 2008 Annual report published 29 September 2009 –Main and technical reports Supplementary web tables published on 24 November 2009 via Dataset lodged with Data Archive in March 2010 Knowledge Attitudes and Motivations report (KAM) to be published by NHS Health Scotland in Spring 2010

5 Outputs (cont) Three topic reports due to be published before July 2012 –UK country comparisons 2008 (before Sept 2010) –Children –Older People Annual report due to be published in September of each year. –Web tables will be published on same day from now onwards HB analysis due to be published in 2012.

6 Health Board Analysis HB results (at least) every 4 years Larger HBs will be able to get results sooner HBs which have boosted their samples (3 to date) will also get results sooner and in some cases below HB level Paper on website details level of analysis possible for each HB

7 Wider Uses of Survey Used in a wide range of research –List identified on website of work we are aware of but there is likely to be more –ISD data linkage project Add-ons to survey –FSA Sodium study –Vitamin D measurement

8 2008 findings Main report & web tables: general health, well-being, dental, smoking, drinking, fruit & veg, physical activity, obesity, CVD Only analysed adult data so far (except for child healthy weight and physical activity) Nurse data will be covered in 2009 report Reporting matrix on survey website sets out future analysis / reporting plans

9 Summary of Results Drinking –30% of men drank more than 21 units a week, and 44% drank more than 4 units on their heaviest drinking day in the past week –20% of women drank more than 14 units/week, and 36% drank more than 3 units on their heaviest drinking day Drinking levels decline with age Complex patterns: affluence is associated with drinking more often, but less affluent people consume greater volumes when they drink

10 Weekly and daily drinking WeeklyHeaviest day

11 Weekly and daily drinking WeeklyHeaviest day %

12 Summary of Results Fruit and vegetable consumption: 5 a day –20% of men and 24% of women met this –No change since 2003 Consumption levels increase with age (til around 65) and decline with deprivation Older age groups least likely to consume no portions, but also less likely to consume 5+

13 Summary of Results 30 mins physical activity on most days –45% of men and 33% of women met this –Steady upward trend since 1998 Men more active than women across all age groups Activity levels increase with income, and among men decrease with area deprivation

14 Summary of Results Obesity –69% of men and 62% of women are overweight or obese –26% of men and 28% of women are obese –36% of boys and 27% of girls are overweight or obese Girls’ weight gain has stabilised over time Men’s, women’s and boys’ weight still increasing - but rate of increase is declining

15 Summary of Results Well-being –New measure using the Warwick-Edinburgh Mental Wellbeing scale (WEMWBS) –Lowest possible score is 14, highest is 70 –Higher scores indicate higher well-being 2008 mean scores: –50.2 for men and 49.7 for women National indicator 20: increase adults’ mean WEMWBS scores by 2011

16 Mean WEMWBS scores

17 More info See website for links to publications, questionnaire content, survey methodology Contact us

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