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Financing of the Forest Education in Finland Conference in Janów Lubelski May 20th 2008 Sirpa Kärkkäinen Liaisons Manager Finnish Forest Association.

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1 Financing of the Forest Education in Finland Conference in Janów Lubelski May 20th 2008 Sirpa Kärkkäinen Liaisons Manager Finnish Forest Association

2 Content Finnish Forest Association Coordination Networks Financing

3 Finnish Forest Association (FFA) established 1887 Co-operative body for organisations in the forestry sector and closely related fields mission is to provide information on the potential of forests in solving societal problems and to promote the acceptance of a responsible use of forests. The main working instrument of the association is the arrangement of open and interactive communication between the forest sector and other spheres of society.

4 FFA Member organisations (60) –Representing private forest owners organizations, forest industries, state forest enterprise, forestry workers´ unions, administration, research and education, forest related trade unions, non-governmental organizations (i.e. hunters, 4H, scouts, central outdoor association, teachers unions) Major teams and activities –International communication and media contacts –Forest in schools –Forest Forum for Decision-Makers (Forest Academy) –Annual Forest Days for professionals Recourses –ca. 15 employees

5 Targets of the forest education in schools In the document called “Expedition in the Finnish forest” FFA and the National Board of Education have defined the goals of forest and wood education Basic goals in the basic curriculum are: pupils learn to understand sustainable use of natural recourses and get familiar with different elements of forests: ecosystem, protection, silviculture and use of forests, forest industry, recreation and culture

6 Goals are reached through a wide co operation network

7 Coordination FFA is in charge of coordination of all activities and cooperation –in forest sector (e.g. private forest owners organization, big companies, state forest organizations) and –with school authorities, teachers organization and other stakeholders

8 Level 1: National steering committee Members: Associations of Biology and Georgaphy Teachers Association of Grade School Teachers Association of Kindergarten Teachers National Board of Education

9 National steering committee Central Union of Agricultural Producers and Forest Owners Finnish Forest Industries Federation Finnish Forest Research Institute Forest Centres Forestry Developement Centre Tapio Metsähallitus – State Forest Enterprise

10 National steering committee members Hunters’ Central Organisation Central Association for Recreational Sports and Outdoor Activities Representatives of Environmental Education The Association of Finnish Wood Industry Technicians and Engineers The Finnish 4H Federation

11 Level 2: Local networks Members: Forestry professionals from companies and organisations Forest, wood and nature -tourism enterprises Hunters Environmental organisations Outdoor recreation and fitness enthusiasts Teachers

12 Local networks have made a local programme to increase the knowledge of forests among children and youngsters have decided the targets and the actions on the local level

13 Activities for schools are free of charge Activities for schools forest days for individual school classes and schools forest weeks for schools of individual towns, municipalities excursions to the forests and factories Activities for teachers forest courses courses in forestry for students studing in the Faculty of Education

14 Financing sources for forest education in schools in Finland

15 Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (1) supports: co ordination ( FFA, 4H youth organisation) web page all the materials (books, CDs, games, DVDs, best practices…) are collected on the website:

16 Project Financing (2) The Finnish Forest Foundation The Forestmen’s Foundation National Board of Education, Ministry of the Environment EU programmes Comenius, Leonardo...

17 The Finnish Forest Foundation The aim is to increase awareness both in Finland and abroad of Finnish family forestry. Voluntary funding is provided by forest owners, the forest industry, private sawmills and the Finnish Forest and Park Service. The main source of financing is the voluntary sales promotion fee, which is paid in connection with timber trade.

18 The Finnish Forest Foundation The seller and buyer of timber both contribute the same sum, which is 0.2 % of the value of the sale The decision to make a contribution is taken by the seller. In so doing, the seller also obligates the buyer to make an equal contribution. The sales promotion fee is deductible in the taxation of timber sale proceeds.

19 Input of the members of the networks (3) For example labour (planning, presentations, lectures ect) bus transpotation food and drink materials Voluntary work for individuals and organisations ( foresters are not under any obligation of teaching)

20 Input of the members of the networks Part of companies’ and organisations’ communications and public relations Teachers and the young generation is an important target group To promote forest industry and forestry Need of labour

21 Case Forest Quiz

22 Metsävisa the Forest Quiz –organized yearly since 1982 –participation about 70 % of age class –since 1982 one million Finns have participated in the Quiz (20 % of population)

23 Case Forest Quize The questions are prepared by a national working group appointed by the Association of Biology and Geography Teachers – Input is labour Forestry Development Centre Tapio translates the questions into Swedish- input is labour Metsäliitto Cooperative, Stora Enso Forest, Metsähallitus, UPM Forest –donate the prizes - Input is money –hold a lesson and in some cases also to organise a field trip for the class. - Input is labour and money

24 Case Forest Quiz regional level is organized by the Regional Forestry Centres – input is labour The best pupil of the region is rewarded by Nordea Bank Finland. - input is money The finals –The field competition is organized by the Association of Biology and Geography Teachers group – input is labour –The travelling and accommodation costs are paid by Nordea Bank Finland. - input is money –The Finnish Forest Industries Federation donates the prizes for the winners of the finals and also the bus transportation during the two day competition - input is money

25 Case Forest Quize The Finnish Forest Foundation supports financially the Finnish Forest Association to coordinate the Forest Quiz take care of the entries for the Quiz organize the first level of The Quiz and the finals in cooperation with the teachers group do the marketing to do the media follow up



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