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National Diet and Nutrition Survey (NDNS) rolling programme Gillian Swan Nutrition Division Food Standards Agency.

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1 National Diet and Nutrition Survey (NDNS) rolling programme Gillian Swan Nutrition Division Food Standards Agency

2 Aims include: To make it easier for all consumers to choose a healthy diet and so improve quality of life by reducing diet-related disease To continue to reduce food-borne illness and the risks to consumers from chemical contamination of food throughout the UK.

3 National Diet and Nutrition Survey programme (NDNS) Major component of Agencys dietary survey programme. In its previous form - a series of cross- sectional surveys of different age groups Now setting up a rolling programme to collect data continuously

4 NDNS programme as it was Series of cross-sectional surveys of diet and nutritional status covering discrete population age groups Dietary assessment - weighed record for four or seven days Blood and urine sample Contextual information – physical measurements, physical activity, lifestyle characteristics

5 National Diet and Nutrition Survey Programme

6 Features of the NDNS Cross-sectional Data collected on individuals Detailed food consumption data Linked data on food, nutrient intake, nutritional status and contextual information in individuals

7 Need for NDNS data Underpins Agencys work to protect consumer safety & promote healthy diets. –Detailed food consumption data essential for assessing exposure to food chemicals –Assess nutritional issues in the population and identify where action needed –Means of measuring progress towards Government targets and objectives

8 Why change the approach? Concerns about current programme Lack of timeliness - 15 year gap between surveys Lack of flexibility Declining response rates Data quality (under-reporting) Agreement from Agencys Board to move to rolling programme

9 Features of rolling programme Survey runs continuously - fieldwork every year Data points generated more frequently - better tracking of trends over time Greater flexibility to collect additional data or boost sample for specific groups

10 Features of rolling programme Core programme - 1000 people per year (adults and children) All ages from 1½ years upwards Designed to be representative of the UK population Excludes infants, pregnant women, people in institutions

11 Rolling programme – components (1) Face to face interview Dietary assessment Physical measurements height weight waist and hip circumference mid-upper arm circumference (children) Blood pressure

12 Rolling programme - components (2) Blood sample analysed for range of nutritional status indices 24-hour urine collection (salt intake) Physical activity questionnaire

13 Dietary assessment Require detailed quantitative data on food consumed by each respondent Weighed record used for previous NDNS - but high respondent burden Response rates declining Concern about under-reporting

14 Choice of Dietary Assessment Method Pilot work to compare two methods –Multiple pass 24 hour recall 4 non-consecutive days –Unweighed diary 4 consecutive days Compare response rates and data quality to decide on best method

15 NDNS rolling programme timetable Comparison study to choose dietary assessment method – spring 2007 Dress rehearsal - early 2008 Rolling programme fieldwork commences April 2008 Results for first year 2008/09 available end of 2009

16 Reports and Datasets Key results published on FSA website annually ( Datasets sent to the Data Archive annually Printed report with commentary to cover first four years results

17 How can the data be used? Monitor trends & progress towards targets Compare intakes with recommendations Describe characteristics of people with low (or high) intakes/status Modelling changes in diet or composition Other uses ……..

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