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Helping departments throughout the college apply for & “win” federal, state, & foundation funding to the benefit of students, community, & faculty. Administrative.

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1 Helping departments throughout the college apply for & “win” federal, state, & foundation funding to the benefit of students, community, & faculty. Administrative Services Training Workshop Grant Set-up, Development and Administration March 1, 2013 AGB Conference Room Edward de la O Cathy Arreguin Betty McClelland

2 Introduction Purpose of Meeting Opportunity to fine tune the Saddleback College grants process Group effort Survey Survey responses identified training needs and areas of the grants process that need clarification and improvement Disclaimer The Grants Office understands that every grant is unique Ultimately we want to work with you to develop Grants Best Practices

3 Grants Office Website

4 Pre-Award & Research Process  Basic breakdown of the grant process Red Section- everything that happens BEFORE any grant application process begins! Red Section-  Project Development Determine needs of department- or Identify or develop conceptual idea of project to be funded Meet with Grants Office to review goals, projects for funding, etc. REALISTIC assessment of funding opportunities

5 Grant Application Development  Independent Decision Matrix FormIndependent Decision Matrix Form Assists with determining if funding opportunity identified is appropriate Starts the process of completing the Grants Office Request Form  Grants Office Request FormGrants Office Request Form Relevant information regarding grant intending to pursue Funding amount, due date, duration, allowable costs, target groups, approvals, etc. Internal resources needed in order to complete Commitment required of college and/or department if funded

6 Grant Application Development  Characteristics of a “successful” application effort Cooperative working relationship between Grants Office and academic department/division Core group Grants Office/Analyst Faculty Dean Add value partners Cooperation/support from District Finance and College/District Research departments Clear vision of what you want to achieve What gap is being filled How will your program meet the funders needs Application & Narrative

7 Grant Application Development  Availability of data to support the proposed concept need Current & historical data Outcomes to be achieved National, local, and college/district data Demographic data Saddleback/District Research Departments Clearly- a grant application is a collaborative process Grants Office – Assist and refine narrative Develop budget, required forms, submission of application Application & Narrative

8 Grant Application Development  Green Section Application must be reviewed by Grants Office prior to submission Budget, narrative submitted 10 business days prior to funder due date Grants Office will obtain all internal approvals Matching funds must be approved by VP Administration and President prior to submission to District Final budget submitted to District Finance for approval Submission of final or near ready draft narrative, approved budget and required forms to District approver for signature Grant Applications- VC of Technology and Learning Services “Contracts”- VC of Business Services Review & Approval

9 Grant Application Development  In the beginning- START A MASTER GRANT FILE RFP Correspondence with funder Executed copies/approvals of everything Information you may need to go back and look at if you get funded- or use the next time if you don’t get funded Preliminary budget, research, etc. MASTER FILE

10 Grant Application Development  Worksheets that can make application development and grant tracking and reporting easier Matching Worksheet Classified Employee Worksheet Short term Employee Worksheet Academic Employee Worksheet Forms are your friends!

11 Grant Application Development  Blue section- Submittal Grants Office oversees Application is finalized and approved internally Application submitted via required method Hard copy mail/courier Email Online data submission Now we wait- a few weeks to a year in some cases! It’s time to submit

12 Grant Award  Purple Section- Post Award Grants Office coordinates internal approval processes for grant acceptance Grants Office works with Project Director/Dean prior to submitting grant award for Board of Trustees/District approval HOWEVER- all grant funded hiring or staff approvals or re- assignments are handled by the grant project director and corresponding division manager/dean We got funded! Now what?

13 Grant Management Project Implementation

14 Grant Management Project Oversight

15 Grant Management All good things must come to an end…

16 Grant Management Staying on track  Tracking Mechanisms Tools which can assist you in keeping your grant on course and maintaining the Districts fiduciary responsibility over the funds awarded Variance report Compare amount planned to spend against actuals Assess progress of activities and funds monthly Required at least quarterly for funder reporting Escape reports Fiscal 02- summary of expenditures by object code Fiscal 03- detailed expenditures

17 Grant Management Sample Reports  Basic Report Go to Escape  Megatron  Start  User Name  Password  Finance  Fiscal  Accounts  Go to Project  Enter Project # View Sample Report- A. Year, Project, Object Codes, Description B. Account balance + spent= revised amount C. Revised amount should match your budgeted amount As you review the report look for: Salary allocation and expenditure rates Benefits allocation and expenditures Are expenses matching up according to original budget Is there budget remaining to cover upcoming expenses Is a budget revision needed

18 Grant Management Escape Reports Betty McClelland to review samples of Escape reports Fiscal 03 Fiscal 02

19 Grant Management Variance Report Checklist  Quarterly Grant Expenditure Data Entry PageQuarterly Grant Expenditure Data Entry Page Approved funding source grant budget Total expenditures for each object code Current variance or balance which may include overage Grant annual budget variance- % of budget spent Month to month variance Report will allow a 10% (over/under) will show green Over expenditures will be coded red Under expenditures will be coded yellow

20 Grant Management Variance Response Report  Variance Report and ResponseVariance Report and Response Form which helps you demonstrate the reasons for a grant budget not being in line with expenditure projections or commitment to funder Provides opportunity for strategy to be developed or steps taken to get the grant back on track

21 Grant Management Invoicing- Review Expenses identified for reimbursement must match expenses shown in Escape! Accounting/auditing purposes- expenses exist once viewed in Escape Only actual expenditures can be invoiced Activities occurred ≠ Expenditures Expenses paid = Expenditures ready for reimbursement Budget expenditure plan and all approvals should be developed at grant initiation On rare occasions- invoices may be submitted prior to expenses visible in Escape Must be able to demonstrate the expense has occurred Must demonstrate that grantor will accept expense issued without back up of payment having occurred

22 Grant Management Discussion Point  Expending funds outside approved budget Mitigate, reduce, eliminate the practice of expending funds outside of the approved budget without prior funder approval Each grant is different- different rules apply...?  Budget allocation consistency Funds should only be expended according to approved grantor budget Tentative budget gap period- no excuse to spend outside approved grantor budget

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