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Scottish Health Survey : an update Health surveys user meeting July 2009.

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1 Scottish Health Survey : an update Health surveys user meeting July 2009

2 Key features of SHeS The 2009 survey (including the Scottish Sodium Study 2008-11 Reporting commitments Communication and marketing strategy 2008 annual report Keeping yourself informed of SHeS developments Scottish Health Survey An update on….

3 Key Features Scottish Health Survey

4 About the Scottish Health Survey Sponsors: Scottish Government and NHS Health Scotland Our collaborators: University College London (Joint Health Surveys Unit) Medical Research Council Social and Public Health Sciences Unit at Glasgow University. Previous surveys: 1995, 1998, 2003 Scottish Government review: switch to continuous format 2008-2011: ScotCen & collaborators awarded contract to carry out the 2008-2011 surveys Scottish Health Survey

5 SHeS 2009 Whats different? Scottish Health Survey

6 SHeS 2009 – questionnaire content Whats in Accidents (0+) Dental services (16+) Stress at work (16+ - in paid employment) Social capital Discrimination and harassment Whats out Respiratory & CVD symptoms (16+) Eating habits (16+) Physical activity at work Asthma (0+) TV viewing & outdoor activity adults(2+) Scottish Health Survey

7 Version A Version B Household composition (head of household) General health including caring (0+) General CVD (16+) and use of services (0+) Accidents (0+)- Physical activity adults (16+) and children (2-15) Eating habits children (2-15) Fruit and veg consumption (2+) Smoking and Drinking (16+) [16-19 in a self completion] Dental health (16+) Dental services (16+)- Social capital (16+)- Discrimination & harassment (16+)- Economic activity and education (16+) Stress at work (16+ - in paid employment)- Ethnicity (0+), national identity (16+) and religion (16+) Family health background Self-completions (13+ & parents of 4-12 yr olds) Height (2+) and Weight (0+) Data linkage and follow-up research consents (0+) - Attitudes to Health (16+) - 1 adult per household Scottish Health Survey

8 Scottish Dietary Sodium study 2009 Scottish Health Survey

9 The Scottish Government nurse visit Capi questions: Prescribed medicines Vitamin supplements Nicotine replacement therapies Food poisoning Depression, anxiety & self-harm Measurements: Blood pressure Waist and hip circumference Demi-span (arm length) Lung function Blood sample Saliva sample Urine sample Scottish Health Survey

10 2009: Two types of nurse visit CORE SG nurse visit: c1000 households: all adults aged 16+ years who have taken part in Stage 1 interview eligible Aiming for c1100 completing a nurse visit SODIUM STUDY nurse visit: c1300 households: Two adults aged 19-64 years who have taken part in Stage 1 interview eligible Aiming for achieved sample size of c800 adults (c650 useable samples) Scottish Health Survey

11 Scottish Sodium Study ClientFood Standards Agency Scotland PurposeMonitor progress towards target to reduce salt intake by 2010. Previously carried out in 2006 Targetdaily average of 7g for men and 5g for women EligibilityTwo adults age 19-64 in selected households ReportingSpring 2010 Scottish Health Survey

12 Sodium Nurse Visit - Eligibility Interviewers will check that respondents are of the eligible age range (19 to 64 years) Eligibility to take part in the study will be decided by the nurse Exclusion criteria: Pregnant women Those allergic to hair dye, sunscreen and vitamins Those taking sulphonamides Those refusing to take PABA (Women asked to collect sample on non-period days) Scottish Health Survey

13 Sodium Nurse Visit – Typical Scenario Day 1: e.g. Tuesday - First Nurse Visit: Agree a day and time for the respondent to carry out the 24 hour collection (if they can avoid weekends then that would be ideal). Day 2: e.g. Wednesday The 24-hour collection should start with the mornings second urine pass and continue through the day and night. Day 3: e.g. Thursday - Second Nurse Visit: The 24 hour collection will end with the mornings first urine pass. You will need to collect the samples and collection diary, and prepare the samples for despatch. Scottish Health Survey

14 SHeS Reporting Scottish Health Survey

15 2008-11 reporting commitments An annual technical report An annual report setting out the principal findings from the survey at Scotland level (of around 200-250 pages) A maximum of three thematic reports over the period 2008-2011 An annual report of the principal findings from the Knowledge, Attitudes and Motivations module Scottish Health Survey

16 Topics in the 2008 report 1.General Health 2.Dental Health 3.Alcohol 4.Smoking 5.Fruit & Veg 6.Physical Activity 7.Obesity 8.CVD Publication date29 th September 2009 Scottish Health Survey

17 Ongoing developments National statistics status for the survey and results; Ongoing development of website Web tables of results not included in the annual report Brief topic-specific factsheets Accessible versions of questionnaires and information about variables (including derived variables) Technical user guidance and documentation (including, for example, SPSS syntax) A simplified dataset (SHeS Lite) User days (with training on how to analyse the data); Targeted road shows / seminars Scottish Health Survey

18 Communication Strategy Scottish Health Survey

19 Aims of the strategy Raise awareness of the Scottish Health Survey Ensure results are accessible to users; Provide appropriate technical information and support Encourage and support analysis of the data Scottish Health Survey

20 Outcome of Users Survey Positive views of the SHeS website and email updates Ability to access electronic, searchable and user- friendly versions of reports, results and other information about the survey (such as questionnaires and variable lookups) Less interest in technical information than in results Relatively few users had analysed past SHeS data themselves, but about half said that they would like training to analyse future data a simplified dataset of up-to-date data Scottish Health Survey

21 SHeS Newsletter Survey email newsletter will keep you up to date on the latest news including publication of the 2008 report Sign up at: alth/scottish-health-survey Scottish Health Survey

22 Register for the Scotstat Newsletter Why register? notification of statistics releases for those areas which you express an interest in be notified about wider developments/events relating to Scottish Government statistics the register may also be used to contact other registered users about statistical issues that you may be interested in consulting others about Register here: Scottish Health Survey

23 Contact details Scottish Government Julie Ramsay Scottish Centre for Social Research Lisa Given Catherine Bromley Scottish Health Survey

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