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Using MATLAB on Sooner MATLAB is available on You will need an OSCER account Contact to request an

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1 Using MATLAB on Sooner MATLAB is available on You will need an OSCER account Contact to request an You must be OU Norman facutly, staff, or student or with affiliated programs at Tulsa campus OUHSC is not covered by our license Verify that you are in the 'matlab' group on sooner  Run the command id – the matlab group should appear in your group list if you're allowed to use MATLAB

2 Support@OSCER If you have difficulties with running MATLAB or with any other aspect of OSCER systems, please send email to

3 Two Approaches Creating an Ad Hoc MATLAB cluster within Sooner Reserve a pool of nodes for up to 48 hours Cannot use toolboxes licensed on your workstation Submitting Tasks From Your Workstation Slightly slower Allows you to use your personal toolboxes Somewhat difficult to configure

4 Within the Cluster Submit a job to the distcomp queue A sample submission script is available /home/hneeman/example_matlab_parallel.bsub A job manager is created for that job Discover the job manager with jm=findResource('scheduler','type','jobmanager','Name','JobManag er_yourusernamehere','LookupURL','localhost'); Sample code is included in comments in the sample bsub file

5 From Your Workstation Run MATLAB normally Use Cluster resources to offload tasks Requires some setup Allows using locally licensed toolboxes

6 Procedure Overview Setup SSH to Connect to Sooner Generate shared keys Configure Putty for shared key access Copy support files for MATLAB Create needed directories

7 Install MATLAB We're going to assume you already have a local MATLAB installation Go to to get MATLAB Contact IT Support at 325-HELP for installation support with MATLAB

8 Install PuTTY Putty is a Windows SSH client You will need PuTTY, PSCP, PSFTP, Plink, Pageant, PuTTYgen All of these must be in your default path The easiest way to do this is to copy them all to the c:\windows\system32 directory

9 Generate Keys Login to Generate a key pair ssh-keygen -t rsa -f temp_key Import the public key cat >>~/.ssh/authorized_keys Copy the private key to your workstation (From Windows) pscp “c:\Documents and Settings\yourlocalaccount\My Documents\temp_key”

10 Import Key Run PuTTYgen Click 'Load' and select the temp_key file Click 'Save Private Key' and save as 'private_key.ppk'

11 Create a Connection Run Putty Enter for the hostname Enter in 'Saved Sessions' and click 'Save'

12 Setup Putty to Use Key Select Connection->SSH->Auth in the left panel In the field marked 'Private key file for authentication' select the key you saved in PuTTYgen

13 Setup Putty to Login Automatically Select Connection->Data from the left panel In the field marked Auto-login username enter your OSCER username Click Session in the left panel and click save Double click the saved connection and verify you're able to login

14 Install Client Files Copy the file /home/hneeman/ to your workstation Unzip the files and move them to the local toolbox directory Typically this will be c:\Program Files\MATLAB\R2008b\toolbox\local

15 Create Directories You'll need two temporary directories MATLAB will use for transferring files and managing jobs On Sooner /scratch/yourusername/matlab_temp On your workstation c:\Documents And Settings\localusername\My Documents\matlab_temp

16 Testing the Connection Copy the file /home/hneeman/soonertest.m to your local MATLAB directory on your workstation. Usually located in C:\Documents and Settings\localusername\My Documents\MATLAB Edit the file to use the correct usernames in the file paths remoteDataLocation = '/scratch/yourusername/matlab_temp'; set(sched, 'DataLocation', 'C:\Documents and Settings\localusername\My Documents\matlab_temp'); From within MATLAB run soonertest

17 Points to Remember This information is available on the OSCER website: Sample bsub scripts are at /home/hneeman/example_matlab_parallel.bsub You must be an OU Norman faculty, staff, or student (including affiliated Tulsa programs) to use MATLAB at OSCER As always, contact if you have any difficulty with this or any other aspect of OSCER

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