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15 ShortStories Bring Warmest Heart. Today, my dad came home with roses for my mom and I. “What are these for I asked?” He said that several of his coworkers.

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1 15 ShortStories Bring Warmest Heart

2 Today, my dad came home with roses for my mom and I. “What are these for I asked?” He said that several of his coworkers were complaining about their wives and children today. He realized how lucky he was that after 20 years of marriage, and raising a daughter for the last 17 years, he still had nothing to complain about.

3 Today, my mom and dad are recovering heroin addicts. They still go to their support groups, but both of them have been clean for 17 years, since the day they found out my mom was pregnant with me.

4 Today, after we all watched her blow out the ridiculous number of candles on her giant 100 th birthday cake, my grandmother looked up at all 27 of us – her children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, and extended family – and said, “Look what I started. This family. I am so proud to be a part of your lives.”

5 Today, my best friend’s new girlfriend, who he’s had a crush on for a long time, finally admitted verbally that she “hates” me. He came up to me today, looking pretty upset, and told me what she said. And then he said, “So I broke up with her. Because if she doesn’t respect you, she obviously doesn’t respect me either.”

6 Today, while playing with my 20-month-old daughter, I pretended to be sleeping. She covered me with a blanket, patted my back, then kissed me gently on the mouth - which is exactly what I do when I tuck her in at night. How closely our children watch us, and what they learn from our actions make me think.

7 Today, my baby sister wears her hair short, just like me. I’m fighting leukemia. My hair is short because of my chemo treatment. Her hair is short because she told my mom, “I want to be beautiful like my big sis.

8 Today my Ex husband asked me to marry him, I said yes. We were married when I was 19, divorced later on and then our lives somehow lead our hearts back together. We are going to be married in 2 weeks, on what could have been our 16th wedding anniversary. Our children cried with joy when we told them today.

9 Today, I broke down in front of my dad, frustrated with recently coming out to my family. I began to cry and yelled, “I’m sorry I’m gay!” He grabbed my tear-filled face and said sternly, “Don’t ever apologize for who you are. Who you are is who I love. And who you are is beautiful.”

10 Today, I came across my mom’s old journal in the attic. I read a few entries, and they were quite depressing. My mom has always been such a positive influence in my life, so I had no idea her past was so troubled. The final entry was written the day before I was born. I told my mom I found her journal, and asked her why she stopped keeping a journal after I was born. She said, “I found happiness. I finally had something amazing to live for.”

11 Today, it’s been exactly six months since I took on the responsibility of caring for my 17- year-old severely autistic brother. He rarely talks and prefers to be alone. Today while I served him his favorite meal for dinner, he gave me a huge hug out of the blue and said, “Thank you my beautiful big sister!” His gesture made me cry from joy.

12 Today, it’s been a couple weeks since I got unexpectedly laid off two days before Christmas. I had to move from a 1,500 square foot apartment into a 400 square foot studio to make ends meet. I’ve been really stressed out for many reasons, but mainly because my fiancé comes from a pretty wealthy family. I asked her if she was comfortable. She immediately snuggled her head into my chest and said, “This, right here, always feels like home.”

13 Today, when you dropped me off after we hung out, you called out to me as I stepped out of your car. You said, “Take care of yourself, okay?” and I responded with an absent-minded, “Sure.” But then your voice changed tone. “I’m serious, Jess. You’re important to me. Take care of yourself,” you repeated. You have no idea how much I needed that. Your true friendship make me think.

14 Today, as my 81 year old mother and I sat in the waiting area of a restaurant, the 1960’s song “Don’t Worry Baby” by The Beach Boys came on the radio, and she started to smile. “What are you smiling about?” I asked. “This was our song – your dad and I, that is,” she said. “You know, your dad has been gone for almost a decade, and it’s been nearly 50 years since he and I first heard this song playing in a night club. But every time I hear it, it reminds me of that night, dancing with him on our first official date. And that makes me smile.”

15 Today, when I asked my grandfather for some relationship advice, he said, “Honestly, the moment I stopped trying to find the right woman, and started trying to become the right man, your grandmother walked up to me and said, ‘Hello.’”

16 Today, I waited on an elderly couple where I work. She kept forgetting things. Turns out she has Alzheimer’s disease. Her husband was so calm and understanding. He never got annoyed having to tell her everything she had forgotten. I witnessed true love at its best. Thank You Very Much Sompong Yusoontorn

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