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Aspiring Leader Program Fall 2011 1 COURAGE Have you ever put a lot of time and effort into something, only to have it fall apart? Well, that just happened.

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1 Aspiring Leader Program Fall 2011 1 COURAGE Have you ever put a lot of time and effort into something, only to have it fall apart? Well, that just happened to me. Yesterday, I collected all of my materials and quotes and began writing the handouts for this training. Five hours later, I was 95% complete and feeling good about our upcoming call this week, when I stopped to have dinner. When I came back to my computer, it was completely frozen… locked up. Arrrrr! So, I had to do the inevitable, REBOOT. Once I finally got back to my handouts, the only thing left on each page was the word COURAGE across the top, and down the sidebar. All of my material was gone. First, I have to say that this experience was new to me. I’ve never had that happen before with such a large degree of loss. So I admit, I was a bit unnerved! As I sat staring at my computer in disbelief, I found it both striking and profound, that at the end of the day, after hours of labor and focused action, all there was to show for it on each page was the word COURAGE. Obviously, there was a deeper and more impactful training about to emerge! When things go wrong, or disappoint you… when you work hard on something, and suddenly find yourself starting over, it takes courage. This morning, I will begin again. And this time, I believe I will create a better training. This training is one born from a challenging experience and one that will help both of us get to the very heart of COURAGE. So think for a minute or two about what COURAGE means to you. How do you define it? Do you believe it has more to do with heroics? How do you respond when things go wrong or disappointment shows up? Below, write down your definition of what it means to have courage: COURAGECOURAGE

2 Aspiring Leader Program Fall 2011 2 COURAGE COURAGECOURAGE Courage. What a powerful word that is! I’ve gained a whole new respect for it, that’s for sure! It takes courage to do what you do. It takes a lot of courage! You need to have a lot of courage to step into the world of direct sales and become an entrepreneur! It really isn’t easy at all! The formula is very simple and easy to follow: sell products, schedule parties, recruit. That’s it! Follow the formula and you will find success! But implementing that – we’ll that takes raw COURAGE! So if direct sales is so simple, then why isn’t everyone jumping on board? Because owning your own business and being an entrepreneur will challenge you! Right? If you’ve followed this program and embraced and applied all that you have learned so far, then you’ve most likely been challenged on some level. And that takes courage. I’ve asked you to identify intentions and set your goals and declare them publicly! That takes courage! I’ve asked you to step out of your comfort zone and do something you’re afraid to do. That takes courage! I’ve asked you to share what you’re afraid of on our forum. That takes courage! I’ve asked you to pick up that phone and start calling people! That takes courage! So if you’ve done all of those things, you’ve been building your courage muscle for sure! And if you haven’t quite kept up with the big challenges offered in this program, then at the very least – spend some time today identifying why you haven’t played the leadership game 100%. The first step you need to take to show you have courage, is to know what it is you are afraid of in the first place!

3 Aspiring Leader Program Fall 2011 3 FEARLESS OR COURAGOUS? COURAGECOURAGE I found a quote while doing my research for today’s training. It talked about being fearless. I think it was intended to be synonymous with courage. To me, being fearless and being courageous are two very different things! I don’t ever want to be totally fearless. To me, that means being comfortable… not afraid to do something. And I like to live my life stretching beyond my perceived limitations… stretching to the other side of my comfort zone… playing to WIN, rather than playing it safe, or ‘not to lose.’ And that takes courage. But, for the sake of argument, let’s explore both! Below, list the parts of your business where you are FEARLESS: Now, list the parts of your business where FEAR holds you back:

4 Aspiring Leader Program Fall 2011 4 FEARLESS OR COURAGOUS? COURAGECOURAGE I imagine that on the list of items where you wrote down the areas that you are FEARLESS in your business, you will discover areas that you are passionate about! Perhaps even using your natural gifts and talents! So where are you most comfortable in your business? Where do you enjoy yourself the most in your business? What do you love most about what you do? I know some fearless filers and organizers! I know consultants who are fearlessly keeping their printouts and newsletters organized in a binder and they can tell you exactly where to look for any data whatsoever! I also know some fearless socialites! They’ll talk to anyone and everyone about what they do! (Yes, even to the point of being obnoxious!) And I know some consultants who are fearless about reaching their goals – even if they stomp on others (and compromise relationships) in order to get there. So, for now, go back and look at your list. Be honest. Where are you FEARLESS in your business? What is the redeeming quality that serves as a strength to your business? Are you methodical and organized? Are you outgoing and charismatic? Are you driven and a high achiever? Are you compassionate and service oriented? Write down your strength below: This is your FEARLESS quality that can support you as you grow your team and your business! Embrace it!

5 Aspiring Leader Program Fall 2011 5 FEARLESS OR COURAGOUS? COURAGECOURAGE How will you use this fearless quality to enhance and grow your business? How can you apply what comes naturally to you to meet the business goals that you set at the beginning of this Aspiring Leader program? Being aware of your strengths, your personality, and how to use those assets to support your business growth is, on its own, powerful! You will see amazing results when you harness those qualities where you shine! What’s more important, in my opinion, is the process of discovering how you navigate through the parts of your business where you don’t feel confident, you don’t shine, and you don’t feel you can be successful. Where do you feel UNcomfortable? Where do you feel most vulnerable? What activities do you avoid like the plague? Those activities you avoid are indicators of a deep-rooted FEAR and that FEAR is what will sabotage your success. So are you ready? Let’s dig a little deeper. What three parts of your business do you avoid and dislike more than anything else? Rank from greatest to least:

6 Aspiring Leader Program Fall 2011 6 FEARS COURAGECOURAGE Let’s take a closer look at what’s underneath your avoidance. Journal a little bit about why you don’t like to do those activities. Start with the first and repeat this exercise with all three of your activities. See my example below, then spend some time completing this exercise on your own: Calling People about my business: I avoid doing this because I’m afraid that I will be bothering them. I’m afraid that they’ll think I’m being pushy or salesy. I’m afraid they’ll start avoiding me once I do call and ask them to support me and my business. And if that happened, I would feel: horrible. I would feel like I imposed and I would be afraid they would judge me, or talk about me, or start avoiding me which feels like rejection. I would feel isolated. In this example, I learned that I was more connected to others’ opinions in order NOT to feel rejected or isolated. But in connecting to someone else’s opinion of me, I disconnected from my own goals, hopes, and dreams… and at the end of the day, a part of me would feel empty again. Now its your turn: 1. I avoid doing this because I’m afraid And if that happened, I would feel…

7 Aspiring Leader Program Fall 2011 7 FEARS COURAGECOURAGE 2. I avoid doing this because I’m afraid And if that happened, I would feel… 3. I avoid doing this because I’m afraid And if that happened, I would feel… What did you learn about your FEAR? In what areas of your business is your FEAR interrupting important business building activities? Do you see a common pattern that feeds into your avoidance? Write more about that on the next page.

8 Aspiring Leader Program Fall 2011 8 JOURNAL PAGE COURAGECOURAGE I discovered that my fear is related mostly to: * Needing Acceptance * Preventing Rejection * Avoiding Judgment * Needing Approval * Being Successful * Failure * Someone else’s opinions * Other Journal your thoughts and feelings about how this shows up in your business, and in your life (and believe me, it does!)….

9 Aspiring Leader Program Fall 2011 9 ACTION COURAGECOURAGE Now that you have discovered your FEAR (in regard to growing both personally and in your business), what will you do? This is where COURAGE comes in! “Pain nourishes courage. You can’t be brave if you only have wonderful things happen to you!” Mary Tyler Moore So here’s where the rubber meets the road. To conquer your fear, you will have to feel some pain! It’s inevitable. As you step outside your comfort zone, and do something really scary, it won’t feel good at first! Heck, it may NEVER feel good! The ‘feel good’ part comes AFTER you do it! You’ll feel good when you look behind you and see that you just faced your fear and did it anyway! That moment gives birth to your experience of personal power! Cowering in the face of your fear does not connect you to your personal power – it feeds your fear! Action in the face of fear is all about owning your POWER! And that takes courage, plain and simple. The mistake we often make is that we dutifully set ourselves up with goals and outcomes without factoring in those activities we have to do that are often very uncomfortable for us. We avoid them. Then we fall short of meeting our goals and making our dreams a reality. “No Pain, No Gain” That is one of the most powerful quotes ever! Because its SO TRUE! Let’s take a look at the sequence of events that are in front of you. Let’s see how your FEAR has been successful in stopping you from reaching your goals. Then, let’s see how much courage it will take to break through the walls that are no longer serving you!

10 Aspiring Leader Program Fall 2011 10 ACTION COURAGECOURAGE Below, write down the three things you do best right now in your business: What three goals would you like to achieve by the end of the year in your business? (this can be as simple as having 4 parties scheduled in January all the way up to promoting to Team Leader!) What actions do you HAVE to take in order to meet the goals you’ve listed above? Be specific!!! Which of those actions are you afraid to act upon? What will happen if you DO NOT take action? What will be your result? Will you have a different result than what you’ve gotten so far? What will happen if you DO take action? What will be possible if you push through your fear and not stop until you get what you want (and need) in order to reach your goals?

11 Aspiring Leader Program Fall 2011 11 COURAGE COURAGECOURAGE Let’s imagine, just for a moment or two, what would be possible if you didn’t have just ONE of those fears that you discovered! What would you do if you were free of that worry? Let’s explore this by journaling about it: If I weren’t afraid to I would “What would you do if you knew you would not fail?” What if you weren’t afraid to offer your products to others? What if you weren’t afraid to pick up the phone and make customer care calls? What if you weren’t afraid to build relationships with others? What if you weren’t afraid to invite someone to join your team? What if you weren’t afraid to take a leap of faith? What if you weren’t afraid to share your hopes and dreams with everyone and ask for their support? What if you weren’t afraid to actually have hope… and dare to dream? What if you weren’t afraid to succeed? What if you weren’t afraid to be a leader and build a million dollar team? What if you weren’t afraid about knowing everything there is to know before taking the next step? I invite you to think about how your FEAR is running (and sabotaging) your business!

12 Aspiring Leader Program Fall 2011 12 COURAGE COURAGECOURAGE Now for the fun part! Will you commit to action despite your fear? Because if you are waiting for your fears to disappear, you’ll have a LONG wait! If you’ve been waiting and hoping for the moment when you won’t be uncomfortable doing what you’re afraid to do… then you’ll have a long wait! If you have been trying to learn more so that you won’t be afraid anymore, you may never get there! Most deep-rooted fears do not go away just because you tell them to! No amount of knowledge, inspiration or even motivation will take away your fear! If you haven’t reached your goals in this Aspiring Leader program, I can pretty much guarantee you that it has everything to do with your avoidance of facing your core FEAR! The only way to conquer fear is to COURAGEOUSLY MOVE THROUGH IT! No one can do this for you. You have to make a decision to stop avoiding, and start standing toe to toe with what you are afraid of, and then do it anyway! It’s time for you to step up onto the platform and CLAIM YOUR COURAGE! What are you willing to do today… right now.. That will take courage? Below, write down one action step that you will do before the end of today. Something that you’ve been avoiding? Someone you need to call? Following up on a lead? Scheduling a party? Commit: By the end of today, I will exercise courage by:

13 Aspiring Leader Program Fall 2011 13 COURAGE COURAGECOURAGE So, yes… in the end, we all need courage to do what we think we cannot do. It takes courage to act in the overwhelming face of fear! And sometimes, we do need tools along the way to help us do that. Being on our calls is one way to help us push through our fear. Motivation alone won’t break the barriers of fear, but it will propel you forward once you decide to take the proverbial first step! I’m going to share another tool that I use when I know my fear of being judged shows up. It’s a visualization. (we’ll do this live on our call together) So, did that little exercise help? For me, it lightens things up a bit! It builds perspective in the grand scheme of things! It reminds me that I have enormous power inside of me… if I just call upon it! Give it a try the next time you are facing something that drives up fear and triggers you to avoid it all together!

14 Aspiring Leader Program Fall 2011 14 COURAGE COURAGECOURAGE I encourage you to watch each of the video clips I select for you. They’re profoundly powerful and full of inspiration. Today’s video clip is no exception. It’s less that 3 minutes. Don’t skip this important message! After you have completed the exercises from today’s call, I want you to go to the following link: This video clip is not recommended just to inspire you, but rather to honor you. You are woman of great courage. (And yes, Larry – you are a man of great courage!) I have been humbled to hear about you and your story. Some of you are up against some huge challenges (far worse than losing a bunch of handouts on a computer). I’ve heard your stories faith and of heartbreak and I’ve witnessed your courage. Financial hardships. Health concerns. Family members who need your strength and support. Economic hardships. 60 hour/week jobs that drain your energy and the guilt you feel for complaining about it when so many others are out of work. You are breaking through obstacles and taking risks each and every day, both within and outside of your businesses. That takes COURAGE. Mostly, I hear stories about how you are holding tight to your dreams. It’s so easy to let go of our dreams, but it takes courage to hold onto them… to never give up or let go… even in the face of opinions, rejection, judgment and fear! EACH OF YOU INSPIRE ME. Today, I honor your COURAGE to keep moving forward, to keep getting up, facing disappointment, and trying once again.

15 Aspiring Leader Program Fall 2011 15 COURAGE COURAGECOURAGE Take a few moments to reflect on your own COURAGE: Sometimes COURAGE doesn’t always roar. It’s the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, “I will try again tomorrow.” Mary Anne Radmacher If you tapped into the extraordinary courage you have inside, rather than cower or hide, what would you do differently in your life and in your business? Do you have the courage to see this program through to the end? And do you have the courage to claim your dreams and embrace your own success? You made a commitment to me to finish what you’ve started here, and now, will you make that commitment to yourself? What will it take for you to finish and how will COURAGE help you get the results you want?

16 Aspiring Leader Program Fall 2011 16 COURAGE COURAGECOURAGE “Steel is sometimes covered in velvet, and COURAGE doesn’t always roar.” What obstacles have you had to overcome in order to be here now? Have you given yourself credit for that? How will you move forward with PURPOSE and JOY, no matter what it takes? How have you exhibited faith and strength every single day in the challenges you are facing?

17 Aspiring Leader Program Fall 2011 17 JOURNAL NOTES COURAGECOURAGE

18 Aspiring Leader Program Fall 2011 18 JOURNAL NOTES COURAGECOURAGE

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