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IndusInd Bank – My Account My Number

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1 IndusInd Bank – My Account My Number

2 Project Description IndusInd Bank comes with a first-of-its-kind offering that allows you to open a Savings account online, with the freedom of personalizing your account number and debit card. This involves an online form completion process, wherein the user has to provide basic details, customize the account number and debit card, customize his account, choose the branch, upload the document and fund the account. Context: IndusInd Bank wants to build a unique brand proposition by not only allowing the user to open the account online, but also personalize it. Core Steps in the Online Application Process Login Customize – Account number & debit card Customize account type Choose Branch Upload documents Account funding

3 Personas – Target Audience Ankit Male 20 Years College Student Aspirations Higher Education Good career Vacations abroad Own a car and a house Wants to open a saving accounts Education loan for higher studies Regular bank deposits & withdrawals Doesn't like visiting the physical branch Banking needs Rashmi Female 34 Years Housewife Aspirations Child’s education Husband’s promotion Vacations abroad Own a big car and a house Savings for old age Is looking to open a new account which is easy to remember Enquiry for student loan for her son Regular savings account Bank deposits & withdrawals Does not have time to visit the branch Banking needs Deepika Female 28 Years HR Manager Aspirations Getting a higher designation Purchase a car Build a house Personal banking Currently looking to open a savings account with minimum fuss Travel and Health Insurance Car and Home loans Corporate business transactions Banking needs Vivek Male 42 Years Businessman Aspirations Children’s education and family Expand the business Explore new business opportunities Build a house, protection of family Planning retirement Banking needs Personal banking Doesn’t have time to visit the branch Investments in business Travel and Health Insurance Corporate business transactions

4 Summative Usability Test To evaluate a product through defined measures such as task completion, time on task, error rates, and user satisfaction Prototype High fidelity prototype Wireframes Creating detailed wireframes for different user journeys Information Architecture Defining task and grouping of information based on the user profile identified Defining User Journeys Identifying target audience and creating personas Requirement Gathering Understanding business objectives from various stakeholders UX Process

5 Summative UT – Objectives – Evaluate the navigation, task flow, interaction, content, presentation and page-level design of the site – Identify current issues and evaluate opportunities to improve the user experience – Identify issues for further examination during UT UX Process – Validating our designs Summative Usability Test Prototype Wireframes Information Architecture Defining User Journeys Requirement Gathering To evaluate a product through defined measures such as task completion, time on task, error rates, and user satisfaction

6 UT Methodology User PersonasUser SplitBusiness ScenariosRecruiting UsersConducting TestAnalysisReport 16 users 90 minutes test session Test end-to-end flow Selecting the account number of your choice Process of personalizing your debit card Process with reference no. and OTP Selecting the account and debit card type Confirming address and ID proof Opening an account online versus visiting the branch Qualitative Interview Post Test Discussion and Ratings UX Process – Summative Usability Testing 2 Student 1 Housewife 6 Professional 6 Entrepreneur

7 UT Methodology – Usability Lab UX Process – Summative Usability Testing Equipment (As Required) PC, Camera, Microphones Recoding user behavior Sessions were recorder using Morae recorder How user interact with the website Users were asked to ‘Think out Loud’ Observation & Control Rooms Observers were taking live notes using Morae observer Screen sharing for remote observers Analyze the findings Findings were analyzed and documented using Morae manager

8 Report – Task Based Performance Ratings UX Process – Summative Usability Testing Total average of 16 participants on a scale of 1-4 (1 being the lowest and 4 being the highest) 3.68 Overall Rating

9 Report – Overall Experience UX Process – Summative Usability Testing Opening an account online versus visiting the branch 3.93 Overall navigation and ease of use for opening the account online process 3.87 1 Not Easy at All 4 Very Easy Never before seen concept Overall extremely impressed and also very easy to do something like this online. Very easy to navigate and easy to remember

10 Key Features Innovative User Experience User can choose the account number of their choice User can personalize the debit card the way they want Can upload the documents online User can also fund their account online by paying

11 Project Metrics Post launch, from April 27, 2014 – June 03, 2014 1344 Users 207 Accounts Visited the siteHave been successfully opened account online Source: Google Analytics

12 Sample Wireframes Choose account number

13 Sample Wireframes Personalizing debit card

14 Why we deserve the UXie? Hear it from them Rakesh (Entrepreneur ) Even though the process is a bit lengthy but actually its explains everything and feels safe Overall concept is very interesting and innovative Personalizing the card option is very good Returning next time concept is also good, it saves at every step Would prefer to open the account online Very easy process Best part is avoid queues and hassle to go to the branch Not too many screens to go through Mehek (Professional) With personalization of card one feels empowered and connects with their daily life Very unique It should not be difficult for anyone Uploading documents online is preferred as well as paying online Anamika (Entrepreneur )

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