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MyUWEKiosk A Study report for Interactive Kiosks at the Frenchay Campus of the University of the West of England.

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1 myUWEKiosk A Study report for Interactive Kiosks at the Frenchay Campus of the University of the West of England

2 Requirement Gathering Conducted co-operative evaluation of iPlus kiosk at Harbour Side, Bristol –Evaluation Report at: Exploration of UWE Frenchay campus to consider possible sites for kiosks to install –Rich Picture will be presented later by Richard Background Research –Various other examples of similar services online (given in the assignment spec document) myUWEKiosk

3 User Centric Design Process Primary Research –Interviewing Reception Desk about most common questions from students –UWE and MyUWE for most common services –Student interviews –Team discussions Stakeholder Definitions –Students (Primary Users) –Staff (Secondary Users / Content Providers) –Visitors (Secondary Users) –University (Facilitators / Content Providers) –University Students’ Union (Facilitators / Content Providers) myUWEKiosk

4 Outcome: P.A.C.T Analysis myUWEKiosk See P.A.C.T Analysis image attached

5 Primary User Personas Toby Avons Age: 18, British, Male 1 st Year student Parties a lot, fresh out of school and parents’ house Lazy and careless, always depended on friends and family in the past Lives in a rented shared house without stable Internet connection. He is not a very good cook and likes to eat on campus He travels by bus and almost always late for his classes He is from a small town and feels lost at the crowded campus Volga Kalashnikov Age: 35, Russian, Female Masters Degree International Student She is a mature business student who recently joined UWE as an exchange student for her last term of studies She doesn’t have many friends and often likes to mind her own business She has a strong Russian accent and she has poor communicational English skills She only spends a few hours a week on campus and rest at her room in the town centre in the library. working on her dissertation She has poor eyesight and reading instructions in English is another issue

6 Scenarios –1. Toby has lost his timetable, he needs to use the kiosk to find his room. –2. Volga’s car has broken down, she needs to use the kiosk to find transport to the UNI. –3. Toby has fallen ill and wont be able to make it to his lecture, he needs to use the kiosk to contact his lecturer and let him/her know. –4. Volga fancies watching a movie, she needs to use the kiosk to find the movie listings in scene it. myUWEKiosk

7 Functional Requirements Can be based on the functionality of Library pin / card scan Student ID base info –Class Time and Directions to class –Library Reminders –Department Announcements –Visual Preferences –Language Generic Services –Staff Directory (Contact Details, Office Locations, Availability etc.) –Campus Maps –Departments Information –Wessex Red Bus Timetables –Menu and Opening Hours of Cafeterias on Campus –Daily Students’ Union and University Events Listing (eg. SceneIT, LockIn, Quiz, Seminar, Guest Talk) myUWEKiosk

8 Non - Functional Requirements –Scalability –Scope for centralised services integration –Execution qualities, such as security and usability, which are observable –weatherproofing of the system and shed for users –Maintenance myUWEKiosk

9 Possible Locations on Campus See Rich Picture Possible locations –Foyers of various blocks around campus –Reception areas, accommodation –Outside catering locations –In the entrance to ECC for both University and for Conferences/Events –Other areas of interest, such as Centre for Performing Arts, Centre for Sport, Education Innovation Centre. –Certain points on paths/cycle tracks around campus where maps or information may be required myUWEKiosk

10 Thanks For Watching! myUWEKiosk Richard George Thomas Potts Thomas Nisbet Dushyant Kanungo Any Questions?

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