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F F Tusubira, Don Riley, Ed Fantegrossi

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1 F F Tusubira, Don Riley, Ed Fantegrossi
Open Access Conference 14 – 16 November 2007 Bagamoyo, Tanzania Research and Education Networks in Africa – Creating an open access environment for universities and research institutions F F Tusubira, Don Riley, Ed Fantegrossi

2 Contents Part 1: Layers and Roles
Part 2: UbuntuNet Alliance – Plans, Progress, and acknowledgements Part 3: UbuntuNet Alliance – New Initiatives working with IEEAF Conclusion

3 Part 1: Layers and Roles – Many dimensions, many players
IEEAF, etc UbuntuNet, etc NREN National Infrastructure Teachers, Researchers, Libraries, Classrooms, Labs, Management Regional Infrastructure Campus Infrastructure Content Networks (Researchers, Libraries, Universities Management) Global REN Infrastructure TERNET, etc

4 Part 2: UbuntuNet – Context, Plans and Progress
Ubuntu or Obuntu: - “I am because we are” …Ubuntu is not just a philosophy – it is a way of life that defines the relationship of the individual to the community and vice versa … … It recognises that individual good arises out of the community good and vice versa… …It is about the responsibility of caring for the general welfare, supporting others: development Obuntu means “the essence of humanity”; Omuntu means “a human being” Hence UbuntuNet Alliance

5 What is UbuntuNet Alliance?
…A registered organisation of NRENs (Inc. 2006) …Sees an African continent holding its own as a member of the global research and education community… … Through enabling the connectivity of national and regional RENs … … With sufficient and affordable connection to each other and the GII..preferably via fibre ... Current members: TENET, KENET, MoRENet, MAREN, RwEdNet, SUIN In process: TERNET, ZAMREN, RENU, …

6 Current Status (Eastern, Southern Africa)
Formal REN, advanced network and sufficient bandwidth: NONE Formal REN and underlying infrastructure: Malawi, Mozambique, Kenya, South Africa, Sudan, other? Formal REN but no underlying infrastructure: Rwanda, Tanzania, Zambia, DRC, other? REN in formation: Uganda, other?

7 Plans and Progress To-date (1)
Refine strategic plan and develop a master plan Establish services and revenue-streams Local registration and home base in Nairobi Appoint full-time staff (CEO, Technical, Admin, etc) Completed tasks Obtained IPv4 and IPv6 address space (AfriNIC) Obtained a CISCO 7606 router donated by CISCO, installed in DANTE’s cage in Telecity, London REN transit connection to Géant

8 Plans and Progress To-date (2)
To be set up: 1 Gb/s connection to LINX ( Settlement-free peering with all comers; includes bilateral agreements between RENs Internet transit Connections to other networks, like Internet2 Also now working with IEEAF Working with the Bandwidth Consortium Plans to merge activities and set up NOC Ongoing discussions with IDRC and PHEA Basis for a major connectivity proposal

9 Plans and Progress To-date (3): Clusters
NA South Cluster Southern TZ LS BW ZM MW MZ SA SW East Cluster UG Northern TZ KE SD ET EG RW Ack: Duncan Martin, UbuntuNet

10 Plans and Progress (4): VSAT Virtual RENs
UbuntuNet router UbuntuNet routers at VSAT teleports in Europe VSAT-dependent campuses all over Africa Backhauls to London Ack: Duncan Martin, UbuntuNet

11 Plans and Progress (5): Connection to Géant
General Internet UbuntuNet router Ack: Duncan Martin, UbuntuNet

12 Appreciation to our supporters to-date
Sida Cisco KTH (Sweden) DANTE Open Society Institute Open Society Initiative for Southern Africa (OSISA) TENET's FRENIA (Fostering Research and Education Networking in Africa) Program, funded by The Andrew W Mellon Foundation. IDRC and Connectivity Africa USAID Partnership for Higher Education in Africa

13 Part 3: UbuntuNet – New Initiative Working with IEEAF
The IEEAF comes to us with their own “Ubuntu” vision: The Global Quilt They come not to own or to operate, but to enable They come bearing scraps of cloth to help make patches, and even some thread to help us make the stitches to sew the patches together They come to work alongside, as needed to help us realize our own quilt, as part of the bigger Global Quilt of RENs

14 Global Quilt Initiative for Africa
"Non Nobis Solo” - Not by ourselves alone

15 IEEAF Global Quilt

16 Global Medical Research Exchanges (GMRE)
IEEAF - successful in getting donations for RENs because of partnership with the private sector. GMRE - The business driver that generates the donations to IEEAF Africa. M R E G GMRE brings investment for economic development that leverages the new infrastructure: - to build open “technology exchange points” - to build data centers and technology R&D Parks - to generate “endowments” for the R&E community

17 GMRE Brings Economic Drivers
GMRE brings to bear: Lifetime Business Experiences Internationally in Telcom & Energy Deregulation Multi-national Corporate Migration Requirements International Investment Banking Marketplace Interests GMRE brings both personal and financial commitment from business: $1.7 Billion Science & Technology Parks Multi-National Corporate Clients. Global Telcos as customers for the telecom donators to the IEEAF “as a thank you.” Global Investment Bankers via NYC.

18 GMRE Technology Park Model
Starts with International bandwidth coming to GMRE TEP Dark fiber for RENs Data Center Research Park

19 GQI Multi-Layer Phasing

20 Conclusion ASANTE SANA!
It is real, and it is happening, and UbuntuNet is committed to success of RENs in Africa. It is only possible through open multiple partnerships, both regional and global. “Be the Change you want to see in the world” – Mahatma Gandhi ASANTE SANA!

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