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Tor Bridge High Student Leadership Team Task 2. Meet & Greet Meet & Greet Youth Parliament Youth Parliament Volunteering Reflection Litter Picking Litter.

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1 Tor Bridge High Student Leadership Team Task 2

2 Meet & Greet Meet & Greet Youth Parliament Youth Parliament Volunteering Reflection Litter Picking Litter Picking Stationary Shop Stationary Shop Open Evenings Open Evenings Assemblies Role Models Student Surveys Student Surveys Uniforms Who are we? Click on an option below to navigate.

3 Who Are We? At Tor Bridge High we have three schools; Austen, Tenzing and Faraday. In each School we have two Head Students and Two Deputy Students. We then also have Student Envoys. Together we make the Student Leadership Team!

4 Role models : We present our self's as role models by helping all of the staff and sorting out problems around the school. We are also the people that others look up to and rely on Outside and inside of school. All of us are a good influence on the other students around the school.

5 Tours/Meet and Greet The student leadership team here at Tor Bridge High get the opportunity to greet visitors or future teachers and give them a tour of our fantastic campus. We explain the school to them and just how proud we are of our school

6 Youth Parliament The UK Youth Parliament (UKYP) enables young people to use their energy, skills and passion to change the world for the better. UKYP gives young people between the age of 11 and 18 a voice which is heard and listened to by local and national government, providers of services for young people and other agencies that have an interest in the views and needs of young people. This is your chance to make a real difference. Taken From Click to see more information

7 What we do to support Youth Parliament When it is time to vote we encourage the young people in our school by presenting the candidates in assembly and showing what they want changed. We also help people vote by having at lunch times a room open with a couple of students and computer access so students can vote for there chosen candidate.

8 Cann bridge is a school for children with severe learning difficulties and is part of the Tor Bridge Partnership along with our school. Tor Bridge High Tor Bridge Primary Plymbridge Nursery and Children’s Centre Cann Bridge School Click to see more information

9 Members of the Student Leadership Team and other members of our school go to Cann Bridge on a regular basis to be involved in different activities they do, and get to know a bit about their school. It is great fun for us, and them, and good to be involved in their learning and to meet new people. This volunteering is positive for integration for the children at Cann Bridge and a chance for us to gain a greater understanding of their needs. Activities include: – Sports – Lunch time activities (football, catch) – Trampolining – Ribbon Twirling – Parachute games – Cooking Click to see more information

10 There was also a recent opportunity to teach some of the children about musical instruments (both woodwind and brass) to help them with their topic of ‘Orchestra,’ by playing short pieces and explaining to them about the instruments. This was a really good experience for us to be a part of their learning.

11 Student Surveys As a Student Leadership team we get a lot of questions and letters about many different subjects such as Year 11 Leavers Hoodies and uniform being compared to other schools, we try our hardest to get the school involved in what we do, we have our own Tor Bridge High Student Leadership account within survey monkey, we set up the survey and put it on the school website so students can access it easily. We also use surveys to get the students say on ideas we have. Click to see more information

12 Student Surveys – An Example

13 Reflection The reflection room in Tenzing is for people that are consistently having bad behaviour within a lesson. As a student leadership team we have a rota job to get their food for them because they are not allowed outside of the reflection as if they are given a detention in reflection they also lose their lunchtime too.

14 Litter Picking As a whole school we go out to the local area and clean it up. This happens a few times a year and we receive feedback from the public saying how we’ve done. It is called ‘The Big Tidy Up’

15 Uniform We have recently changed our logo and ties. We have four circles on our blazers to represent each school in our community. Blue: Nursery Yellow: Primary Orange: Secondary Green: Cann Bridge

16 Open Evenings We have opening evenings not just to show off our outstanding school but to make sure that the parents and future students have all of their questions answered and have a full experience of the way their new school works.

17 Assemblies In Student Leadership we help out in assemblies, for example we... * Hold the doors * Help put the benches out * Sometimes talk about what important things are happening * We hand out letters (Youth Parliament) * We make sure uniform is correct

18 Tor Bridge High stationary shop Tor Bridge High’s student leadership team run a stationary shop for people who have forgotten there equipment. The stationary shop sell things like pens,pencils,rubbers, rulers, sharpeners and a stationary kit with every thing in it. Pencils for 10p Stationary set for £1.00 Pens for 10p Highlighters for 50p Rulers for 30p Rubbers and sharpeners for 10p

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