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Mobile Phone Technologies Evolution

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1 Mobile Phone Technologies Evolution

2 0G (Mobile Radio Telephone System)
Pre-cellular system Half-Duplex communication Use in vehicles Only 25 channels available 20Km range

3 0G (Mobile Radio Telephone System)

4 1G First-generation wireless communication technology standards
Originated in the 80’s Analog signal (AMPS) Low reach Low bit-rate (9600 bps) High interference Low traffic capacity “Brick” Phones kg weight, battery last 30 minutes of conversation

5 1G

6 1G

7 2G First great update on mobile communication Introduced in the 90’s
Fully digital network GSM – first standard Better voice encoding Bit rate: 38 kbps Less battery power necessary Lower power emissions Digital data services More signal security More calls on the same network

8 2G

9 Intermediate technologies: 2G3G
Newer and better bandwidth technologies 2.5G GPRS - Newer and better bandwidth technology Bit-rate: 114 kbps 2.75G EDGE technology Bit rate: 236,8 kbps

10 3G WCDMA technology (384kbps) Wide brand wireless network
Packet switching Global roaming Fast communication, internet access, mobile TV, gaming…







17 4G HSPA+ (42 Mbps/11,4 Mbps) - in theory is possible 168mbps
Much faster receive/send speed and capacity Comprehensive and secure all-IP based solution: --> IP telephony --> Ultra-broadbrand internet access --> Gaming services --> HDTV streamed multimedia


19 Intermediate technologies: 3G4G
HSDPA technology (7.2 Mbps download / 384 kbps upload) 3.75G HSPA technology (14,4 Mbps / 5,8 Mbps)



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