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Colonial America in the 18th Century

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1 Colonial America in the 18th Century

2 The Slave Trade Old Calabar, Africa exported 80,000 slaves.
Grandy King George and his monopoly. Who destroys the monoploy? The Robin John Boys.. Ephram and Ancona and their struggles. The Irony of Ephram and Ancona. The Slave Trade

3 Colonial Slave Drum

4 Population and Economy
,000 colonist mil colonist. 2 Causes of the population Growth: Immigration- 1/4 Natural Increase- ¾ Immigrants in the 1700’s Scots-Irish- 36% Africa- 33%- Slaves Germanic- 15% Scotland- 10% By 1770 only half were of English descent. ECONOMY - Cheap land as colonies expanded west, created a need for labor. Population and Economy

5 Population grew mainly by natural increase, as immigrants went elsewhere, why?
Josiah and Anne Franklin- 7 childre Josiah and Abiah Franklin- 10 children, including Benjamin. Less land than colonies to the south. Issues with land Iroquois, Mahican Indians French- European disputes cause battles. Problems with Inheritance, what will be the outcome? The end of the church Covenant, why? And what else saw a decline because of that? New England Colonies

6 Iroquois

7 Economics of the New England Colonies
Small Farms only supplied for their family. Only had ¼ as much wealth as other regions. What type of skilled workers flourished in Boston? Exports Livestock- 1/3 Fish- 1/3 Timber- 1/3 VERY Few Slaves the colonies West Indies absorbed 2/3 of their exports. Slaves ate Dried salted cod filled barrels out of their timber with Molasses, and refined sugar for Europe. Boston Merchants became very rich and important, how? The New England colonies were more English than the other colonies. Economics of the New England Colonies

8 Merchant House in Boston

9 The Middle Colonies The population expanded ten fold from 1700-1770.
Immigrants from German areas, Ireland and Scotland. Only 1/3 traced ancestors back to England This made them very uniquely diverse. Germans- 85,000 by Why did they come, and why did they continue to come? Where are Scots-Irish actually from? Both groups were clannish and very religious, what religions? The Middle Colonies

10 Redemptioners A redemptioners were a type of indentured servant.
How did the process work? What is the difference between them an indentured servant? Who did all the negotiations for a redemptioner? How many years did they get? Redemptioners

11 Philadelphia became what type of city?
Known as “ The best poor mans country in the world” Why did the have more servants than slaves? About 30,000 slaves In middle colonies in 1770 Treatment of slaves vs treatment of servants? What did middle colonies do about gaining land? How does that effect the population of the colonies? What is the “walking Purchase” Why will the middle colonies become the bread basket of the colonies? What happened to the price of the main export from Philadelphia became what type of city? Pennsylvania

12 Southern Colonies The land of Slavery!
Population was twice as much as New England and Middle colonies. Slaves made up the booming population growth. Southern slaves went from 20,000 in 1700 to 400,000 in 1770. Southern colonies split in two zones, what are the zones and what is their major exports? Did the slaves choose to come to the colonies? What is the middle passage? Roughly 15% of the slaves died on the middle passage. Natural Increase in slaves led to the majority being country born by 1740. Southern Colonies

13 Slave Life Slaves expected to work sun up to sundown.
Masters could use force against slaves but not servants. Rebellion in Stono, South Carolina. 20 slaves, killed more than 20 whites, burned plantations, were killed and heads hung on fence post. What is a TASK? What was done after a TASK was complete? What types of things did the slaves do to keep their African Culture Alive? Slave Life

14 Writing for Perspective
A New Slave that has just arrived off the boat. An old slave that has spent many years being a slave in the southern colonies. A slave that is trying to teach his kid about West African Culture. YOU HAVE 7 MINUTES TO WRITE THE PAPER! Writing for Perspective

15 Prosperity in the Southern Colonies
Southern Colonies supplied 90% of exports to Britain, what are they? Free whites were four times richer than in New England, and 3 times as the middle colonies. Only white men with at least 100 unimproved acres or 25 acres with a house on it. Whites lived lavish lifestyles, gambling regularly, and living for the pursuit of happiness. QUESTION: How did slavery influence the society of the southern colonies? Prosperity in the Southern Colonies

16 Economic? Religion? British Colonist? Unifying the 3 Colonies

17 Religion Almost all were forms of Christianity, mainly protestant.
Some Roman Catholics in what region? Some slaves converted some kept their indigenous African Religions. The Enlightenment? What is Deists? American Philosophical society. Who are two famous Members? The Great Awakening did what? George Whitefield was famous for awakening the people back to religion. Religion

18 Why did settlement patterns in New England Change from the 17the century to the 18th century?
Why did the importance of religion change in from the 17th to 18th century, and how did the colonist respond to this? What experiences unified the three colonies in the 18th Century? Why did the Spanish move into present day California, and what effect did that have there? Look at the Map on pg Who was the first group to cross the Appalachian Mountains? Chapter 5 Quiz

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