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中央大學。范錚強 1 電子支付 Electronic Payment 中央大學. 資訊管理系 范錚強 mailto: 2014.04 updated 10.

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Presentation on theme: "中央大學。范錚強 1 電子支付 Electronic Payment 中央大學. 資訊管理系 范錚強 mailto: 2014.04 updated 10."— Presentation transcript:

1 中央大學。范錚強 1 電子支付 Electronic Payment 中央大學. 資訊管理系 范錚強 mailto: 2014.04 updated 10

2 中央大學。范錚強 2 商業中的「支付」 對價關係的價值交換 人和人之間的物物交換 貨幣(金子、銀兩、銅錢) 銀票和紙鈔 支票、匯票 塑膠貨幣 簽帳卡、信用卡 (Credit card) 、金融卡 (Debit card) 儲值卡 小額支付卡 紅利積點(私人發行的貨幣)

3 中央大學。范錚強 3 Crucial factors in determining whether a particular method of e-payment achieves critical mass: Independence Interoperability and Portability Security Anonymity Divisibility Ease of Use Transaction Fees International Support Regulations 10-3 The Payment Revolution

4 中央大學。范錚強 4 Payment Card Electronic card that contains information that can be used for payment purposes. Three forms of payment cards: 1.Charge cards 2.Credit cards 3.Debit cards

5 中央大學。范錚強 5 Processing Cards Online Authorization 授權 Determines whether a buyer’s card is active and whether the customer has sufficient funds. Settlement 清分帳 Transferring money from the buyer’s to the merchant’s account.

6 中央大學。范錚強 6 Merchants use three basic configurations for processing online payments: 1.Own the payment software 2.Use a point of sale system (POS) operated by an acquirer 3.Use a POS operated by a payment service provider payment service provider (PSP) A third-party service connecting a merchant’s EC system to the appropriate acquiring bank or financial institution. PSPs must be registered with the various card associations they support.

7 中央大學。范錚強 7

8 8 Key tools used in combating fraud: Address Verification System (AVS) Detects fraud by comparing the address entered on a Web page with the address information on file with the cardholder’s issuing bank. Manual review Fraud screens ( 過濾 ) and automated decision models Card verification number (CVN) Detects fraud by comparing the verification number printed on the signature strip on the back of the card with the information on file with the cardholder’s issuing bank Card association payer authentication services Negative lists 黑名單

9 中央大學。范錚強 9 Smart Card An electronic card containing an embedded microchip that enables predefined operations or the addition, deletion, or manipulation of information on the card. 電子錢包:小額支付 悠游卡(非接觸式), iCash (接觸式) Life+ 雲端生活家 Stored-value card A card that has monetary value loaded onto it and that is usually rechargeable.

10 中央大學。范錚強 10

11 中央大學。范錚強 11 Types of Smart Cards Contact card A smart card containing a small gold plate on the face that when inserted in a smart card reader makes contact and passes data to and from the embedded microchip. contactless (proximity) card A smart card with an embedded antenna, by means of which data and applications are passed to and from a card reader unit or other device without contact between the card and the card reader.

12 中央大學。范錚強 12 Smart Card smart card reader Activates and reads the contents of the chip on a smart card, usually passing the information on to a host system. smart card operating system Special system that handles file management, security, input/output (I/O), and command execution and provides an application programming interface (API) for a smart card. e.g. Myfare

13 中央大學。范錚強 13 Applications of Smart Cards Retail Purchases 零售 實體商店 自動販售機、影印機、 Transit Fares 交通 其他支付類型 例如:政府規費、稅金 2 types of Stored-value cards Closed loop are single-purpose cards issued by a specific merchant or merchant group ( 如: iCash) Open loop are multipurpose cards that can be used to make debit transactions at a variety of retailers ( 如:悠游卡 )

14 中央大學。范錚強 14 e-Micropayments 小額支付 Small online payments, typically under $10. Five basic micropayment models that do not depend solely or directly on credit or debit cards: 1.Aggregation 2.Direct payment 3.Stored value 4.Subscriptions 5.À la carte

15 中央大學。范錚強 15 e-check A legally valid electronic version or representation of a paper check. Automated Clearing House (ACH) Network A nationwide batch-oriented electronic funds transfer system that provides for the interbank clearing of electronic payments for participating financial institutions.

16 中央大學。范錚強 16 e-check Originating Depository Financial Institution (ODFI) Receiving Depository Financial Institution (RDFI)

17 中央大學。范錚強 17 Mobile Payments Payment transactions initiated or confirmed using a person’s smartphone 常用技術 NFC-- 包含: RFID 卡 RFID Reader 近距離通信 QR-Code 高頻超音波 Copyright © 2012 Pearson Education10-17

18 中央大學。范錚強 18 Mobile Proximity Payments 把手機當成儲值卡使用 Mobile proximity payments are used for making purchases in physical stores or transportation services. Proximity payments involve a special mobile phone equipped with an integrated chip or smart card, a specialized reader that recognizes the chip when the chip comes within a short distance of the reader, and a network for handling the payment.

19 中央大學。范錚強 19 Making Remote Mobile 1)The payer initiating the payment sets up an account with a mobile payment service provider (MPSP). 2)The user selects an item to purchase. The merchant asks for a payment. 3)To make the payment, the payer sends a text message (or a command) to the MPSP that includes the dollar amount and the receiver’s mobile phone number. 4)The MPSP receives the information and sends a message back to the payer, confirming the request and asking for the customer’s PIN.

20 中央大學。范錚強 20 Mobile Payments 5)The payer receives the request on his or her mobile device and enters the PIN. 6)After the MPSP receives the payer’s PIN, money is transferred to the receiver’s account (credit card or bank account). The payer’s account is debited. 7)After the transaction occurs, the payment information is sent to the payer’s mobile device and his or her account at MPSP is debited. OTA TSM (經常和 NFC 一起談) Over the Air Trusted Service Management 10-20

21 中央大學。范錚強 21 B2B Electronic Payments Enterprise Invoice Presentment And Payment (EIPP) Presenting and paying B2B invoices online EIPP Models Seller Direct Buyer Direct Consolidator Copyright © 2012 Pearson Education10-21

22 中央大學。范錚強 22 EIPP Options ACH Network Purchasing cards (p-cards) Special-purpose payment cards issued to a company’s employees to be used solely for purchasing nonstrategic materials and services up to a preset dollar limit Fedwire or Wire Transfer 電匯 Letter of Credit (L/C) 押匯 A written agreement by a bank to pay the seller, on account of the buyer, a sum of money upon presentation of certain documents

23 中央大學。范錚強 23 付款的信任問題 買賣雙方無法相互信任 信任轉移 認證,如:安全購物標章、資訊安全標章 SOSA: 優良電子商店 履約保證

24 中央大學。范錚強 24 履約保證機制 買方把錢付給中間商(被信任的第三者) trusted third party 例如:銀行 該中間商告訴賣方收到錢 賣方交付貨物或服務 買方告訴中間人取得貨物或服務 中間商將錢交給賣方 中間商可以是一組企業或個人

25 中央大學。范錚強 25 履約保證機制 需要履約保證的狀況:長交易 信任轉移 買賣雙方互不信任,但對中間商的信任, 使得交易得以完成 買賣房子: Escrow 需要相當長的時間辦理過戶 國際貿易:信用狀 L/C: Letter of Credit

26 中央大學。范錚強 26 押匯 ( 第四講談過) 長交易的履約保證機制 信用狀 L/C: Letter of Credit 經由第三方、可信任的金融機構達成買賣雙方 的交易 買方賣方 銀行 1 銀行 2 2. 押貨款 1. 交易協商 3. 信用狀 4. 產權轉移 5. 放款

27 中央大學。范錚強 27 電子商務的履約 雙方看不到對方 可能無法產生信任 目前尚不普遍 紅陽科技

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