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Confidential, by Will Rosellini, JD, MBA, MS President and CEO 2/8/2008 Confidential.

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1 Confidential, by Will Rosellini, JD, MBA, MS President and CEO 2/8/2008 Confidential


3 30,000 people Confidential

4 16 channel rechargeable implantable pulse generator for treatment of chronic pain ANS – Plano, Texas Confidential

5 Cyberonics - Houston, Texas Vagus Nerve Stimulation Epilepsy, Depression 32,000 patients Confidential

6 BATTERY WIRES / LEADSCONTROL DEVICE Wires and Leads Body movement can cause lead migration and reoperation Lead fractures requires additional surgery Infection issues Battery Toxic to body Can fail and require surgery to replace Must be recharged frequently Visible lump in skin Inside the bodyOutside the body Confidential


8 CochleaCortex High Low Pitch Confidential

9 Auditory cortex Map Plasticity LC Cochlea Nucleus Basalis ACh + NTS Hearing Loss or Noise Exposure Auditory Cortex Map Reorganization Tinnitus = Synchronous Spontaneous Activity Decreased attention span due to attention to ringing Stress/Anxiety Vagal Nerve Stimulation Problem:Solution: Confidential

10 High Low CochleaCortex +VNS Confidential

11 CochleaCortex High Low Confidential

12 Thumb IndexMiddleRingLittle Confidential



15 MicroTransponder Inc. is a medical device company with intellectual property that enables a unique neurostimulation system for the treatment of neurological disease

16 PROGRAM TRADING AI  In 2006 at the London Stock Exchange, over 40% of all orders were entered by algo traders, with 60% predicted for 2007  Half of all financial transactions in the world and 80% in the USA.  $30 billion per year in R&D Confidential

17  Google sees search as essentially a basic form of artificial intelligence.  A year ago, Google executives said the company had achieved just 5% of its complete vision of search.  Google's search engine will eventually have to know what people are thinking, how to interpret language, even the way users' brains operate. Confidential

18 BLUE BRAIN  Currently they have simulated one column of a neocortex (of a rat) with 10,000 neurons and 30 million synapses using a 22.8 teraflop supercomputer.  (A human neocortex column has 60,000 neurons) Confidential

19 DWAVE  DWAVE adiabatic quantum computers could reach 512 to 1000 qubits and performance superior to classical computers in 2008  Successful development of quantum computers would accelerate the development of molecular nanotechnology with superior molecular simulation and modeling. Confidential

20 NEXT 10 YEARS….  Teraflop+ class smartphones that are constantly charged with gigabit+ connections seems likely.  Network to quantum computers and supercomputers of all types for remote processing.  Nvidia Tesla multi-teraflop GPGPU's and AMDs GPGPU Confidential

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