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Notifications Overview for Nurses

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1 Notifications Overview for Nurses
Welcome… Notifications Overview for Nurses Presented by: Curtis Anderson Gary Downing Charlotte Feldman Camp CPRS

2 Introduction Notifications (also known as View Alerts)
Designed to transmit important information New Orders, unsigned documents, test results, New consult request, etc. Seen in both VistA and CPRS GUI Two types of Alerts “Info” and “Action” Preferences in both VistA and CPRS GUI

3 Notification Types Lab Results Imaging Results Patient Movements
New, Abnormal, Critical Imaging Results New, Abnormal, Amended Patient Movements Admission, Discharge, Transfer, Death Order Management New, Unsigned, STAT, Expiring, Unverified, Canceled, Flagged for Clarification

4 Notification Types cont…
Consult Request Management New, Canceled, Held, Results Flag Specific Orders and Results Inpatient, Outpatient, Orderer Flagged Results Specialty NPO Diets > 72 hours Food/Drug Interaction

5 View Alerts (VistA) Enter "VA to jump to VIEW ALERTS option
1. TEST,JD (T0262): [3 South] New order(s) placed. 2. TEST,JD (T0262): [3 South] New DC order(s) placed. 3. TEST, AB (L4111): Imaging Results: SHOULDER 2 OR MORE 4. TEST, AC (A2222): Critical Lab: /04 07:53 5. TEST, AD (A9898): New consult PULMONARY ARTERIAL B Select from 1 to 5 or enter ?, A, F, S, P, M, R, or ^ to exit Do you know what all of these do…

6 View Alerts (VistA) Cont…
“A” to process all of the pending alerts. “I” to process all of the INFORMATION ONLY alerts. “S” to add or remove a surrogate to receive alerts for you. “F” to forward one or more specific alerts. “D” to delete specific alerts (some may not be deleted) “P” to print a copy of the pending alerts on a printer “M” to receive a MailMan message of these pending alerts “R” to Redisplay the available alerts

7 View Alerts (GUI)

8 View Alerts (GUI) Cont…
CPRS GUI V22 Ability to sort by “Column Header” Options from VistA will be available (Forward, Renew, etc.)

9 Personal Preferences for Alerts (VistA)
PP Personal Preferences ... AU Auto Patient List Update CS GUI Cover Sheet Display Parameters GP GUI Parameters - General LI Team/Patient List Mgmt ... NO Notification Mgmt Menu ... OC Order Checking Mgmt Menu ... PS Patient Selection Preference Mgmt ... TD Tab Default Chart Preferences

10 Personal Preferences for Alerts (VistA) Cont…
Options Available under… NO Notification Mgmt Menu ... 1 Enable/Disable My Notifications 2 Erase All of My Notifications 3 Set Notification Display Sort Method (GUI) 4 Send me a MailMan bulletin for Flagged Orders 5 Show Me the Notifications I Can Receive

11 Preferences in CPRS GUI

12 Preferences in CPRS GUI
Can not remove!

13 Preferences in CPRS GUI

14 Char Feldman, BSN, BC Clinical Application Coordinator Fargo, ND
Practical Applications Char Feldman, BSN, BC Clinical Application Coordinator Fargo, ND

15 What Fargo Has….

16 What Fargo Does Not Have….
Wood chippers in the Back yard – for those of You who have seen the Movie……FARGO!

17 Alerts for Inpatient Nurses
New Order Unverified Order Unverified Medication Order Settings (at Fargo) Mandatory Disabled

18 New Order Notification
Designed to be used by Teams Nurses & clerks on a team are notified when new orders are entered

19 Unverified Medication Order
Displays unverified orders from current admission Designed to be used by Teams of nurses

20 Displays unverified orders from the current admission
Designed to be used by Teams (clerks + nurses)

21 Bingo Boards Provides visual clue to New Orders being placed

22 Verification of Orders
Online verification by clerks and/or nurses Unverified Medication Orders are verified by RNs Printing of chart order summaries is optional

23 When Do Alerts Go Away? I (Individual Recipient): delete the notification for a nurse when they complete the follow-up action of verification A (All Recipients): delete the notification for all nurses on a Team when a) any of the nurses completes the action (verification)

24 Teams & Floating Nurses
Create teams of Inpatient Nurses and/or clerks Set up an autolink to the ward to automatically add/remove patients – updates when transfers, admits, discharges occur As a nurse floats, they can add/delete themselves to a Team

25 Team List Setup

26 Team List Cont.

27 Team List Cont.

28 Team List Cont. To “Add” yourself from a Team, simply select a Team Name from the subscribe list and then choose “Yes” to confirm.

29 Surrogates Can have Start/Stop date/time to send alert
Alerts can be forwarded to a Mailman surrogate after a specified period Can be forwarded to a Supervisor Can be forwarded to a Backup Reviewer

30 Personal Team Lists Can have a variety of Alerts sent to you based on your Personal Team Ex. Oncology Case Manager wants to be notified of her patients who are: admitted, deceased, come for Unscheduled appointment Diabetic Educator: Gets lab results on her team of patients

31 Personal Team List

32 Personal Team List Cont.

33 Personal Team List Cont.

34 Curtis Anderson, BS2, MS CPRS Developer Salt Lake City, UT
Notifications/Alerts in GUI 22 Curtis Anderson, BS2, MS CPRS Developer Salt Lake City, UT

35 View Alerts (GUI v22)

36 Multiple Selection (GUI v22)

37 Process Info (GUI v22)

38 Sort by Patient (GUI v22)

39 Sort by Date (GUI v22)

40 Sort by Urgency (GUI v22)

41 Process Alert (GUI v22)

42 Processing Alerts (GUI v22)

43 Forwarding Alerts (GUI v22)

44 Renewing Alerts (GUI v22)

45 Renewing Alerts (GUI v22)

46 Questions ???

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