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3 This is the Japanese Flag. It represents the “RISING SUN”.

4 This is a map of Japan. Japan is part of the Asian continent. Japan is between the Sea of Japan & the Pacific Ocean Japan is about 4900 miles from Bellevue, WA

5 Japan’s size and population Japan is made up of many islands There are FOUR main islands; Honshu, Hokkaido, Kyushu, and Shikoku Japan is about the same size as California Japan has about 127 million people, California only has 37 million! Tokyo is the capital city of Japan Other big cities are Osaka, Sapporo, Kyoto, and Nagoya (Aiko’s grandparents live in Nagoya!)

6 Tokyo is the capital of Japan Tokyo is the largest city in the World! 35 million people!!!

7 Japan has high speed trains called “Bullet Trains” or SHINKANSEN (in Japanese)

8 Many people in Japan go to work and travel by train or subway In the morning and evening, the trains and subways can be very, very crowded!!! Sometimes the trains are so full, the conductors have to push people onto the train so they can close the doors!!!

9 Things to see in Japan Mount Fuji is the most famous mountain in Japan. Many Japanese think that Mt Rainier looks like Mt Fuji. Mount FujiMount Rainier What do you think? Do they look the same or different? How?

10 This is the “Golden Temple” in Kyoto, Japan

11 Japanese Baseball Baseball is very popular in Japan!!! It is called “Yakkyu”. This is a picture of the Chunichi Dragons.

12 Japanese Baseball fans Baseball fans in Japan are always cheering for their favorite team! Aiko and her sister Hanako went to a Japanese Baseball game!

13 Sumo Wrestling Sumo is one of the oldest sports in Japan.

14 Let’s do some Sumo exercises!!! This is called “shiko” or foot stamping.

15 Japanese Food

16 More Japanese food! Japanese food is very colorful. Some is cooked, some is not.

17 Japan has many earthquakes. Sometimes the earthquakes cause “tsunami” or tidal waves. On March 11, 2011 a large earthquake and tsunami hit the Tohoku region of Japan. Many people were hurt and many homes were destroyed.

18 Japan is still recovering from the earthquake and tsunami called “The Great Tohoku Earthquake”.

19 Time for a Test!!! Let’s see how closely you were listening!

20 What is this? What is the red circle?

21 What is the capital of Japan? Tokyo! That is right! Here comes another one!!!

22 What is this mountain called? Mount Fuji…right! One more to go….

23 What are these called? “Bullet Trains” or SHINKANSEN (in Japanese)

24 Thank you! Arigato Gozaimasu! From Aiko’s dad, MIKE


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