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Parenting & Child Development Family & Consumer Science Dept. Mrs. Wagner 2011 - 2012.

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1 Parenting & Child Development Family & Consumer Science Dept. Mrs. Wagner 2011 - 2012

2 Class Description This class is designed for students who will have families in the future and/or plan to work with children in some capacity in the future. This class is a prerequisite for the new Child Dev. Services that places students out into local daycares and preschools.

3 The class examines all aspects of parenting including roles, responsibilities, parenting styles, practices and preparation. The class works through prenatal development beginning with conception and ending in labor. An intense look at stages and ages of developments is continued.

4 Preschool Students will have the opportunity to visit local preschools and daycares Students will plan and implement a curriculum for the HHS Preschool in May.

5 Textbooks & Supplies Students will use two textbooks, both of which are class copies and will remain in the classroom – they can be checked out for use at home. Students will need a binder with tabs, paper, writing utensils and index cards.

6 Grading You will be graded on class activities and assignments that include: Assigned and graded classwork Class Projects Observations Portfolio Entries Unit Tests Child Care Labs Homework “Baby Think It Over” Project Binders “A Child Called It” Project

7 Participation & Attendance It is very important to be ready to begin each day – have binder, paper, pencil etc. ready. Attendance is important to stay current and up to date with work.

8 Class Highlights Types of Families/ Family Life Cycle Teenage Pregnancy Children with Special Needs Pregnancy Infertility Genetic Counseling Prenatal Care Child Birth Infants Toddlers Preschoolers Observing young children Planning lessons for young children Play/Toys


10 CLASS RULES 1. Always Be Prepared –Be in seat when tardy bell rings –Have binder, pen/pencil & supplies out! 2. Do Not Talk While Others are Talking - Remain quite while the teacher is talking or when other students are working!

11 3. Show Respect - Clean up supplies and work areas - Put everything back where it belongs - Ask before you take things - Do not touch anything that doesn’t belong to you - Do unto others as you would have done unto you!!! We do not talk about other people – and we do not use Negative words!!!!

12 Class Procedures Arriving in class Ø Leave backpacks on top of cubby trays. Ø Get your binders from the cubby trays. Ø Check the board for your assignment and begin work. Ø Be in your seat with your materials when the tardy bell rings. Ø If you need to borrow paper or pencil this should be done at this time.

13 Leaving the room during class Ø If it is necessary for you to leave class, please ask at a time and manner that will not disrupt the class. You will use the bathroom in the department.

14 End of class Ø As you leave class, you will put your binder and supplies back into your cubby tray. You may and are encouraged to take home your binder when you have a test or an assignment. Ø No one should leave their seat until I dismiss the class. Ø I dismiss the class, not the bell. There is no lining up at the door.

15 Visitors/Out of classroom Ø If a visitor is in the classroom you will remain in your seat and remain quiet. We show respect to visitors. Ø If I leave the classroom, you will do the same as above.

16 Assignments Ø All assignments should be done in blue or black ink or pencil. Ø Assignments are due the day they are assigned unless otherwise noted. Ø When you complete your assignment, put it in the correct location.

17 Make Up Work Ø The day you return to class you are RESPONSIBLE for putting your admit slip in the basket and retrieve it before you leave. Ø You are RESPONSIBLE for locating and completing your missed work. Ø If your absence is excused, you have the amount of time absent to make up the work. If it takes longer, points will be deducted. Ø Tests will be made up before or after school.

18  No food is allowed in the classroom. Finish all food prior to coming to class. You may have drinks in class – you are responsible for throwing them away or taking them with you. They will be not allowed if we have problems. Ø Cell Phones, MP3 Players and IPods are to be turned off, out of view and not used during class time – Class time is defined as the beginning of the class to the end. If you are caught using your cell phone during class – you will surrender it to me to be picked up from the office after school. If you are caught your cell phone must be placed on my desk during class.

19 All rules in the handbook apply in this class Do not touch anything that doesn’t belong to you Academic Integrity – Cheating is not acceptable – This includes copying class work from another student.

20 Student Information Sheet Complete & Turn in.

21 Cubby Trays 1.I will give you a printed label with your name. 2.Put the label on the front of the cubby trays. 3.This is where you will keep your binder, index cards, projects, etc. You are welcome to take anything home when you have an assignment or a test – but otherwise it should be left in the room.

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