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2006-2007 EpicCare Upgrade. Updates To Visit Navigator Changes To Medications Activity Improvements in Chart Review Streamlined Best Practice Alerts Updates.

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1 2006-2007 EpicCare Upgrade

2 Updates To Visit Navigator Changes To Medications Activity Improvements in Chart Review Streamlined Best Practice Alerts Updates To In Basket Overview of Changes this Year Information as of January 2, 2007:

3 After the 2006 EpicCare Upgrade, your workstation will appear like this: blue background For training and demonstration purposes in the Epic development region, our pictures will appear like this: gray background Format of Presentation

4 New look and feel to Snapshot SmartTool enabled Family Comments Snapshot View

5 New check box for Full Comment details Expand (+) and collapse (-) for problem list comments Problems sorted by most recent date, unless prioritized Problem List

6 History Section: Audit Trail

7 New check box to indicate if patient is Currently Pregnant, Added Abortion count to Pregnancy History, Added horizontal text box below pregnancy grid Pregnancies can now be sorted by history date, In a multiple birth situation you can now have separate dates Obstetrics History Tab

8 Active Medication column is now called Taking, plus red check marks indicate medications the patient is currently taking Taking column used to be Active column As of now tab replaces Encounter and Current tabs Medications Activity

9 Selected tab is a different color than the rest of the tabs Arrows on both ends of the tabs. New Quick Filters activity permits you to create multiple custom filters for each Chart Review tab Chart Review

10 New Quick Filters Activity To create multiple filters and save data with specific criteria use two new buttons added to filter panel: Save and Accept Save: selected filter by naming filter (e.g., MH) Accept: click accept to save filter on Chart Review Tab Chart Review Filtering

11 Enhanced Record Lookup for searching in the Reason for Visit. Use multiple keywords that are full or partial words Use names or synonyms Chief Complaint

12 Table of contents and Navigator header more compact Headers appear with blue backgrounds (yellow for Best Practice Alerts), to visually separate Visit Navigator

13 Close Section button has moved to the left of the screen. Previous F7 and Next F8 take the place of the back and next buttons. Arrows available in corner for moving to and from different sections Visit Navigator

14 3 Fields added to Cervical Exam frame: Dilation, Effacement, & Station. Previous OB Vitals Flowsheet displays You can now enter free text in the FHR fields on the OB Vitals SmartForm and OB Vitals navigator section 0 to 100 to 100-5 to +5 OB Vitals

15 Initial EDD and Revised EDD on OB Information and Dating Information can be edited from Chart Review instead of an open encounter OB SmartForm

16 New Buttons: File, Compact, Last Filed, Go to Date, Values By Last Filed Values column Doc Flowsheet Toolbar

17 Improved overall appearance and usability of dx Association Window New Red Stop Sign appears next to order in diagnosis association window if dx is required Order Entry

18 Radiology Orders: Full Detail screen display changes - when placing radiology orders the Full Detail screen defaults to the Required section instead of Questions. Our apologies, this is an unintentional error and is only temporary. It will be fixed soon. Order Entry

19 SmartText searching requires clicking ENTER key on keyboard for completion matching. For example, to search for gi related items, type gi + ENTER (on keyboard) Improved SmartText Searches

20 Brighter and more noticeable Check box instead of hyperlink to SmartSets, Can choose more than 1 SmartSet at a time If selecting more than 1 SmartSets, all will open in same window BPA shows provider name and date/time stamp Best Practice Alerts

21 All SmartSets selected appear in the same window BPA SmartSets

22 New SmartLinks for Growth Chart Data from Previous Encounter.LHCFA(head circumf).LSFA (stature for age/growth.LWFA (wt/age growth).LWFL (wt/recumb lgth).LWFS (wt for stature).LBMIFA (bmi/growth) New Ped SmartLinks

23 .GETLABS (new help formula for retrieving labs).THISVISIT (pulls in labs that were done for most recent visit) New Labs SmartLinks

24 A more defined section in follow-up to attach routing comments when sending a chart (max chars = 1024) Can assign priority to these messages New hyperlink to view Routing History of chart Follow-up: CC Chart Routing

25 Individual recipients can now be added to buddy lists by checking a new box in the Build My Recipient List Add My List/Add Recips button is now disabled if you do not have any custom recipient lists defined Follow-up Section: Routing

26 More intuitive, with 3 expandable subsections Count of orders in header, Reorder button larger and turns maroon if marked for refill, Full Detail and Dx are now buttons TE Navigator: Redesigned

27 When you select the Go to Episode link from the Visit Navigator, you get you get a new activity called "Episode of Care" and it looks significantly different. Episodes of Care

28 Select New Episode to create a new Episode of Care To link to a visit, select the Link/Unlink Visits button Episodes of Care

29 Visual Improvements to the In Basket: In Basket icons fit better on the screen and there is less scrolling to the More button Old In Basket Toolbar New

30 In Baskets remain attached between logins Resize button in right corner The Send Msg button is now the New Msg button. In Basket Functionality

31 Select All button will place checkmarks in all of the Pools, Select None will remove them. In Basket Pools

32 Diagnosis and Dx association will also appear in orders section of ED Visit Navigator Additional Order Details hyperlink replaces the Full Detail button. This link expands to a significant amount of data for the order (see next slide). ED/UC

33 Much of this information previously appeared in the former Full Detail screen. It is the same information presented differently. Click Additional Order Details ED/UC

34 Returning Patients to the Waiting You can now place patients back in the waiting room after they have been roomed. When patient is dragged into waiting room from care area, the new Move Patient to Waiting Room opens. *Note* You also have the option to move patients by right-clicking on the patient ED/UC

35 Visual Changes to the MAR Activity Options for Refresh, Report, MAR Note, Legend, Add Meds and Disc Meds now appear as icons at the top ED/UC

36 Visual Changes to the MAR New Add Meds button allows you to add a med or lab. This button takes you to an Order Entry screen. ED/UC

37 Improvements to Documentation Flowsheets New Table of Contents added that allows for quick and easy navigation in flowsheet templates. TOC appears on left side of activity and includes all of the flowsheet group. TOC also allows you to hide groups that appear in the flowsheet. A check box appears next to the template name. Un-check box to hide a group. ED/UC

38 Visual Improvements to ED Notes ED notes now display most current note first followed by notes thereafter. There is a table to select a note to review with a view window below New Old ED/UC

39 Discharge Instructions the SmartText button should be used in place of the Go to References/Attachments hyperlink to view encounter matched Discharge Instructions. ED/UC

40 Enhancements to the Disposition and Follow up Navigator Section making it easier and more efficient to use ED/UC

41 New Undo ED Discharge/Dismiss Button click on it to display new Undo Discharge window. This window displays a list of patients who were recently discharged or dismissed from ED. ED/UC

42 EpicCare Upgrade coming January 14, 2007!

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