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Cleveland Power Pty Ltd

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1 Cleveland Power Pty Ltd
Project Outline

2 Background on Darwalla Milling Company
Poultry Integrator Established in 1933 50% owner of Golden Cockerel Pty Ltd. Process approximately 20 million per year Employs 650 people directly Many more indirectly employed Pays wages of $20 million per year

3 New Farm Constructed in 2005

4 Where is the Project Being Built?

5 Our Sheds

6 Modern Breeder Sheds

7 They Produce Manure

8 Load into Transport Vehicles

9 Mt Cotton Biomass Cogeneration Power Station
Project Name: Project Owner: Project Description: Start up: Technology: Fuel Supply: Key Project Outputs: Operating Profile: Mt Cotton Biomass Cogeneration Power Station Cleveland Power Pty Ltd (CP) The project is a 7.6 MW cogeneration power station utilising renewable energy fuels (wastes) to create many synergistic outcomes. Power plant planned commissioning - June 2009 Peter Brotherhood steam turbine with steam produced by a rotary kiln boiler. The power plant boiler will use about 60,000 tonnes of poultry litter (chicken manure & wood shavings) per annum. Wood shavings are sourced from a sawmill that mills radiata pine timbers. Electricity supply to network - 55,000 MWh pa Electricity supply to poultry plant – 7,000 MWh pa Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) – 62,000 pa Green Power Rights (GPRs) - 62,000 pa NSW GHG Certificates (NGACs) – 55,000 pa Waste heat supply to poultry plant – 20,000 GJ pa The power plant will operate on a continuous basis (baseload) with a target availability of 95%. Maintenance can be scheduled for low price periods.

10 Location Parties: Innovative Technology: Waste Disposal: Other Project Benefits: Located on freehold land at Hill View Road Mt. Cotton in the Redlands Shire 40 kilometres south of Brisbane. The project sits within the poultry growing area of the Redland Shire and adjoins the Golden Cockerel Processing plant. Darwalla Milling Company is the sole owner of Cleveland Power Pty Ltd. Darwalla is a poultry integrator producing 20 million chickens per year. Golden Cockerel (GC) is jointly owned by Darwalla & Woodlands. GC processes, distributes and markets chickens to customers such as Woolworth, Coles, Red Rooster etc. The project is the first in Australia to be based on the rotating kiln technology. CSIRO scientists helped develop systems that will be used to increase the efficiency of the power plant. Currently chicken waste is disposed by spreading on grazing land which releases methane gas to the atmosphere during the decomposition process. Traditionally chicken litter was used as a fertiliser but over the past ten years this has stopped by banning the use of chicken litter on food crops. The Cleveland project will utilise 25% of the chicken litter produced in South East Queensland. The project will achieve significant other benefits: Reduction in greenhouse gas emissions Turbine waste heat will preheat the poultry plant’s scolding tanks and reduce LPG use. Litter is removed from the sheds as soon as the birds have been harvested, saving time and reducing odour. Reduce transport distances to dispose of waste. Located at a major electricity distribution junction, the power plant will significantly reduce distribution network losses. Kiln technology allows for highly varied feedstock.

11 General Mass Flow Diagram

12 Accreditations: Approvals: Offtake Agreements: Capital Cost: IPART (GGAS) accreditation pending ORER (MRET) accreditation pending Green Power accreditation application to be submitted soon Eligible for CET or ALPs’ expanded MRET NEMMCO registration in 2009 Development Approval secured EPA Approval secured Licence to operate a biomass power station Building approval pending Sale of export electricity, RECs & NGACs to electricity retailer under long term contract. $16.5 Million

13 8 MW Steam Turbine Slough UK
Peter Brotherhood Steam Turbine 8 MW Steam Turbine Slough UK


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