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Macclesfield Primary School Presents. Our Nature Walk & Frog Bog! By the Environmental Squad!

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1 Macclesfield Primary School Presents

2 Our Nature Walk & Frog Bog! By the Environmental Squad!

3 Our Nature Walk & Frog Bog  At Macclesfield Primary School we have a Nature Walk and Frog Bog area! It is a beautiful area, that is very tranquil and relaxing.  When you are in the Nature Trail you can hear birds and sometimes even frogs chirping. It is a fantastic area, and our school is very proud of it!

4 What is in our Nature Walk:  In our Nature Walk we have a mulch walking track & a frog bog.  We have plastic benches (made out of recycled plastic bottles) along the pathway, where you can sit quietly and listen to the wildlife around you  We have animals who have made their homes in there or just visit during quiet times.

5 A few animals that have been sited or we have found evidence of include: 1. Wombats- We find Wombat droppings 2. Frogs- In the Frog Bog, we can hear them 3. Birds-there are nest and we seen: Eastern Rosellas, Kookaburras, Grey Butcher Birds, Wedge Tail Eagles, Thornbills and Yellow Robbins 4.Lots of insects & mini beast

6 How the different classes are involved:  All of the classes at Maccy have Environmental classes in this fantastic space.  This can involve looking for bugs, animals, proof of animals and just cool leaves, twigs etc.  Some classes go down there with their classroom teacher to do activities

7 Going Bush with grades 3/4

8 Going Bush Grade 3/4 Mapping the Nature Trail

9 A Grey Butcher Bird eating a frog

10 A few comments from members of our school:  I have enjoyed going outside seeing all of the birds in our area. I have also enjoyed drawing the map. I think we spotted a Helmeted Honeyeater today. (2/8/11) Harrison  When I am in the nature walk I feel good, it is fun. It is lots of fun finding and identifying samples of the plants. Luke  I like working in the nature walk, it is fun working outside and learning about the different plants. I like working with a group of people. Mikey

11 Looking after our Nature Trail is very important to us

12 How we maintain it: To maintain the Nature Walk we:  Keep the track mulched and limit people visiting it  We work on controlling weeds and do NOT(!!!) litter in there.  All of the School community know that, so they just DON’T litter. And we are so grateful for it and so are all of the animals and insects that live in there!

13 This is a storm water drain which runs down into the creek in our nature trail

14 The 5 R’s:  Recycle  Reuse  Rethink  Reduce  Refuse  We are very careful about our rubbish because it could go in the Frog Bog, Creek, River, Bay, Ocean then the Pacific Gyre.

15 Litter! Is NOT what we want. We don’t want our Nature Walk to look like this!

16 How to make your Nature Walk:

17 How you can make a Nature Walk: 1. Ask your teacher or principal if you can have a Nature Walk! 2.Find an area! 3.Tell your community so they can donate indigenous seeds or bushes. (Or if you just had a nature area you could add a track and things like that!) 4.Create your Nature Walk! 5.Take in the Tranquillity!

18 Where can you put your Nature Walk:  Well you should have your nature walk somewhere where it gets good sun and rain.  Also somewhere where animals will want to go.  Where the local community won’t be able to litter in your Nature Walk!

19 Thank you all for watching our presentation and We hope you enjoyed yourself!

20 Take3 Pledge

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