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PWD- BCA Club Tour Japan- 29 March to 4 April 08.

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1 PWD- BCA Club Tour Japan- 29 March to 4 April 08

2 Wow ! We were in Japan…let us share briefly our experience with you…… We were there on 29 March at the best time for Sakura We left Japan at noon on 4 April, too bad we missed the experience of the Tokyo earthquake measuring Richter Scale 5 …from the diary of your PWD-BCA Club “Tour Coordinator”

3 Wonder if she can catch the speedy bullet train at 300km/h Easier to catch a photo of Shinkansen when it is stationery We learnt that the bullet train is already 44 years old; indeed a technology feat back then in 1964. Still looking and working well!

4 We still have lots of fun even when it rain in Universal Studio

5 Club members from BCA, LTA, CPG and ex-PWD colleagues Lots of fun wearing Yukata after our public hot spring bath in hotel at Mt Fuji Start as strangers, now great friends Met local friends too!

6 Be in the Japanese shoes and Yukata. A hot spring bath and then dinner…that’s life! Members having a sumptuous dinner the traditional way For ladies- Learning how to secure the Yukata to avoid ‘indecent exposure’ For men- Their ‘indecent exposure’ is sexy….

7 Want to try this delicious traditional Ramen Which flavour ice cream? Japan- a country of vending machines! So many variety of food to try… Always sneaking out for ‘extra’ food!

8 Full bloom Sakura! And other flowers too. They are everywhere….so beautiful!

9 Lots of shopping Lots of shopping, 500 shops at Nakamise Shopping street! Lost in the sea of people in Pasar Malam!

10 Amazing timber structure Preservation of a tree! The building has to be designed around it A natural green roof


12 The PWD- BCA Club Social & Outdoor Activities Committee organises local activities and overseas tour for Club members. Check out for upcoming activities for Club members; Do let us know where are the places and when you like us to plan for your family & you next. Send your ideas to: Denise Kwok

13 また会いましょう See you again!

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